Tread The Dangerous Waters Of Resistance 3’s Flooded City

Tread The Dangerous Waters Of Resistance 3’s Flooded City
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This is the boat level from Resistance 3, a level we at Kotaku have seen and played before. But maybe you haven’t and maybe you have eight minutes to spare to see what Resistance 3 is doing new in terms of weapons, enemies and presentation.

Watch as new Resistance star Joseph Capelli takes on Grims, Longlegs and Goliaths, while trying out some new tricks with the Rossmore shotgun and other Resistance weapon classics. He even battles dangerous ice formations, if that’s more your speed.

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  • I really liked the first Resistance, absolutley LOVED the second one, and am somewhat confused by some of the changes made in this third installment.

    The guns look like they’ve taken a serious step back from their models from the last game. The marksman used to be kind of like a chimeran equivalent to the human sniper rifle, now its just a burst fire assault rifle with ironsights, the auger’s new sights look crap as does the model compared to the last game, and the bullseye is missing the cool little finger things that used to sway as you moved the gun around like counterweights.

    I’m definitely hyped for this game, I cant wait to play it, I just dont understand some of the design decisions that have been made… Resistance had such a cool mix of retro human weapons, and hyper futuristic chimeran weaponry and now it seems that we’ve been left with all guns sitting somewhere in between… even the chimeran ships have lost that awesome spiky design elements from Resistance 2, a shame in my book.

    • ditto, but it’d make sense if these weapons are reverse engineered versions of the original ones, since they are now truly underground resistance, since i hear the chimera have all but won.

      Any kind of narrative answer like that i’d accept, but they sure did look clunky. On the flipside, the Resistance 2 guns looked too futuristic for the 50’s

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