What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This is a true story. On Wednesday night I get home, I say to my wife in my broad Scottish accent, "I have this new game I think you might like, it's called L.A. Noire."

"Alien Water?" She replies. "Sound boring."

Even my own wife can't understand a word I say. At least I still have you guys - right? Right? [Awkward silence] .

Anyway... what are you guys playing this weekend?

As you may have guess from my rambling intro, this weekend I will be mostly playing L.A. Noire. I'm currently about one hour into the game and, while it still feels as though I'm in the 'tutorial' section, I'm thoroughly enjoying the change of pace the game provides. The writing seems a tiny bit shonky, but the ambition and scope of the game is clear.

I'm really hoping to play this game as part of an epic weekend session - which I haven't really attempted with a game since Mass Effect 2. But it all depends on whether or not my wife feels like watching Gossip Girl again. [Shudder]

But what are you guys playing this weekend?


    Battlefield Bad Company 2 most likely... My ozgameshop order of Brink turned up... Game should be called Stink, it's bloody terrible... Once BF3 and MW3 come out, there will be no-one left to play with.

    Might also continue with The Witcher if I can get passed the battle I'm stuck on!

      I'll be playing heaps more Brink, apparently not with Glenn!

    Witcher 2, LA Noire and Terraria. Terraria is terrible, it's causing me to not play W2 and LA Noire because it's so damn addictive.

      I too will be Terraria-ing. This game has re-ignited the bizarre addiction that I found when I first got Minecraft. Why is it so damn fun to dig holes?

        I think it's the sense of discovering, exploration and progression. I love finding better minerals and -- in the case of Terraria -- harder enemies. It's so incredibly addictive.


          I really love the varieties of loot they added too. I just found a magical boomerang and hermes shoes. This will keep my Diablo and Minecraft urges tamed for a while!

        Love finding health upgrades too. FFFFUUUU I want to go home and play it. ):

    I'm going to start playing my long overdue copy of Prince of Persia Trilogy. Might beat at least the first two this weekend.

    If I get bored of that, Uncharted 2 online is back.

    Got me a hankering for some RDR tonight, plus it gives me a chance to see if I can finally broadcast my mighty toneless voice on live.
    However, for the rest of the weekend, I believe I will shut myself in a gloomy, smoke filled room, settle down with a glass of whiskey and my fedora and tackle the mean streets of L.A. Noire.

    Hahaha Alien Water, that's brilliant.

    I'm hoping to finally crack out Monster Hunter Tri. Or maybe Conduit 2. Both games I've been looking forward to for quite some time, but still yet to get around to. Chances are it won't happen though.

    I will also be spending my gaming time this weekend being a detective: http://bit.ly/lSb6pU !

    Also maybe some online RDR tonight, de Blob 2, and working through collecting all the card in MtG.

      ALL the cards in MtG? Aren't there like 20-30,000 now? :P

        I'm going to be busy!

        But really, MtG: Duels of the Planeswalkers has about 20 decks at an average of about 20 cards each. Last time I checked I think I still had 150 to get.

          I loved doing that on the xbox, scored a neato avatar prop for doing it too!

    I marathoned my way through the rest of Portal 2 Single Player last night - might fiddle with co-op this weekend.

    Then I have to get back to GTA IV, which I want to re-complete before getting into the Episodes that I picked up cheap on Steam a little while back.

    Brink, possibly LA Noire, that stupid thing I do where I go to a place and serve ingratious people videogames in exchange for their money, and D&D! :D

    On the topic of D&D, Dark Sun is the best freaking setting ever. It's so much fun to DM ^_^

    LA Noire for me too. I just got it yesterday and so far am finding it really entertaining. It's very different, but in a good way. It's got elements from GTA, Mafia 2, Heavy Rain and Phoenix Wright. I have only done the first traffic case but am already looking forward to next one. Cant wait to get home and keep playing it! In saying that though I don't see myself replaying it that much.

    WITCHER. 2.

    Going to finish it then write up a Reader Review. Game is friggin' incredible.

      Going to beat me to it. Curse stupid work trips over strong new release weeks.

    I strongly considered buying Alien Water, but got a PS3 console instead (yay).

    Must burn through my Xbox 360 pile o' shame before it arrives:
    (maybe) Dragon Age again
    Alan Wake (Alien whack?)

      Tell us how Darksiderz goes, big Mad fan. Am scared his game may suck...

      KOTOR 1 & 2 ftw :) Halfway through 2. Can't believe I waited 7 years to play them :)

    Jumping between Dragon Age Origins and The Witcher (the first one).

    Alien Water here also, but perhaps RDR tonight for a VERY short time...

    I will also be rebuilding my PC this weekend so will be offline for a bit (but with a 360 and PS3, I wont be without gaming...

    Demon's Souls and Batman: Arkham Asylum are the two obvious games. Buttercup is finally coming back and the goddamn Batman shall not be ignored.

    In the words of Mr. Delivers, "TerarararaRARARARAARGH!"
    And some Lego Jack Sparrow thrown in there too.

    Finally get to go home tonight after a week away... hopefully get to play some Bad Company 2 online at last.

    I have the original Witcher I keep meaning to reinstall and play. I only sunk about 3 hours into it before I got distracted somehow. Might be something to do while my wife plays LA Noire.

      Even better... Do the wife while she plays LA Noire... just sayin'...

    RDR Undead Nightmare. Started after 100%'ing the main game and enjoying the change of pace. Also might play some TF2 and Reach. But more than likely I'll play Pokemon instead.

    Finished the terrible opening tutorial missions of LA Noire last night and got to the meaty bits, so there'll be a bit of that and The Witcher 2.

    If I can get my puter to behave itself, Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm. Otherwise more F1, Dirt2 and Mortal Kombat!

    LEGO Pirates will be on the dinner plate for most of the weekend I think with the girlfriend...

    I'll have to get up early for a few hours of LA Noire though.

    Premium weekend of gaming coming up...

    Portal 2 co-op between PS3 and my Macbook Pro (which works ridiculously well, even the mic in the laptop works for chat).

    Follow with a main course of LA Noire. Oh yes. Good times for sure.

    I got stuck into L.A Noire last night, for 8 hours straight. Loving it so far!
    Also have The Witcher 2, which I got stuck into the night before.
    So pretty much just those 2 games, all weekend.
    Better get the coffee out.

    I'll be chasing the last few achievements in Borderlands now that my wife and I have defeated Crawmerax the Invincible and done those tedious large tournaments for Moxxi's Underdome Riot.

    So I'm going to be endlessly killing Claptraps to farm Pizza and Panties. Seriously.

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