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And BAM, another week dissolves into the ether. Golf ham they seem to go quickly. What gives? Why doth time fly when I'm having fun?

Another solid week. I've had my head buried in R18+ style stuff, especially towards the end of the week, so I apologise if I'm slightly behind the times when it comes to TAY and all the incredible goings on in the community.

First shout out I want to give today is to Sughly who, as we are all aware, always delivers - even when it comes to academic pursuits. It appears that Mr Sughly just finished and handed in all the work to complete his Masters Degree. Congrats Sughly! After all the hilarity you've so generously supplied Kotaku in the past couple of months, you deserve everything that's coming to you. Since it is well know that you always, always deliver - I'm sure that whatever you submitted for your course was awesome. And, seeing as it was a game of some sort, you know we all want to check it out!

I also want to give a shout out to Lamboman007, for all the work he's done on taking over CheapSkate Gamer from TadMod, who now spends most of his time in the Allure office trying to beat me at Edmus. You've been doing a top notch job so far - and I really appreciate the help mate. Great stuff.

Also - shout out to Qumulys, who just went through some mad stuff this week. Glad to hear everything went well with your operation. Please kindly take this opportunity to do absolutely nothing and play games and eat loads of truly terrible, unhealthy food. I'm sure Dr Jamie Watt would prescribe the same thing.

Usually the Community Kudos goes to someone who has done something hilarious, created something amazing, or someone who has just been posting up a storm, but this time I want to do something a little different.

So - Community Kudos goes to Dawdle who I know is having a mega stressful week with exams and other stuff. Hope all is well and hope you're continuing to ingest ungodly amounts of coffee. Good luck with your Gizmodo entry !

Alrighty then! See you guys next week!

Oh - I almost forgot! Happy birthday to Chuloopa! You handsome bastard.

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Congrats guys (and gal)! Awesome work as always, 'twas a grand week this week!

    Also, nice work on the cheapskate gamer Lamboman, you're doing a grand job sir.

      Why thank you kind sir :)
      And congratulations to everyone else, especially to you Dawdle :D

    lol awesome post!! and BIG congrats to Dawdle!! w00t!!! I'm having a coffee to celebrate right now!! Shame you can't join the fun at my place this weekend, but still.. hopefully this has brightened up your week a bit :)

    I endorse this Community Kudos.

    *Warning: Community may contain NUTS!

    Another overwhelming week.

    Good work everyone.

    Perfect Kudos awardee. Congrats, Dawdle! !

    *waves* I noticed!

    Congrats dawdle!

    Sneaky work on the tags, Tad. I #approve.


    Congratsolationations Dawdle! The Giz entry was very cool! Drop them beats!

    Also, sorry AP, i forgot to nom you until exactly 5pm on friday.... oops!

    Congrats dawdle!
    Sughly was definitely missed, but will make up for it by letting us play.....
    Hope Q-bo is feeling better.
    And congrats to loops on getting old and scoring a PS3!!!

    Well done Dawdle(!)

    Enjoy your weekend TAYbies (And all other Kitizens... No, that doesn't work at all...)

    Thank you, Mark :D
    Do I email you my address?
    How does this work?
    (Total noob)

    That was so awesome. That little paragraph right there made it all worthwhile! And a massive, massive congrats to dawdle, truly you are a deserving recepient of this award!

    A smashingly fine week by all participants. Congratulations to everyone for being brilliant.

    congrats dawdle

    enjoy your exams

    Congratulations guys, good job and good luck with everything Dawdle.

    Oh and Happy Birthday Chuloopa

    i can sympathise with ya dawdle, i've got exams starting too :(
    but congrats!

    Congrats dawdle. All the best with exams. THEY ARE YOUR FUTURE!

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