The PlayStation Store Will Not Be Open For Business Today

Contrary to previous reports, the PlayStation Store will not open its digital doors today in North America. Sony Computer Entertainment America reps confirm that we'll have to wait a little longer while the PlayStation Network deals with scheduled maintenance.

Sony's Jeff Rubenstein writes on the official PlayStation blog that "we're still targeting restoration of all services by the end of this month".

The PlayStation Store was supposedly coming back online today, the first step in a series of quick updates that would bring digital content for PlayStation 3 and PSP to those without an update since April 19.

PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Today []


    To be honest the store is what I've been waiting for the most. I just want to redeem the stack of DLC I've accumulated over the last month. As for the online, nothing so far beats mortal kombat, 2 arcade sticks and ten friends in your living room

    FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU..... Oh well xbl here I come. Who am I kidding. I want to redeem my ps3 LA Noire dlc :(

      Yeah that and Outland are the two I really want to get.

    Ya know, Sony really haven't been helping themselves by pushing back every single date they've made so far.

    Bored now.

    I just want the free stuff they're giving us!

    Maybe they should tell people wtf is going on instead of bearing around the bush like they have been. No other company screws around as much as Sony has been doing. I've never heard of Microsoft pulling out on a set date, after this little episode I despise Sony and the PSN. I knew the PSN was pathetic compared to xbox live but I expected better than this. Just hurry up you assholes. You are putting my hate for you on the stove and it's not far of boiling point.

      To be fair, Sony have never stated an actual date for the return of the store, aside from their overall plan to have full service by the end of May.

      The original source (Gamasutra) states their source on an email from Sony to development and publishing partners, but even Gamasutra acknowledge the email is tentative...

      "The company has sent a tentative publishing schedule"

      I think they will follow the plan in the email, with store content a few times a week to catch up, it's just a case of when it starts.

      That being said, it can't be far off, with a scheduled 8hr maintenance block and all existing members PS Plus members have had their subscriptions extended already (I haven't looked to see if the non PS+ people have been credited yet).

    Hey look on ther bright side, this time its SCHEDULED maintenance

    I'm kind of disappointed, but the 24th of May was obtained through a 'memo' which is far from an official announcement sadly. =(

    I'm fine with waiting longer for PS Store, as I was with the initial PSN outage, but this is where I think Sony could start genuinely losing customers. The initial rage following PSN going down from the CoD deprived I think was mostly inconsequential, but this is starting to drag out a little too long.

    Didn't you guys know Buying online stores is Xbox and Wii exclusive.

    Duke Nukem Forever: PSN Edition

    Isn't a problem for me. Since my PS3 just DIED. It got the ylod (why always 'of death', so dramatic). I really hope this is due to what people are saying and it being a problem with the 3.61 update. I doubt it though.

    Now i can't finish portal co-op, play mk, play noire or my every third daily multiple hour long fifa sessions. So unhappy...

      read 'is due' as 'ISN'T due'

    yes this waiting game is pi**ing people off but they need to announce on the news when its opens back up and give us a lil bit more cus there are a lot of long time fans who are really loyal to sony like my iv owned every console an portable device from ps1 to ps3 from psp 1000 to psp go i mean we should get a littlle bit more just a lil sony playstation forever

    well i dont know bout ya'll but i dont like this "extended date" it's may 30th psn ur running out of time and peoples patience

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