Resistance 3 Single Player Demo… On A Blu-ray?

Resistance 3 Single Player Demo… On A Blu-ray?

We’ve heard of game demos being packaged with other games, and game demos being available for download on Xbox LIVE or PSN (when it’s online) but now Insomniac has announced that a single player demo for Resistance 3 will found alongside the Battle Los Angeles Blu-ray. This is the first time, that we can remember at least, that a video game has been packaged alongside a movie.

We suppose it makes sense – the PS3 is one of the most popular Blu-ray players on the market, and the success of the format is often attributed to the release of the console. Blu-ray and the PlayStation 3 are almost inextricably linked so, in that sense, this move makes sense – especially if Insomniac are keen to market the game to a broader audience.

More details can be found here.

Resistance 3 Demo Announcement [G4TV]


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