Sony Bigwig Trash Talks 3DS And Hurts Our Feelings

Sony Bigwig Trash Talks 3DS And Hurts Our Feelings

During an interview with Fortune Magazine, SCEA’s charming CEO Jack Tretton discussed the company’s business strategies… and then indulged in some nasty smack talk.

“If you’re really going to sustain technology for a decade, you have to be cutting edge when you launch a platform,” Tretton explains to the business mag. Reasonable enough.

But the PlayStation chief goes on to take potshots at his competitors, calling motion gaming “cute” and stating his impression that the technologies powering the 360 and the Wii are quickly becoming irrelevant.


[via Fortune]


  • So he says motion gaming is “cute” because the move was in comparison to the competition sold nowhere near as well. Sure, the move isnt a failure like the PSP Go but in comparison to the others, it is most definably third.

    Also him saying 20-somethings not playing handhelds on air-planes is stupid. I play my DS/PSP on planes all the time and many others do as well. Hell i even see some 50-60 year olds bringing out the old Brain Training etc…

    • Are your saying 20yr olds + wouldn’t demand anything more than just a game on a plane?

      He’s right from very pessimistic POV, people demand multi-functional tasking devices like smart phones or even game consoles that can play movies. “If you’re really going to sustain technology for a decade, you have to be cutting edge when you launch a platform,” Could not be anymore truer in that regard and it’s a good philosophy behind good products.

  • Sony has went from Uber-cool in the PS1 days, to cool in the PS2 days, to Dude-Bro in the PS3 days!

  • That’s funny because I use my DS all the time, but don’t even own a sony console… hmm but I suppose I’m 30 so I don’t fit into his ‘self-respecting twenty-something’ criteria…

    • Yep, this guy is out of touch. I wonder if he knows how well the sales of the NDS and 3DS do, does he assume they are all just for teenagers and under?

  • Lol, he sure acting childish calling the gbc a babysitter tool, till this day I still play it, dropped it many times still works, dropped my psp once and it completly breaks from the same height lol I used to love Sony during ps1 n ps2 days 🙁 but anyway stop crying since all you make are fps oh and the psp I think that can be called a babtsitting tool as well, you just digging yourself a bigger hole, just keep trying to play catch up

    • Uh… Have you tried not dropping expensive electronics at all? It’s worked pretty well for me so far.

  • I am a twenty year-old. I respect myself, and I would love nothing more than to be able to play Ocarina of Time while I wait for my plane to take off.

    Jog on, Jack Tretton. Your portable consoles suck.

  • Funny, because a very large chunk of my friends all play with their DS’s all the freakin’ time but regard the playstation as foolish, and they’re all “twenty-something”

  • Anyone else remember the reveal of the PS3. “real time weapon change”, “recreating historically accurate battles” (gameplay was showing a battle against a giant crab), and lastly, “Ladies and gentlemen… Ridge Racer. Riiiiiiiidge Raaaaaaaacerrrrrrrrr!”

  • Wow really?

    So no self respecting twenty-something will ever use the handheld that more than doubles the sales of a PSP?

    How did Jack become CEO? He has to be the most out-of-touch idiot to disgrace the gaming world.

  • DS/3DS has games, there are very few games I wanted on the PSP, I’m waiting to hear about the PSP2, but it’s not looking positive.

    But yeah make an iPhone, that doesn’t make calls is more expensive and has more expensive games and let’s see what happens.

    • Yes, let’s compare sales here, since sales obviously determines how good a console is. This is for the week of March 28 to April 3 in Japan.
      3DS: 42,979 units
      PSP: 57,379 units

      And, as you can see from the sales, the 3DS system, which was just released, is worse than the PSP system, which came out in 2004 in Japan. Thus, the PSP is better than the 3DS. See why your reasoning is wrong?

      • Great Marshall, now can you give me the sales numbers for the PSP in any country other than Japan.

        yes Se589 those numbers are true, the PSP is doing well in Japan, issue is its the only place where its going well.

  • the 3ds will eventuly have a great library of games,
    while i usuly see stuff like killing games labled as the best for sony, and not all people (including me)
    dont like killing games

  • First off, LOL.
    I’m a 34yo, and over the last few years I have found that I have played my DS way more times than a PSP. I just found the games on the DS way more interesting than what PSP had to offer (I think I only ever got into maybe half a dozen PSP games? e.g. like Crisis Core, Jeanne D’arc, Persona 3, plus couple others I can’t remember).
    So I kinda feel insulted by this Sony guy. I had little intention of getting the next PSP (I still have the PSP slim), and after seeing these comments, any intention at all has become completely zero.

    3DS will likely pick up by the end of the year (the thanksgiving period + xmas), as I’m sure there will be a nice collection of games by then.

  • I don’t really go for portable console gaming.
    But executives need to learn to shut up.

    They’re job is to make sure sales increase and profits are large.
    Saying shit does the exact opposite.

    Why bother doing interviews? All you do is tick off a large amount of people and ensure your company has the reputation as out of touch and irrelevant.

  • Did I miss something where Nintendo said they’d sustain the 3DS for a decade? By the way Sony’s how’s sustaining the PSP for a decade going?

    Motion gaming cute? Yep, sure is. Don’t forget Sony, when the Wii was announced you maintained that you’d thought of the idea first but Nintendo copied you, half-arsed some motion control into your controllers and then put out the Move, which is for all intents and purposes turning the PS3 into a more exact Wii.

    Wii and 360 tech becoming outdated – probably. But we’ll see where the games of the future take the tech. Just because the tech is becoming outdated doesn’t mean it’s not going to be used.

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