Don't Get Too Excited About Zelda Universe

A lot of people are getting hot under the collar over a listing on the ESRB website for something called Zelda Universe. It's down as an "online" title, which considering the publisher and the franchise sounds interesting.

Only, it's not.

Zelda Universe is listed as "online" because, as is pointed out here, it's a website, not a game. Namely, this site, Nintendo's hub for all things Legend of Zelda. The company has done the same thing with its Advance Wars site, obtaining an ESRB rating for all the various types of content (some violent) that are being hosted there.

It's a little weird, given no other major publisher bothers getting ESRB ratings just for their websites, but then no other major publisher is as concerned with game ratings for kids as Nintendo is, so that probably explains it.


    Either I'm reading too much neogaf today or you guys are (albeit a few hours later) ;)

    Though since when does the ESRB rate websites, if in fact it is nothing but a website?

    Thank the light for little mercies.

    Zelda is a universe that can not possibly exist in any way in the online scape. It would be like mmo-balduars gate, dragon age or commander keen - the whole point is one quest line.

    Of course, I'm still bitter about the horribleness that is 3d zelda titles so I'm a more than a weebit concerned about anything else they screw up for the sake of monies.

      I think if they took a vein from Majora's Mask, it could be awesome. Play as a Hyrulian, Zora, Kokiri, Goron or Deku shrub! :D

      "Horribleness that is 3d Zelda titles"

      not sure if serious

    Imagine a Nintendo made Zelda MMO using their online system.

    -Enter your 16 digit friend code
    -Enter in the 16 digit friend codes of your friends
    -Wait to connect...
    -Connect! Welcome to Online Hyrule world!
    -Hey there's a friend way over there, you can interact with him by waving at him and swapping hats!
    -The End

      I can imagine that happening exactly like you described

    funnily enough, the fan site "Zelda Universe" no longer seems to work....

    Not looking forward to being on my 50th Gannon kill waiting for Master Sword to drop. Might roll a triforce of wisdom hero instead.

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