What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It's taken long enough - about 10 hours I think - but I'm actually starting to enjoy L.A. Noire more. It still irritates me in plenty of ways, it's a flawed game for sure, but now that I'm in 'Vice' I get the impression that the game is holding my hand less and becoming a little more consistent. I'll probably spend my weekend wrapping that game up - but what about you guys? What are you playing this weekend?

Nothing barnstorming was released this week. But last week saw the release of The Witcher 2 and the afore-mentioned L.A. Noire. Both are hardly five hour blast-a-thons, so you probably have plenty to be burning through. I haven't had the chance to start The Witcher 2, which is unfortunate, but I'll definitely get round to it at one point.

So - what are you playing this weekend?


    Steam's got a Black Ops Free Weekend so I'll probably be playing that.

    I've finished L.A. Noire - 98.81% done. Getting those last vehicles is an absolute bitch when they don't have fixed spawn points.

    I finally finished Red Dead Redemption last weekend.

    I think I'm going to finally get around to playing and finishing Gears of War 1 and 2 this weekend, with a bit of War for Cybertron multiplayer action. And before you ask, yes, people do still play WFC :P

      :o How did you know that I was going to ask!?!? That is good news though, I haven't played it in ages, so it might be fun too jump in for a game or two. Are there team death match games, or is it all escalation these days? Last time I played I struggled to find a TDM, but escalation was fine...

        I usually play Conquest. Heaps easier to level up in Conquest than TDM.

        I found I had issues if I wanted to search for local games, because hardly any aussies are playing these days. If you open up matchmaking worldwide you get a wee bit of lag, but it's still playable.

    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - picked it up this week because it was finally under $50.

    On thing I noticed is that it mentions there's supposed to be some free Copernicus something or other DLC. Where do I get the code from? Can't see anything in the box... have JB shafted me and not given me the bit of paper with the code? Is the DLC actually worthwhile anyway?

      I think that was a PS3 exclusive?

        It was exclusive. If I recall correctly, it's just on the PSN Store for download, no code required.

          Yeah, I'm playing on PS3.

          Oh ok, if it's on the store that'd be why I didn't see it earlier in the week :P There's a menu option in the game for downloadable content so I thought I had to enter something. Might take a look at the store on the weekend and see if I can find it. Is it any good?

      It's PS3 exclusive. Head to the PSN store, find it and download it. Or don't. It's rather useless. I actually just played it myself last night. It's really not worth the bother. There are a few delivery missions, a few assassinations, and a nonsensical 'plot' to tie them together.

    Picked up Hunted the other day but haven't had a chance to play it yet, so probably that. My expectations aren't high though and I even told my local EB that I'd probably be back in next week throwing it back at them heh.
    Other than that? Should finish LA Noire and start The Witcher 2, but I've had to hold off the 9GB "patch" that came out a few days back due to data limits :(

      Should have bought Witcher from GoG instead of Steam :)... patch from there was only 9mb.

      I can see CDPR have pretty much screwed Steam support for their game to encourage people to buy their DRM free copy, which honestly why wouldn't you... full profits to the Developers.

        I would've got it from GoG but I've had it pre-ordered on Steam since about October last year and I don't think it was even available on GoG at that time. At least I didn't get hit with the price increase.

    I'm roller-coastering & shooting all weekend so no games for me.

    But, I know what you mean about LA Noire. I just started Vice as well and I feel the same. Something toward the end of Homicide just clicked and I started really enjoying myself.

      You're roller-coastering and shooting and it's not a game? I want your life.
      Oh wait, you're talking about shooting as in filming, right? Right?!

        Filming... right... I'm definitely not hunting the deadliest game of all, Roller-Coasters... Just, making a movie. Yeah...

    I'll be heading over to a mate's place tonight to check out some Witcher 2, and start off brainstorming what I would want in my first PC. Exciting!

    I'll also hit up some Frozen Synapse - intriguing little indie game, and it's a lot like SWAT chess. Lot of fun!

    Lastly, I may do a bit of Noire-ing to chase those last two achievements, and I'll whore up the Bad Company 2 battlefield. Played a lot of it this week and it's just feeling fresh again. Squadding up has also been a blast.

