LunchTimeWaster: Pogoing Somewhere?

I'm going to be completely honest - technically, Pogo Rampage is a bit rubbish. So why can't I stop playing it?

It's a mystery I'm still trying to solve. I think Pogo Rampage is addictive because, at its stripped down core, it's about controlled chaos.

Pogo Rampage does exactly what it says on the tin. You and your pogo stick go on a rampage, pogoing on cars, people's faces, trucks, planes, police helicopters. It's your job to try and combo as many pogo hits as possible in order to preserve your pogo fuel and pogo for longer.

It's addictive in the way bad things are addictive. It's addictive for all the wrong reasons. Not necessarily because the game is good or rewarding, but because you want to upgrade, you want to grind.

Garr. Back to it I guess.

Pogo Rampage [Kongregate]


    Thanks for the warning, Mark.
    I'm not touching this one.

    It'll probably get badges soon so I played it till I obtained all the upgrades and such. :P Always need more badges.

    Is it a bad sign that I found that kind of fun? I think I've played too many online RPGs, the grind is actually entertaining.

    Wow... there goes my lunch break on that... Kotaku Chronicals pushed back again, thanks mark! lol

    thought pogoing gave you VD

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