90% Of Sony's PSN Users Have Returned - Are You Among Them?

In an interview with the New York Times, SCEA's President Jack Tretton has claimed that 90 per cent of the PSN userbase has returned after the PSN 'outage' - which seems like a pretty generous number. Have you guys signed back on?

"We have over 90 per cent of our customers back right now," claimed Tretton, "more than 70 million people. We expect you’ll see an influx of new people as new games come out this year."

Considering the backlash of negative publicity towards Sony in the wake of the PSN hack, this seems like a huge number. Sony's generous 'Welcome Back' package no doubt played a huge part in motivating the vast majority of users back to the service.

Personally, I've yet to go back - but part of that is the fact that I have no real motivation to do so. I already own the games on the Welcome Back package, and I don't spend to much time playing online with my PS3. How about you guys - have you updated and re-registered your password yet?

One on One: Jack Tretton, Sony C.E.O. America [New York Times]


    I'm back on there. I don't see why 90% is a particularly "generous" figure - it's been back up for a month or so now, hasn't it? If people were using it prior to the outage then I can't imagine too many reasons why they wouldn't go back to it, even if they might not keep their personal info on there anymore. Presumably whatever they were playing online before they'd still want to play online now.

    I'm back. I've claimed my Welcome Back pack (Wipeout and Infamous) and I've played a little.

    I'm halfway through multiple games on the PS3 right now, there was no way I wasn't coming back.



      I'm sorry but that made me laugh.

      My sympathies.


    Yep. So I could link Steam and PSN, play Killzone 3 online (it arrived a few days after the outage) and to try out some levels in inFamous 2.

    What I don't really understand is why everybody was hating on Sony when they got hacked and were repairing it, and now that Lulzsec are hacking anyone and anything, they, Lulzsec, are the douchebags.

    Hey Harli.

    I also had to reset my password yesterday, but I got a rest email back with in a minute, so it you try again, I am sure you will be able to rest your password. I got the L.A Noire full pass pack. I enjoyed L.A Noire, but thought the ending was a let down. Hopefully the DLC is quality.

    I haven't come back yet because I'm too lazy to take the ethernet cable out of my PC and stick it into the back of my PS3.

    When they say 'back on' do they mean that users have switched their PS3s back on, or do they mean that users are playing online games?

    I'm back but I'm not giving them my credit card details again.

      Exactly. Bought my first PSN card yesterday.
      Helloooo Escalation.

    I'm back and happily playing my free copy of Infamous and some of the PSN games. My daughter is enjoying the free ratchet and clank.

    Funnily enough I had never bothered to check out PSN or the store before the outage, the Welcome Back pack was enough to make me get on the store and grab some extra games too.

    I got my ps3 just before the hack and don't have many games for it, so between me and my brother's account I got four new games, definitely an incentive to return.

    I agree, not a 'generous' figure in my mind. I'm back, though not playing online at the moment (cold turkey seemed to work?).

    All of my workmates with PS3s are back too.

    I've signed back on, but I never actually played online to begin with, so the only thing this whole fiasco meant for me was free games :)

    Haven't got back on, but I _did_ send a letter to them pointing out that they were in breach of the National Privacy Principles and requiring them to erase all personal data that they were keeping about me, as provided for in both the Privacy Act and their terms and conditions.

    A couple of weeks after the hack, someone tried to take out a loan citing my name, date of birth, former street address (that the Sony account was under) and so forth. I'm trying to work out if it's possible to tie that ID fraud back to the Sony hack - if I can, you can bet that I'm going to be suing.

    I'd also had my credit card number used at an American department store.

    I'm not saying that I won't use my PS3 again, but if Sony wants me to set up an account I can guarantee that I won't be providing them so much as an accurate name, let alone trusting them with a credit card number.

      You expect people to believe this? What kind of loan could possibly be taken out given the limited information on PSN? At the least you'd need 100 points of ID including something with a picture ie drivers licence or passport. Are you telling everyone that they got your PS3 address and make fake IDs to get a loan for what? A $3000 car or a $400000 home loan, which would also need bank statements etc

        I'm afraid you do not totally grasp how easy it is to do this with such few details.

        Check out the Vic Police Cyber Crimes website, do some research. With full name, addressee and date of birth you can do allot more than you think possible.

          And I'm afraid you don't know how to get a loan from the bank. When you do, then you'll see how silly this is. I needed to show several photo IDs, inc passport, bills with addresses, months of bank statements and Medicare details. I didn't go to the bank armed with someone's PSN details. I really wish scaremonger stories like this would stop. I told my bank manager about this and he couldn't stop laughing at what some people will believe on the internet, but said if you wanted to apply for a loan with just PSN details (he is a gamer too) he is more than happy to laugh at you.

          Yeah - the loan was taken out. If they have my name and my date of birth, they can get a birth certificate reprint in days. Once someone has that, you can accumulate other ID easily.

          ID fraud is incredibly easy to do and almost impossible to detect.

          And no, you don't need photo ID to get a loan. I have a mortgage, but no photo ID. If I wanted to get a passport, I don't need photo ID. If I want a driver's licence, I don't need photo ID.

          Care to take the challenge and post all of your PSN data - name, date of birth, billing address and credit card details, as well as your most common handle and your password - right here in this comment thread?

    I've been back on for a while now. Jumped back on black ops as soon as it was working again (please dont hate me because a play cod).

    Really enjoying inFAMOUs, i dont know how i let it get past me before but now im going to have to purchase inFAMOUS 2...

    Havent even tried LBP yet, hopefully i get another good surprise out of that.

      Nobody should, its your choice and cod is great fun.

    Back but not using credit card again. Going to get a pre paid card for beyond good and evil hd, parasite eve and rockstar pass.

    I don't understand those that would completely abandon it, but anyway, collected my games, bought new ones + DLC, etc...

    Life continues on as normal...

    Of course I'm back.
    Sony and I are bestest buddies! *Awkwardly hugs Sony*

    Yeah I'm back.
    Found Ratchet and Clank too difficult so playing inFamous at the moment. Brilliant game! as defkon, can't believe I didn't get this ages ago.

    I'm back. I was never going to leave over the hack. Playstation for life.

    I returned. Initially it was just to download the free games but i stayed for burnout paradise online.

    I bought my PS3 after the hack. Am I in the stats? :)

    I'm back! I'm with Dan, love my Playstation to much not to come back!

    Nope, haven't bothered to turn the it on since the PSN went down because i have either been too busy with assignment or have been playing my 360-PC. It will most likely get a dust off when Uncharted 3 comes out but other then that... I plan to use my PS3 as little as possible and get every multi-plat game either on 360 or PC.

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