These 8-Bit Stockings Are Retro-Sexual

Aw man, I'm totally buying these... for my wife! For my wife, man! Honestly! Yeah, she totally loves this kind of quirky, off-kilter stuff. [Shifts eyes awkwardly] .

Apparently these things are pretty hard to find, but you might be able to order them here. Not that I've desperately done a Google search or anything. [Loosens collar] .

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      ps.. i know that;s a photo of you in the dress with the stockings.. that's why we can't see your face :P

    Those are literally the Mario beesuit's knees.

    I know what my girlfriend is getting for her birthday!

      Dong in a box?

        No, that was Christmas last year

    Next week on Kotaku: Pictures of Mark's legs with these stockings.

    If we don't get this, you will have disappointed an incalculable number of people. :(

      Incalculable number of people? Won't it just sit on 255?

    This has to be one of the most frustrating presents. You buy these for someone, and they'll accuse you of being selfish, but of course, they would never buy them for you because they'd think they were buying for themselves!

    It's a c***block in a box!

      Buy a pair for her and a pair for yourself.
      Problem solved.

    I've seen this pic on the net before and searched but never found any more than this one pic. I don't think you can buy them. But if anyone does actually find out where they're available put the link up!

    If you were dating someone wearing these stockings, I wonder if the Konami code would get you to third base...

      I'd struggle on the Up,Down part

    So... Anything with square edges is cool now?

    Boys, you need to learn the difference between stockings and suspenders

      So many reply fails this week... see below for my misplaced reply.

        yeah, they're definitely stockings made to look like suspenders

      Um, actually, suspenders are what keep your stockings up (unless they're the fancy stay-up stockings). I think you mean the difference between stockings and pantyhose or tights, and these do just look like fancy printed tights.

      They are way cool though.

    Without actually going to the site, I got the impression from the image that they were stockings that look like suspenders?

    i just got an 8bit boner o_0

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