Overseas Rating Points To Burnout Crash

Unannounced by Electronic Arts, Australia's Classification Board has nonetheless listed Burnout Crash. LinkedIn bios for Criterion developers hint that the game will be available on Xbox 360 and PS3. The game received a PG (basically, T for Teen) down under. [Siliconera]


    If it's exactly like Paradise but in a new larger city, then I'll be all over it.

    So, not going back to the 3/Revenge style and not putting it on PC.

    </3 Criterion

      Imho, this series belongs on consoles.

        Certainly the series can be focused on consoles , but Paradise was one of the best ports I've seen of this generation!.. at least until they pulled the plug on PC DLC and support and made a policy on stating up-front that PC owners would be thoroughly screwed DLC-wise for newer EA titles.

        It would have been nice to just get a one-off BO3-style with splitscreen and map/mod support and then be done with it, instead of taunting us PC-players before pushing us out completely. (FlatOut came close once people started ripping into the data files, but it never had that splitscreen arcade deathmatch feel that made Burnout so.. well.. Burnout!)

    I'm calling it - XBLA/PSN $10 Crash-mode exclusive game (with online player) coming out this summer (Northern Hemisphere summer).

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