Sequence Lets You Kill A Yeti With Dance

Sequence Lets You Kill A Yeti With Dance

How the hell do you mix an RPG with a rhythm game? Iridium Studios’ Jason Wishnov shows us how upcoming Xbox Live Indie Game Sequence works.

I’ve been looking forward to Iridium Studio’s Sequence since I first heard about it earlier this year. I’ve also been a bit confused. How does dancing cast a spell? I mean, I know how real dancing can cast a spell, but how can dancing on a dance pad translate into a fireball, for instance, or a magic missile? Jason Wishnov breaks down the process in this video in a way so simple that nearly everyone could possibly understand it.

I’m still trying to figure out if I should use a dance pad or a guitar controller for this. If only they had implemented Kinect. I could Dance Central an orc to death without breaking a sweat.

Sequence hits the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace later this month.


  • Wow, is this game seriously made by only two people? That is pretty impressive. It looks quite professional for an XBLA game. I’d probably play it with my guitar controller, but now I’m thinking of dusting off my old dance pad for the exercise.

  • Other studios need to pay this guy to do their demo videos. Seriously, I would watch demos for games I have no intention of buying simply to hear commentary like this. I don’t even have a 360 and I watched this video twice.

  • Just got this game a few hours ago, and it’s actually been a fun ride so far! Definitely worth the money. Art and acting is very decent. Game play was a serious balancing act, deeper than you’d expect. Color me impressed. I always want to support indie games if they’re even decent, and this actually left me pleasantly surprised.

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