Portal 2’s First DLC Will Still ‘Technically’ Arrive This Summer

Portal 2’s First DLC Will Still ‘Technically’ Arrive This Summer

That first downloadable content pack for Valve’s Portal 2 — originally announced in April for (northern) summer release — will be released mid-September, says the company. That’s “still technically summer,” Valve’s Doug Lombardi assured Kotaku at Gamescom.


  • I like that they release polished games, but I’d like it even more if we could trust anything Valve says these days about release dates.

  • I’m not sorry they don’t rush out a buggy, half-finished, feature cut game in the hopes of cashing in on some $ before people discover the ruse.

      • So basically you expect them to expect the unexpected, or when something comes up that would take a while to fix, have them work 24/7 to make sure it’s ready to go by an arbitary time?

        I’d rather them have things done when it’s done. Look at Portal 2. that was delayed by a month, I’d rather they did that than release it a month earlier and have it buggy for a month.

        Also *obligatory ‘where’s Ep 3? :c’ comment*

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