Robot Throws Pitch At Major League Baseball Game

Video: Robot throws first pitch Hmm. This isn't technically about video games. How can I introduce this... Erm - Portal 2 has robots and now, so does Baseball as this little dude, who could actually be Johnny 5 from Short Circuit, has been granted the honour of throwing the first pitch at a baseball game.

News just in - the robot throws like a girl.


    What a crap throw lol

    I don't understand the point of this? Did this guy create a robot for a competition and that was the prize? It doesn't even throw the distance and it looks nothing like Johnny five :S

    So basically he's spent all that money and time building what amounts to a remote control trebuchet???? The goddamn french had those five hundred YEARS ago!!!


    2020 Super Baseball

    it was on both Neogeo AND SNES and featured an all robot team.

    Segue, solved.

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