Creator Says If FortressCraft Is A Ripoff, So Is Minecraft

Creator Says If FortressCraft Is A Ripoff, So Is Minecraft

The creator of FortressCraft resents the allegation he simply copied Minecraft when his game released over the Xbox Live Indie Games channel about a year ago. “There’s nothing that FortressCraft shares with Minecraft that it does not also share with Infiniminer,” Adam Sawkins, FortressCraft‘s creator, told Eurogamer, “which pre-dates Minecraft.”

What the hell is Infiniminer? It’s “an open source multi-player block-based sandbox building and digging game, in which the player is a miner searching for minerals by carving tunnels through procedurally generated voxel-based maps and building structures,” according to the Wikipedia entry for the game’s creator, Zachary Barth. Minecraft is often said to have taken Infiniminer as an inspiration.

“People could just as easily claim that I ripped off Infiniminer instead, but they don’t because Minecraft has had more exposure,” Sawkins said. “It honestly comes across as nonsensical as claiming that PGR rips off Gran Turismo.”

Sawkins has an interesting take on what distinguishes his game from Minecraft — basically, in Minecraft, resource-mining and crafting are a means to an end; in FortressCraft, they are the end. Yes, but there’s the matter of the title, which seems more blatantly … inspired. “How many people run around shouting that Zachtronics [Infiniminer‘s creator] should sue Mojang? Minecraft stole half the name, the basic idea and the graphic style from Infiniminer.”

Sawkins says he isn’t concerned that Minecraft‘s arrival on Xbox Live later this year will wipe out his FortressCraft business. Even if it did, he’s pulled in more than $US2 million, he says. In August, he passed the $US1 million mark, and the game was the top title on the Indie Games channel for all of 2011.

FortressCraft creator rejects Minecraft clone claims [Eurogamer]


  • Eh, the guy making that game is a bit of an oversensitive dick toward people when it comes to this.
    All the same, I really don’t know why people turned on him for making a minecraft/infiniminer-like game. By that point, Notch had never announced any plans to release Minecraft on the xbox. Why should 360 owners have to miss out? I was quite happy to see that someone had made a game for them that was quite similar.
    All the same, calling out Notch for ripping off Infiniminer is a but unfair as well. It’s not as though he made Minecraft in an attempt to steal Infiniminerss playerbase of 5 people. He saw a game that he really liked and saw a lot of potential in that wasn’t being developed anymore, so he picked up the idea out of love for the genre.
    There aren’t any bad guys here, but there is so much hatred between the two fanbases. Really dumb.

    • It’s more of a Pot calling the kettle black situation.

      The Notch Brigade who believe he can do no wrong go out and blast things like this and Terraria as being blatant rip offs. Even though the game they adore so much isn’t the original to begin with

      • The Notch Brigade do that they do because Minecraft actually brings new stuff into it. The copies of Minecraft just try to mimic that, they don’t really add anything all that impressive or interesting.

          • How? Minecraft revived a dead game and added things to it. FortressCraft was made because Minecraft was successful, barely changing anything.

            I wouldn’t drag Terraria into this and claim it stole from Minecraft like the Notch Brigade does; It’s similar but it’s nowhere near a Minecraft ripoff.

  • I know alot of people who bought fortress craft thinking it was a new name for minecraft. So, how much of that 2 mill did people really want to give him.

    • That’s the real issue here. How many people that bought this actually thought they were getting Minecraft for XBL? At least Terraria had an all new approach and named itself something completely different.

      It is a blatant rip-off though. From concept to name – and that’s exactly what the creator of FortressCraft was hoping for. Otherwise they would have called it Blocky-Blocky-Build-Build. Notch could always just release Minecraft on XBL and destroy FortressCraft too…

  • It’d be worth it if he coded it decently alone. Minecraft has disgusting code. Who the hell writes in java these days anyway?

    • i made essentially a patch fix for MC like optifine that clears up code and removes unnecessary cycles by replacing meaningless things like “32*2” with “64” or “int x, int y, int z” with “int x, y, z.” And java is good for indie game companies for the fact it can run on any OS so its ideal for people who want to appeal to a large demographic

      • Java made sense when you consider that he started the thing as a game embedded in a browser. Before it snowballed into what it is today.

        Nowadays though there could be some significant improvements by converting it.

        I dislike Java personally and when i saw what i had to deal with if i wanted to attach mods in i just said stuff it and moved onto something more interesting

      • Any compiler worth its salt will evaluate constant expressions like “32 * 2”. And if the compiler produces identical code, then I wouldn’t immediately class it as bad code. If the numbers in the expression had meaning then I might consider it better code than your version.

        Similarly, declaring variables with one statement or multiple statements will compile to the same code. If you submitted changes like this to me, I would be left wondering if you really understood what you were doing.

  • yeah but he can’t even give it a proper name “Fortress craft” what the hell?

    why not something called “Realm of indigo” or something, he just stuck one word over “mine”

  • The difference is that Minecraft wasn’t just trying to cash in on Infiniminer’s success, which Fortresscraft blatantly was doing to Minecraft.

    • This. Notch made Minecraft because he believed he could improve a game he admired. FortressCraft was made because Minecraft was not on Xbox and the creator wanted to make some quick money riding Notch’s wave of success.

      Even look at the name. If Minecraft were called something else, FC would have just copied the name in a different way.

  • and where did the ‘craft’ part of the name come from, wouldn’t be leaning on that rather popular blizzard range of titles right?

    • You mine, you craft. Minecraft.
      That’s where the name is from, what you’re doing would be comparing a name like Half Life to Second Life.

  • there is a difference between his and mojangs situation

    Mojang copied a game that was dead, and the creators had given up on.

    this guy copied what is now one of the biggest games in the world, and even had a similar name to it.

    what notch did was make a spiritual successor to a game with a lot of ambition, but it never was finished. this guy decided he could make money if he copied minecraft and put it on XBLA.

  • get over it. I remember when every FPS was a Doom clone. It’s disappointing we are still having these discussions 20 years on. Gaming is a business, Notch knows that, he’s a millionaire.

  • Notch says he will not press charges against FortressCraft, does not label it as a clone, FortressCraft makers rage.

  • THIS SETTLES IT, for me. MineCraft players are predominately either young kids, slow learning imbeciles, or just play stupid.. Even though they claim the game is about “learning” and “creation” etc. I was getting slightly interested when I found this video I posted a like to below. It’s called, “Minecraft Destroying American Youth!” Of course the OP is only kidding, while crossing his eyes, and a troll etc. He claims the game causes incest among other things which is downright funny.. However, when reading comments from angry minecraft players, they are up in arms as if they are defending their mothers. And even that doesn’t quite make sense. Death threats, people calling this guys home etc. I calculated that about 92% of those commenting are so stupid, they have no clue what he’s doing in the video. But they are so angry, they are like a scary mob of idiots. That said, I figure it’s probably a game for “creation” on the toddler level. As for FortressCraft, the very fact that MineCraft user base defends the original and are close minded, shows again, they are a very stupid bunch of people. Maybe the people in this blog are smarter, yes, but the average dummy doesn’t come here to post, so….. — As I said, the average demographic for minecraft is an embarrassment to society…

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