Resistance 3 Single Player Demo... On A Blu-ray?

We've heard of game demos being packaged with other games, and game demos being available for download on Xbox LIVE or PSN (when it's online) but now Insomniac has announced that a single player demo for Resistance 3 will found alongside the Battle Los Angeles Blu-ray. This is the first time, that we can remember at least, that a video game has been packaged alongside a movie.

We suppose it makes sense - the PS3 is one of the most popular Blu-ray players on the market, and the success of the format is often attributed to the release of the console. Blu-ray and the PlayStation 3 are almost inextricably linked so, in that sense, this move makes sense - especially if Insomniac are keen to market the game to a broader audience.

More details can be found here.

Resistance 3 Demo Announcement [G4TV]


    No sir. Starwars Battlefront was packaged with the Starwars OT DVD's for the xbox!!!

      Speaking of Star Wars Battlefront, where's Battlefront 3 gorramit!

      I jumped into the comments to say that, and boom! First one had it nailed. Kudos, sir.

        Although now I think about it, I'm fairly sure it was Revenge of the Sith & not the OT

          Narp was def OT.

            Yep, you're right....SWBFII and the RotS DVD were released on the same day, my mistake.

    Hasn't this already been done with District 9 on Blu-ray that came with a demo of God of War III?

      Not on the australian version of district 9.

      Yeah, with the exception that District 9 was a rad movie about aliens and Battle: LA was a turd.

      Its funny that one of the main criticisms levelled against Battle LA was that it was essentially like watching a videogame, now it's being used as a game promotion vehicle. Is that irony? im not sure if thats irony. no it isnt.

    It is cool, but...!5391970/buy-district-9-on-blu+ray-get-gow3-demo :P

    This was just a promise of it happening, I can't confirm if it ever actually did though.

      Yeah sorry Mark, we're on the web, it's our job to jump on mistakes like this as soon as they're posted.

      I think the even more interesting part is that this appears to have been part of some long term strategy for them. Do you remember this:!5379069/prop-billboard-gives-up-resistance-3-date ? The lines between these two properties really seems to be blurring and it wouldn't surprise me if there's more links that materialise in the final game.

    The final fantasy 13 demo came with the movie advent children complete

    I almost said "but what if you don't have a blu-ray player"

    Then it dawned on me..

    Not owning a PS3 makes me stpiderer...

    Wasn't there a edition of 'Stealth' (god why do i remember this) on UMD that came with a demo of Wipeout and a special vehicle?

    Advent Children Complete in Japan came with a demo of Final Fantasy XIII.

    This is just Sony trying to sell more copies of Battlefield 4: Los Angeles... Perhaps they should bundle the movie with the video game they released of it... Can be played quicker than the movie!

    I'm pretty sure the special edition of "The Mummy Returns" had the PC demo of The Mummy game.

    Least it's cheaper than having to buy Zone of Enders for a Metal Gear Solid 2 demo. Best marketing stunt ever.

    Sad people forgetting the PSP UMD Copy of Stealth which included a demo of WipEout Pure, and also a unique Stealth Ship to play with...

    Basically the only UMD movie that I purchased!

    the chronicles of riddick had a secret demo on the cd if you put it in the original xbox

    I have the ULTIMATE example... From the early 80s on vinyl!!!

    Surely the very first?

      And yes I know it's music... But it's too awesome not to mention :)

    I remember my dad bought a dvd copy of the dungeons & dragons (terrible) movie adaptation which came with a demo for icewind dale or baldurs gate 2.

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