The Cheapest (And Best) Street Pass Hits You'll Ever Get

After my epic Street Pass quest, I'm finding it difficult to enter my Mii Plaza without feeling a distinct sense of nausea at the pit of my bowels. That said, it'll probably have worn off by May 7, which is when Aussie-Nintendo are holding their inaugural Street Pass event, on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

So if you're in the city, and carrying your 3DS, you may want to head in that general direction between 1-2pm. You'll finally get that creepy, pink Kirby hat your Mii has always been hassling you about.


    Oh yeah, that reminds me. Evidently there were more people with 3dss than you was a conspiracy, man!...they seem to have organised together to make sure they didn't streetpass with you!

    I have a strong feeling this idea was generated by you, Mr Serrels.

    Please come to Melbourne!

      if your in Melbourne then check out this page

    I got my first hit today walking around Paramatta Westfield (7 actually).

    But am I missing something, I thought I could use them in the RPG and Puzzel games but got nothing. Help?

      It's very easy to "lose" them. Once you have picked up some people on StreetPass, you need to go into the Plaza and it should take you to the entrance gate, for you to greet everyone you picked up. Once you have done this, you MUST go and collect their puzzle pieces, and take them on the quest. If you close the Plaza before doing this, or greet some new people at the entrance, you will lose the ability to get stuff from everyone you greeted.

        Ah buggery, well now I know.


    I live in Adelaide (lololol amirite) however I've had 13 street pass hits and I've barely taken it out, although one of them I met twice which was kinda creepy.

    More people have 3DS's than I thought, unless I'm getting lucky.

    Still, would be awesome if there was one of these events in Adelaide down Rundle Mall or something.

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