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I can't believe it. We hit the big 2000. In fact, we're well beyond it. Over 2100 comments in Talk Amongst Yourself at last count. And not just in TAY, but across the site we've had what is probably our biggest commenting week ever. Amazing.

I'm also enjoying the fact that we're starting to see new regulars posting - our community is growing and, unlike other communities, we're actually welcoming the new guys with open arms. I'm really chuffed about that.

This week though has been all about the incredible creative spirit of the Kotaku community, and the way in which crazy ideas just spiral into a never ending pit of chaos and hilarity.

So, first off, let's talk Chuloopa. This guy's is a force of nature. I swear when he's in the mix, Talk Amongst Yourselves just becomes a better, more hilarious place to be. He's like a catalyst for hijinks. This post, the Kotaku Chronicles, may be the greatest thing I've ever read in TAY. Ever.

And now let's talk Sughly. We all know Sughly delivers and, of course, he didn't let us down, with an illustration for Chuloopa's hilariousl Kotaku Chronicles.

Then, Jamie What just goes and cranks things up a notch with a bloody Kotaku Chronicles manga!


But you know, there were also some amazing gestures in the community this week, ones that went a little under the radar...

Jo, for example, bought a four pack of Terraria - and handed out three copies of the game to folks in the community. Qumulys gave a copy of DiRT 2 to Welbot, and also gave out a couple of other games on Steam.

You're all beautiful human beings.

It was also Qumulys who had the smart idea of creating a post where we show all the cool stuff that goes on and is created by the Kotaku community through the week - an idea I'm totally going to steal! I just need to work out how it's going to work, but by God I'll make it work!

But anyway - I got to get out of here and interview Suda 51. Jelly?

The winner(s) of Community Kudos this week are...

Jamie What/Watt and Chuloopa.

Congrats guys, and have a great weekend.

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    w00! well done guys!! supreme effort as always!! :) *big man hugs for all*

    Congrats people!

    Sughly ALWAYS delivers. Always.

    Pretty impressive week, loved the Kotaku Chronicles and the manga/illustrations. So good!

    Awesome!!!! I knew it had to be a loops week the second I read that post, I hope its a weekly thing! The art this week was amazing too, Jamie did an awesome job, that manga really captures the feel of awesome!
    I'm totally happy Marks stealing the idea for an artsy thingy, I'm also up for trying to help organise it all if you like Mark.

    Also, my own mini kudo's going out to FatShady for helping me resurrect the minecraft list, and also to Blaghman for brainstorming at midnight with me to try and get all the names down.
    And a very big thanks to welbot who is always there everyday for me for a chat with on Steam, he helps me through tough days without fail. Onya mate! :D

      Just noticed in the tags, 'sent out backlog of kudo's prizes'. Is there any chance that includes working stacking codes? *crosses fingers*

      Dude I should be thanking you. Always appreciate your help



    Also, congrats Jamie 'n loops - well deserved :D

      There's been no Strange tag since I met him. Obviously I underwhelmed considerably and am no longer as important. :P

      Although I'm kind of tagged in the backlog one. Yay!

      Congrats to Loops and Gentleman What?. Well-deserved win you awesomely talented and entertaining boys.

        That's not true - I put a Strange tag in one the last couple of ones!

          Oops. Sorry. Um, I mean, I was using hyperbole. Yeah, that's it. Hyperbole.

    Congratulations Guys!!!!
    Also I'm in a Tag, Yay!
    My life is now complete :)

    Congrats to all. Amazing week!
    Thanks for posting early Mark. I can leave early to play LA Noire!!!

    "i've sent out the backlog of kudos prizes!"


    Stacking dollies! Hooray!

    (oh yeah, also congratulations guys!)

    YAAAAY! Go Loops/Jamie! And everyone mentioned which I couldnt be bothered repeating! Woo! Except Q, since he was totally awesome and gifted me Steam stuffs. Thanks again Q!

      No worries, but each time I try and do something nice for you, you go and out-do me! I won't mention it in here, but its still on continuous repeat putting smiles on my ears. :D

    OMG! just saw the tag about the backlog!! Did that include the Dead Rising 2 stuff aswell???!!!?!?!!?!!?

    Good work everyone!

    And Mark, have you really sent out the backlog? I don't think anyone would believe that, not until whatever they got is in their hands.

    Congrats to you two :D


    I feel.... i feel....

    Thank you so so much Mark, and everyone else for that matter. This has been the best week... so many early B-day pressies, it's just rad to the max!!!!


    You guys are all the best!

      i beg to differ.... YOU'RE the best! He said so right up there!! ^^^^ ;)


    I so totally did NOT see that coming. I was actually stunned. *wipes away tear* I had 'Loops down as sole winner since he posted his story.

    I guess I'd like to thank Chuloopa for writing his awesome Kotaku fan fic and the AMAZING community that inspired it!

    Oh, and God! Who will kill all the Christains on Saturday... or something!

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