Aussie Nintendo Store – Adventurin’ ‘n’ Racin’

Aussie Nintendo Store – Adventurin’ ‘n’ Racin’

Good news everyone! The days of slow DSiWare, Virtual Console and WiiWare releases are numbered. Nintendo has officially confirmed the Nintendo eShop will go live on June 7th; while delayed, that means Fridays are about to get a whole lot more fun.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t something for you to check out this week – Wii and DSi owners, you get one game each this week.

Virtual Console
Super Adventure Island (SNES – 800 Points) – While this week Konami confirmed Hudson’s casual future, you can at least this week play one of their classic games. It’s Mr Higgins’ first Super Nintendo outing. So get on your skateboard, chuck an axe around and remember Hudson before they were reduced to making Facebook games.

Remote Racers (QubicGames, 500 Points) – If you liked the DSiWare games AiRace and AiRace: Tunnel, then hang onto those. While the same developer made those games, Remote Racers just isn’t as fun.

Anyone heading out for a Super Adventure this weekend then? Possibly on an Island?


    • You’re right that Adventure Island is reskinned Wonder Boy, but I think the Master System got it before the NES.

      • Yep, to confirm, Adventure Island is definitely a port of the original Wonderboy. I can’t really play Adventure Island. It’s like this silly parallel universe version of Wonderboy, one of the all time great 8-bit games. The image of the remake above looks a lot worse than the original Adventure Island. Actually, it looks plain WTF Hewlett-Packard pre-installed PC games horrible.

        Fortunately the original Master System version of Wonderboy can be downloaded on Wii Virtual Console.


    Today I traded my 3ds in, because of the complete lack of online store, and no decent games since… well, ever if i’m honest (sf4 is better on the consoles and pilotwings feels very rushed).

    If Nintendo continues to show me contempt by launching Wii2 without a good launch -exciting NEW games (not ps3/360 ports -i have them already) and without a decent online store (with all the old and some new games!!!), I swear I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER NINTENDO GAME OR SYSTEM EVER AGAIN.

    I hope she doesn’t make me hit her.

  • Very disapointed to hear that they are delaying the store simply so they can release it in time with their E3 presentation. Pathetic that they release it in the first place without the store, but then delaying it FURTHER for no reason at all is just amazing!

    Really contemplating returning mine, there is just nothing to play

  • It’s a week delay guys, you know me I’m SUPER hard on Nintendo for release dates but if you bought a 3DS at launch you were going to be waiting. Another week isn’t going to kill ya!

    • haha I didn’t actually do much research when I purchased it, so I had no idea about nothing being available! lol Bloody impulse buys will be the end of me one day 😛

  • Seriously? The 3DS store hasnt been delayed long.. and to delay it until day and date with E3, looks to me like they have a big game they want to launch that day too.

    We have the PSP which has, well no online.. and the DS which doesnt really have it either. The console has been out for a month, how many of you have been buying consoles for generations? No console launches with a stack of exciting games or massive games coming out every week.. The GBA launched with 4 games.. the PSP, my first 2 games were puzzle titles!

    People need to learn a little patience.. this is normal for any launch -_- Its why you wait if your arent satisfied.

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