Your First Portal 2 DLC Is Only A Few Months Away

Portal 2 may only be a week old, but if you've already finished it - and these days I feel like the only person on the internet who hasn't - you won't have too long to wait until there's fresh content for the game.

Valve's Doug Lombardi has told Fast Company that the first Portal 2 DLC will be "coming this Summer", and there'll be more comics and trailers (presumably more of the "instructional" style) to go along with it.

The addition of new levels would be the most obvious candidate, but it'd be neat to see something added that makes people replay the game again. Tweak, add or substitute some of the traps and components found within the game, that sort of thing.

Portal 2's Creators On Crafting Games Through Experiential Stories [Fast Company]


    Now will we have to pay for this? Particularly the PC mob?

      Since it's Valve, I'd say it's free for Steam users, but I have doubts after their store for co-op items and skins...

        They have stated time and time again that the store is only for pure cosmetic items that have no affect on gameplay.

        Look at the TF2 store, almost all of the items on there can be found in-game, and there are NO Store exclusive weapons that alter gameplay.

        The stores in TF2 and Portal 2 were the best way for valve to implement trading without having mass black-market ebay auctions for items.

        They will NEVER charge PC users for new levels, weapons, or gameplay changes. EVER.

          I wouldn’t agree to that statement at all. You say the items in the store are purely cosmetic when you can clearly BUY an advantage over other people, you have the choice to unlock weapons by play or if you have the money you can purchase these items in advance with no work at all required to unlock them, because not everyone can buy these items it would mean it’s an in game advantage to the people that can.

          Also how can you say there are no store exclusive weapons that alter game play? There not exclusive, but they are still weapons and every single weapon possible to obtain can be purchased, weapons make up the very fundamentals of the first person shooter genre and what do you use in TF2? Weapons, the whole game is based upon them. That’s like giving a race to see who can finish Mario quicker without being able to jump, where one person can buy this feature straight up, the other having to work for it…Who’s going to win first?

          "They will NEVER charge PC users for new levels, weapons, or gameplay changes. EVER."

          I hope for both our sakes nobody else will have to trudge through old comments a few months from now to quote this :P

            Agreed :P

    I want to know why the game doesn't have the same challenge mode as number 1? That was an easy way to make the levels a little harder by limiting the use of steps/portals or by increasing the hazards.

    But I'll just be thankful for any DLC that isn't a $5 skin or animation.

      I think a lot of that might be because all of the levels of P2 were much more...scripted. I don't think there were as many options for solving a given puzzle as in the first game - could be totally wrong but I think for many there might only be one possible solution.

      Which would kill the effectiveness of a challenge mode, because it'd just be a 'don't make any mistakes/forget parts of the solution' mode.

    When I heard there were no advanced maps or challenges (yeah, I haven't got Portal 2 yet...) I thought to myself "they should make those and give it to us as DLC". I wonder if that's what they're doing.

    I only just got my copy today so your not the only person who hasn't finished it yet.

    Here's hoping we get the last level shown in the coop trailer.

    Was greatly disappointed by the lack of an excursion tube, light bridge, discouragement beam, turret, repulsion gel, propulsion gel... extravaganza.

    If we are only talking about new levels / challenge maps then I would guess that it would work the same way as the L4D series.

    Most likely the PC and the PS3 versions (since it now uses Steamworks) would be getting them for free while the 360 players would probably have to pay.

    Not a perfect world, but that is business.


    They are most definitely not going to charge for this dlc. They would lose so many fans if they started charging for real dlc. I'm fine with charging money for a superficial item but that is the limit for most people.

    Yay more! Seriously can't get enough of this game

    Level pack, please? Preeeeetty please?

    I was hesitant about getting Portal 2 for some reason, but my friend pestered me to get it to play multiplayer (which is rad, and possibly harder than single player puzzles).

    Played the single player campaign for about 6 hours with a friend taking turn over the easter weekend.
    The quality of Valve games is second to none, they clearly love what they do and don't accept mediocre quality.
    Don't see how they can add any extra levels regarding the single player mode though.
    Episode 3 would be nice now....

    I bet it's a $10 hat addon. Oh wait this is Valve not DICE.

      Meaning I think it will be maps, not that valve don't sell hats...

        Oh and DICE released new maps too... damnit... both my attemps failed... delete my posts :<

    As much as i'd love new content i'd be happy with hard modes - even just sticking some red herrings in each level to make them harder to figure out would be great...

    I care not. Where's that L4D2 campaign you promised us?

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