Portal 2's First DLC Will Still 'Technically' Arrive This Summer

That first downloadable content pack for Valve's Portal 2 -- originally announced in April for (northern) summer release -- will be released mid-September, says the company. That's "still technically summer," Valve's Doug Lombardi assured Kotaku at Gamescom.


    Can Valve ever release on time lately?

      No they can't, but at least they release polished games unlike some companies.

      What do you mean lately? They've never released on time. They have such shitty time management skills... Don't believe me? Look at the Valve time wiki. http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Valve_Time

        Well Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 were released on time.. & those hats were too.

          Actually, L4D was released waaaaaay after their initially planned release date. It was in development for aaaaaaaaages.

          L4D2 wasn't, but that's mostly because they were trying to get it as close to one year after the first game's release as possible. Plus, the fact that the core game was already made helped.

          some would argue that Left 4 Dead 2 was a little TOO on-time ;-P

    I like that they release polished games, but I'd like it even more if we could trust anything Valve says these days about release dates.

    Despite what many Americans will tell you, the seasons don't start/end on the solstice/equinox.

    I'm not sorry they don't rush out a buggy, half-finished, feature cut game in the hopes of cashing in on some $ before people discover the ruse.

      I'd rather they just didn't give unrealistic release dates when they know they wont meet them

        So basically you expect them to expect the unexpected, or when something comes up that would take a while to fix, have them work 24/7 to make sure it's ready to go by an arbitary time?

        I'd rather them have things done when it's done. Look at Portal 2. that was delayed by a month, I'd rather they did that than release it a month earlier and have it buggy for a month.

        Also *obligatory 'where's Ep 3? :c' comment*

    whatever, as long as it's still free

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