EB Expo: Official Reveal

Well, since we're ahead of the curve, we already told you guys about the EB Expo - but just in case you missed that, this is the official reveal.

All the details that were given to us were correct, including the date and the location. The only slight difference is the name - 'EBX' was the codename used by EB staff in the planning phase of the event. It will now be called the EB Expo.

The official website for the event can be found here.

Tickets go on sale on June 2, and will cost $29.95 for general entry, and $99.95 for the 'red carpet entry' which includes priority seating and access to backstage events.


    So, is this going to become E3 in Australia ?
    To bad its only happening in QLD.

    I might wait until next years one.. no sense in spending money on flights to what could very well be a complete "meh" fest... but we'll see

    What i'd love is an Australian version of PAX

    EB Games, pay through your ass for our games.

    I import just about all my games now. EB's a rip off.

      And this has what relevance to an expo??

      It's probably due to people "paying through the ass" that they can even fun an expo, funnily enough.

      Thing is, love them or hate them, they have still opened this up to the public, which i think is pretty admirable thing, regardless as to whether it is massive popularity stunt or not.

        I agree - I'm not the biggest fan of EB, but this idea is a great one, on a number of levels.

      Hey Shaun
      Where do u import your games from

        Mostly UK sites like Zavvi - free shipping.

    Nothing says gaming expo like freestyle motocross!

      Yeah, i work in the industry and even i don't get it

      Thing is, EVERYTHING has a freestyle motocross show these days.

      And you know what? it's all the same shit.

      Like full marks to the guys, it's really hard stuff, but it's also boring as batshit, especially when you compare it to what the REAL pros are pulling off these days...

      Seriously, event planners, couldn't the money have been better spent on something else?

        Yeah... Motocross actually turns me off this event, because I know it's going to be full of bogans now.

        "Shazzah! The F*ckin' Motorcross is awwn"

        How about a Party instead? With all that cash spent on dirtbikes going to free wifi and cheaper booze?
        And why the hell isn't this in melbourne?

          Because the world doesn't revolve around Melbourne.

            someone is a little bitter.

            pretty sure it does....:p

            He's right. It revolves around Sydney with a far larger population within close proximity to the central hub but I'm sure by putting on the Gold Coast it will be a quicker way to kill it with the lack of popularity.

            Now let's see, plane ticket, hotel, food and entry. I could but a lot of new releases for that....even at EB prices.

    I think this is a good event, but its a shame it is hosted by a single retail chain rather than a group of them or some indie group. I just worry that this will become a massive advertising event.. Funny thing is that BE are rarely the retailer of choice for the people I assume will actually attend this event?

    Just wait and see. There is nothing like this in AUS so I look forward to hearing more from anyone who attends.

      As i said, an even like PAX would be soo much better.
      Something that brings all arms of the "geeky" community together as one.

      I find plain game exhibitions (well the ones in Melbourne anyway) to get old very quickly. Not something you can spend all day at and get your monies worth.

      I don't like watching other people play games competitively, i would rather be playing myself, or talking to the people making them, or talking to comic book artists and playing table top war games with random people.

      I want somehting that has everything... but i don't think we'll ever get it.

      Don't get me wrong, as a gaming expo, this will be one of the best, if not the best, in Australia. But at the end of the day, it'll just be a gaming expo and i question if it will be worth the travel for interstaters.

      See, with it being held in brisbane, a lot of people just won't go. Flights to brisbane are some of the most expensive around australia, as it's a massive holiday destination, meaning that a fair $30 general admin ticket becomes MUCH more after flights and accommodation.

      if it were in Melbourne or Sydney, or hell, even Adelaide, i think you'd be able to get MUCH better crowds

    I see this ending in a sticky expensive mess.
    one that gets repeated every year, just like the Easter show here in sydney.

    A good chance to rip off consumers with over priced crap, and a bunch of dodgy vendors over selling everything they can.

    I'm keen, mainly because I live close enough that it is convenient enough to get to. But more details would be nice before I commit to going.

    Well, this should be interesting. Queenslander here. I go to Supanova every year and, while I love the crazily awesome community that's formed around it, I am constantly disappointed by the game area. That said, Supanova's cosplay madness and its panels are part of what makes it great. If they have panels from game devs talking about their games and/or a cosplay contest, I'll be sure to attend.

    Sounds like a decent idea, but I'm most concerned about the timing of the event. By the time the event rolls around, surely there will be games shown that are already out, or at least will be out within 2-4 weeks of the event. I know that it still counts as a "preview" but it would be nice if it was in August/September, that way you can preview games a couple months before release and build more hype. Obviously with the timing of E3 it could be a logistical impossibility, but it would be nice to seen the date brought forward in future years.

    Good to see it's in Qld on the Gold Coast and not in Sydney or Melbourne. Everthing is always in Sydney or Melbourne so its a nice change. Depending on the success of this first event, there's probably a chance they will move it next year or maybe even hold simultaneous events.

    Very good news, might just try and tie in a holiday to QLD with the expo :)

    I won't spend $200 (including flights from Avalon) plus accommodation for general entry on such an unknown. Like Loops said, maybe next year.

    Also, for those fellow Melbournians complaining, do something about it! Organize something ;)

      We could just bust into sexpo and set up a lan??

        You can call that a computer orgy, so many local "connections"

    I'm waiting to see the line up of the vendors before I throw my money down on a ticket.

    I'm keen. Plus I'm due for a holiday anyway :D

    Also, for those complaining it's in Queensland - EBs head office is in Qld. Seeing as it will be their company vendors opening to the public, I don't see why they would move it interstate. Especially for a first time event.

    They also mentioned on their facebook page that depending on the success of this years event they will look at interstate events for the future.

    It's on the Gold Coast. I live on the Gold Coast. NICE!

    Can I price-match the tickets and do they have the 7-day return policy on them?

    Seriously though, this sounds cool. Hopefully it turns out a successes and they bring around to other cities (read:Melbourne).

    They lost me when they invited all the cosplayers

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