MineCraft-Inspired FortressCraft Is Building Excitement On XBLA

MineCraft-Inspired FortressCraft Is Building Excitement On XBLA
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‘While it may look and smell like Mojang’s hit PC building game MineCraft, ProjectorGames’ FortressCraft, now available via Xbox Live Indie Games, is a slightly different animal. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

If you love the building aspect of MineCraft but aren’t too keen on the actual harvesting of materials, then you might be in for a treat with FortressCraft: Chapter 1. The game, as much as you can call it a game in its current state, gives players access to all the materials they need to customise their tiny slice of Xbox Live heaven, without having to worry about farming for resources, at least for now.

Once downloaded and launched, FortressCraft gives players the option to load a pre-existing world, start a new world, or join someone else’s world. Up to three players can join your server at any time, helping you build or destroy your virtual utopia. You and your fellow builders appear as your Xbox Live avatars, which makes for some interesting machinima possibilities.

Right now there isn’t much beyond building in FortressCraft. ProjectorGames has plans to introduce crafting, mining, minions, mine cart courses, and PVP combat in future chapters.

But for now, we build. I’ve already discovered a nifty chasm to roof over in order to create my underground lair. Hopefully I can stop screwing around with the trampoline blocks long enough to finish it.

FortressCraft: Chapter 1 is available now on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace for 240 Microsoft points. Feel free to drop in on F4hey’s world and poke about, should my server stay up.


    • and just why is that, its not like minecraft is original in anyway shape or form.

      Theres been plenty of things with the same type of things over the years MC has just been the one that took off kinda like how angry birds has existed for over a decade, but once they were cuddly birds someone made money off of it.

      The only way this could be blocked is if he had stolen code which odds are he hasn’t otherwise it would have been here 6 months ago

      • True this isn’t enough to disallow the sale of the game, but what Minecraft did and what is happening here is very different.

        Many games are similar to games that have been made before, there are so many games it’s almost impossible to make something completely new these days. Minecraft used a concept for a game that hadn’t been used often and wasn’t all that popular and made it in to an extremely popular game.

        This is not that. This is not using an already established concept that isn’t really in the spotlight and making something that is. This is a blatant attempt at riding the coat-tails of an already successful game. You can be sure this game didn’t start development until after Minecraft became popular, and you can be sure they only made it in the hopes of cashing in on the concept.

        It is a simple clone, something that the games industry is used to but still looks down upon.

        • Other thing is notch has had plenty of time now (not to mention money) to commission a team to make minecraft for the 360/PSN as well

          so realistically it’s only his own fault. It’s supply and demand really, notch isn’t supplying so someone else is

  • Oh please.
    Minecraft itself is just Infiniminers reshaped. Don’t even bother going down the ‘Stealing’ route.
    Minecraft has heralded some sort of new genre, or at the very least a sub-genre. Similar games are gonna happen, it’s a good thing, it’s how things improve.

    • As much as I like minecraft notch himself has credited some of these other games as inspiration for his game. I’m sure the legal dudes will keep an eye on it but that us all.

      Imagine if WWII FPS creators all started to complain about who owns what!!

      Gaming is as much about innovation as it is about building on and improving the past.

  • has anyone ever heard of lego, same basic principle minecraft uses. Lego is also one of many block making companies.

    • The only reason there are more ‘Lego’ companies is because Lego forgot to renew their property license on time. They tried suing MegaBloks but it was too late. So you see, Lego can and was copyrighted.

      • I really hate to be the correcting guy but…
        1. LEGO never tried suing Megablocks in any way, shape, or form. They view them as a form of healthy competition. 2. It has nothing to do with a “Property License.” LEGO owns the patent to the 2×4 brick and the Minifigure in most countries except for Germany. Megablocks sprung up on the “coat tails of a good idea.” 3. There is only one LEGO company. LEGO is the name of the company and not the building brick that LEGO produces. So there are other building block companies, but only one LEGO company.

        How do I know this?

        I work for LEGO…

  • Cease and desist?

    Umm what? There is nothing wrong with completely copying Minecraft as long as they do not use the original code, art and name.

    I could make something like MyCraft that plays exactly the same as long as the code is not copied and the art is different.

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