    LA noire, super sf4 and mass effect 2.

    Depends on if anything arrives in the mail today.

    I'm almost finished with Yakuza 3 so if LA Noire, AC:Brotherhood and Enslaved arrive today I'll be paralysed with indecision and end up playing nothing but if they don't I'll probably get back to Alan Wake, make a start on Deadly Premonition or again, be paralysed with indecision.

    Bulletstorm. Only played a bit of it so far, but it looks the goods.

    Might also burn through a bit more of The World Ends With You and AFL Live.

      I'd love to play some Bulletstorm too, but I had to send my vid card away :( It's been so flakey lately I only get about 10mins of gameplay before I get all kinds of artifacts on the screen, or it just gives up and blanks my screens :( Tried playign some games on my old 8800 last night, but the framerate is just too terrible now that I've been spoiled by the power of a 285gtx :0

    I finally got my system running stably so might go back through some of the older games i had issues with.
    Not sure how much gaming time I will get but will see how far through Metro 2033 I can get.
    Will likely get pulled into playing for Plants Vs Zombies with my wife as well

    I'm going to be playing Red Dead Redemption this weekend. Never got around to playing the undead nightmare, so think i'll try that.

    Need to 5star one more case in LA Noire to be done with that, then might try a bit of Hunted as well

    Hopefully The Witcher... My copy of The Witcher 2 turned up from the UK, so wanna get onto that!

    Will also be playing the Red Faction Armageddon and Duke Nukem Forever demos, as I have a $33 GAME voucher and will be buying either DNF or RFA from there (price matched as cheap as possible of course) cause with the $33 voucher it comes out to be just as cheap as a UK import.... Totally leaning towards the Duke though.

    Mortal Kombat, Minecraft and Pokemon! Gonna be an unproductive weekend!

    No gaming for me this weekend, as my family is using the whole guilt trip thing and will be using me as slave labour.
    I will be having the distinct pleasure of having to haul around bloody big metal monstrosities all f&*king weekend.
    End Rant.

    And lots of it.
    We setup a server at our house for all of our friends. Starting to get some epic things happening in there.

    You've got more patience than I do. I traded LA Noire in for Dirt 3 yesterday. Still plan on getting back to LA Noire but will wait 12 months or so to import it ultra cheap.

    Dirt 3 has been good fun. Unfortunately my TV died today (damn you Samsung and your dodgy capacitors), so it looks like I'll be hitting up some Minecraft instead.

    Got a mate coming over with his PC, probably gonna smash some Dow2 Retribution Last Stand, and play some classics like CoD:UO, CoD2 and FarCry!

    Might go through the backlog of stuff I downloaded off PSN last night too - Under Siege, Puzzle Agent, Parasite Eve II and FF6. Need a bigger weekend, imo.

    Probably gonne be Guitar Hero Metallica for me. LittleJJ got started on it last week and it's been quite fun! Apart from that, I just started re-playing Secret of Mana thanks to last weeks Remember This section! It's been great so far! Just as awesome as I recall it being the first time round :)

    long weekend out west. So hopefully can get in AC Brotherhood, LA Noire, and finish GOW Ghost of Sparta.

    Starcraft 2 and Minecraft, with a bit of L.A. Noire on the side...

    Might give that Dungeon Seige III demo another crack. Beyond that, LA Noire.

    Gonna also try to buy an external hard drive so I can finally install The Witcher.

    Study Study Revolution

      Followed by Gears of Study?

        Study fighter 3D

          I'm finished with Call of Study. I imported Mortal Studybat the other day. Brutal.

          ...I'm so tired

    Multiplayer fun with goldeneye for wii. My sister is horrible at it and it makes me laugh watching her. Also probably some more super meat boy.


    Played the inFamous 2 demo last night, it looked so good, can't wait til next week.

    Also, car collecting and street crimes in LA Noire. I finished the story last night and enjoyed the game quite a bit.

    Wizard of Wor on the Commodore 64

      God I loved that game. That and International Soccer made the C64 cartridge slot worthwhile.

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