We're Approaching 13 Minutes Of Jurassic Park Gameplay Footage

Telltale Games, normally adventure game developers, are trying something a little more "Heavy Rain" with their next game, Jurassic Park. If you were curious how that was panning out, here's 13 minutes of gameplay footage.

I shouldn't really say it's a little like Heavy Rain. It's actually looking a lot like Heavy Rain, only instead of fat men and red balloons, there are dinosaurs on the loose.

It'll be out later this year.

[via Gamerbytes]


    Telltale REALLY need to hire some new animators and get someone to storyboard and edit their cutscenes a little better. Everything comes off so rigid and static, and they have in every one of their games.

      Wow, ye I have to agree. Back to the future really suffers for it because it doesn't feel quite complete (excluding the episodic fact).

    Is it just me or is this awesome?

      It's just you. It would have been awesome if it had been released in '06 or '07.

    It Dinosaur's Lair 3d!

    There is no excuse for the terrible animation, this is just embarrassing, I feel awkward watching it. Its like some first year 3d animation student's showreel.

      Agreed! It makes the Turok reboot look a whole lot better (though it was none-too-bad to begin with).

    Check out the sweet moves he's got at 9:30

    9:40 the kid turns into the flash! animation looks kinda crap. I'll still get it cause its telltale.

    One long quick-time event? No thanks.

    I skipped throguh it and all I saw was quicktime events.

    There goes the hopes of a good Dino-FPS.

    The animation is awful. If I were QA on this it would have failed the release process.

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