FortressCraft Breaks The $1 Million Barrier On Xbox Live Indie Games

Last year, Minecraft made about a zillion kroner in the time it takes to nuke a Hot Pocket. This year, FortressCraft, the Minecraft knockoff homage on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, has now bagged a cool million inside of the first six months it was available on the service.

That's a gross sales figure, according to a news release from Projector Games, the maker of FortressCraft. They also claim 350,000 copies sold. Minecraft, somehow still in beta, has sold about ten times as much.

The figure still would make FortressCraft the highest-grossing Xbox Live Indie Channel game of all time. Good thing it's made its nut now. There may be some competition coming down the pipe.

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    Rember people, the only good Xbox games are the ones that make it to PC.

    I guess this proves that more people want to play Minecraft than want to play PC!

      Wait could you say that again? Minecraft is on PC, so how does your sentence make any sense?

        He is saying that the number of people that want to play minecraft exceeds the number of people that want to play it on PC. By at least 350,000 xbox owners. Makes sense now?

      More people play Minecraft on PC too.

    I was considering getting this just to check it out. But I'm not sure how to put US MS-points on my US account

      Just click the tab marked "Extortion" and you're there.

    Too bad that we don't have access to the Indie channel in Australia.

    And once the xbox version of minecraft is out everyone will move over to it

    Not trying to be rude but why did you pick one of the shittiest screenshots of pre-release FortressCraft for this article?

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