Tell Us Dammit

Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff – like what is your favourite thing to do outside of gaming? Obviously we all have gaming in common - that's why we are here - but what else are you interested in?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

This is a bit weird, but I've recently started Rock Climbing, and have pretty much become obsessed with it. I've been going roughly three times a week for the past couple of months. It's awesome.

But what about you guys? Anyone into something strange and interesting?


    Slapping the bass!

    Rock climbing is also pretty awesome.

    Growing a Beard.

      Truly you are a master in this pursuit.

        I try.

        Actually, in all seriousnes I don't really do as much outdoor stuff as I should, but I do enjoy collecting horrible 1970's exploitation movies. Black Shampoo, baby! Google it.

          Hmm, I've got a copy of Ilsa: She-wolf of the SS I haven't watched yet cause I'm a bit worried. Any good?

            I've heard good things about Ilsa, but never seen it. Man up and watch it!

            Also, another good one: Fist of Fear, Touch of Death, a "documentary" on Bruce Lee's life. Because his father was the greatest Samurai in all of China, goddamnit.

          Have you watched Black Dynamite?


              No, but I want to. Going to see Hangover 2 tonight as well.

              Fistbeard McTavish: Movie dude. Here's my card.

                Grandmaster B-Funk: I actually work at the movies...

                which makes us more of a movie dude?

              Ha I had that damn soundbite stuck in my head for ages after watching it.

          THAT'S AWESOME!!

          you'd get along very well with my old man :)

            OH SHIZ!!! THAT'S NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!

      I don't need to grow a beard... I have a beard... I maintain my beard!

      Outside of games my life consists of Heavy Metal and TV... not very exciting... oh wait, I read as well, but only usually during my commute.

      I shaved my beard off yesterday, first time clean shaven in nearly a year. Definitely a super weird feeling. Now I look like a 12 year old again...

      I am face hair challenged and I just cant grow a beard.
      At 31 I have the facial hair of a 12 year old child.

        Mine's coming along nicely, I noticed it's started turning red this morning... which is nice.

    My favourite thing to do outside of gaming (read: Edmus) is gloating to Mark about how how I beat him in gaming (read: Edmus).

      I'm curious? Did you end up beating my score on the weekend? Just askin'



        ....I just didn't make a screenshot....

        ....I'm totally not lying...

    When I'm not gaming I'm:

    Watching TV
    Watching movies
    Browsing game related forums

    Yeah my life is pretty boring. I keep thinking I need a hobby but gaming sort of is my hobby.

    Roaming around the country side with my DSLR and several types of lenses. Headed to NT in a couple months for the first time so should get some decent photo's up there.


    Written 3 tracks in 3 days thus far in my leave off work, and they are all pretty good. This is the project I'm doing with Janitor Eats and Blaghs, and it's pretty darn exciting.

      Oh? What kind of music is it?

      You've certainly piqued my interest, now!

        It's rock city, baby!

        Been heaps of fun, so far most of it is fairly straightforward rock, but I've been able to do some unique things with instrumentation (orchestral/tribal percussion, strings etc). I'm going to start doing a few more exotic/unique things with the next few tracks over the following days now that I've gotten comfortable with writing guitar parts.

    I used to go rock climbing (just indoor stuff). Excellent fun.

    I don't really do much literally *outside* at the moment. Walks I guess. Otherwise gym once a week with my PT and weights every night. I used to play cricket but gave that up when my brother moved out of town.

    Too many "used to" moments there!

    Reading and playing the drums are the things I do the most. I occasionally mess around with video editing, and I like programming too.


    I'm 19 and live in Canberra, there's nothing else to do...

      Just out of interest, why do you live in Canberra? For uni? Or did you grow up there?

    I used to do figure skating and ice hockey.. not exactly strange, but yer.. i competed when i was younger and even came 3rd at national champs. These days I just enjoy ten pin bowling and 3d modeling and animation!

      welbot on ice. I would pay to see that lol

        hehe people have in the past. we used to put on xmas shows and people would pay to watch and proceeds would go toward the club. Most embarassing moment for me was the year we did Precilla Queen of the Desert. I had to dress in drag :0

    Play AFL in the winter. Cricket in the summer. Golf and surfing when I get a chance.

      I play a bit of golf. But I'm not really that good. Struggle to break 100 most rounds.

      My brother on the other hand - he hit a round of 79 when he was nine years old.

    i like to do backflips then ride on my motorcycle around mt panorama. The i run around in circles till im tired. On a more serious note i play tennis and am learning the guitar. I also enjoy alternative music and classic 80's and 90's music.

    Reading, writing, breathing, watching a ridiculous amount of TV and movies, watching a ridiculous amount of video game related Youtube videos (and streams, and Viddler and whatever video hosting services you care to name).

    I also play pool every week, although I'm not particularly good at that.

    Sports, sports, sports. Particularly love playing soccer, both indoor and outdoor. If I can't play it, I'll watch it.

    I'm also studying to be an entrepreneur, so starting businesses is a hobby that is on the horizon for me. You can actually teach that stuff!

      WAIT, you mean you actually do stuff other than playing games!? How do you get so good at them then?? O.o

    Going to see a shitload of live music every week in Sydney :)

    I recently discovered the WOBWOBWOBWOB goodness of dubstep - FILTHY!!

      Here's my dubstep

      Click "listen".

        What...on earth...was that???

          That, my friend, was dubstep.

            Dubstep ...unplugged? lol

              It needs some fine-tuning, but the basics are there!

                Try combining it with this|en|nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan%20nyan :P

                  One day, I'll make an entire song on Google Translate. It will be awesome.

      have you heard of skrillex. He is awesome.

        Yeah lovin Skrillex (especially "I want to kill everybody")

        but the filthiest dub I've found recently is SKisM

        His track "Power" has a massive drop:

      Oooh, any shufflers here?

      You been to subbies? I heard it was the place to be for happy hardcore.. one of my fave genres!

    FOOTBALL!!! I refuse to call it soccer and making model toy cars

      In what country do they call it making model toy cars? :P

        so I actually LOLed at that. At work. Got funny looks from the boss

    These concepts of "things other than gaming" and "outside" whilst intriguing, sound overrated...

    Reading, writing, a lot of boring academic stuff :)


    Not just for geriatrics. The competition gets heated, the rivalry is intense.

    I have two weeks playing ultimate frisbee on sundays

    Its the best time I spend on the week

    boing-boing (or some other geek site) did a big writeup about climbing last year I think, which was about the same time we started getting into it too oddly enough!
    castle hill and blacktown have great walls, but for a real challange head outdoors; google the balkans/ north rocks and follow the chalk!

    I write a lot of music when I'm not gaming, plus hockey 3 times a week

    at the moment outside of work and gaming I tend to spend my time playing ice hockey

    relatively new to the sport so am still trying to work out why I decided being a goalie was a good idea, no matter how much padding you have vulcanized rubber being flung at your face/body really hurts!

    but apart from that its just music, anything in the punk/hardcore genre's (Propaghandi,Strung Out, Bad Religion, Comeback Kid, H20, Mary Jane Kelly etc)

    oh and I play baseball in summer, but we suck. won one game last year!! yeah baby MLB here I come

    Along with the usual reading/tv/movies stuff, I also write, play field hockey(non-contact sport my ass), nerfwar and occasionally sleep.


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