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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Question: Best place to buy a new Xbox (and possibly a playstation) at the moment? Anyone seen any good deals going? Has anyone here suffered from hardware faults with their 360 slim models?

    Second Xbox died last week. Pushed my timetable of buying a new TV forward. Community comments earlier in the week about what TV's we all use was helpful. Thanks!

      Go to EBGames and get their 360 250GB Slim + Halo Reach + Gears 2 GOTY ($398; best at retail) pack, then trade those games in at GAME for the better trade-in value towards something you haven't played yet.

      Buy one of the shiny new ones from that cash converters website -nods-

        Awesome find! I would've never considered Cashy's.

        Really? But wouldn't the quality be as the roll of a die, and the warranty be nonexistent? For something as expensive as a 360, I'd want a warranty.

          It's not just the quality/warranty you need to worry about - there's also the fact that you have no idea if it's been banned from XBox Live. For all you know, the whole reason the previous owner dumped it at Cash Converters is because they got it banned so they sold it and went and bought a new one.

            True.. in part.

            But I believe CC has a 7 day exchange warranty - so if it's banned, you can just take it back.

            As for the lack of any propper warranty, that is true. But by my figuring, if you buy one of the new ones it's not really much of a concern, plus you're paying $100-$200 less...

            They ban the console?

              Yes, they ban consoles.


      Damn, I think someone was selling reconditioned ones at a ridiculously cheap price. Maybe EB? Risky, but could be worth it.

    I'm really looking forward to coming back to sydney.

    I can haz tym macheen?

      Cat spelling. It's what makes Time Travel possible.


    There are several things i'm considering doing with my allocated $20 this week

    1. Pre order of Space Marice CE (still not decided on venue or Console yet)
    2. Buy as many Interplay Games at $3 as possible from
    3. Buy a ticket for Powerball's $30mil jackpot tomorrow night (i want to get rich quick)
    4. Buy a copy of Fear 2 on PS3

    What would you do?

      I know GAME only need $10 for their Space Marine CE preorder :P I've got mine down~

      Then you could get 3 Interplay games, too! :O

        I don't really have a game nearby that is easily accessible, since they closed BOTH Geelong stores...

        PLUS they haven't disclosed their price yet

        PLUS they don't have any pre-order bonuses

        EB has a bolter and chainsword which looks kinda "meh" and JB has a couple of marine skins which look kinda decent...

      Everytime I get a lotto ticket I'm always so disappointed when I don't win.. Like last night ;)

      GOG the shit out of them dollars son!


    Who decides what US Kotaku articles to post?

      That is a goooood question. I'd love to know more about the actual interaction between Kotaku-US and Kotaku-AU.

      Technically myself and Elly. We do remove a certain amount of very US specific stories, but for the most part we use the content we get.

      Allure Media is separate from Gawker though - different company.

        So you guys post a lot of those articles to make KotakuAU seem better or what?

        I mean cmon, look at Luke's DNF review. It was flat-out lies and exaggeration, or what about the US articles that are one sentence long that cover info people were already aware of or don't need to know? What about Ashcraft with some of his "articles" that are basically sensationalist news like the 3DS TV article? Or some of the articles that are stolen from other websites with a few word changes?

    Hows the arm healing up?

    Oh and what do you miss most about your home town?

      My arm looks really bad ass. Mostly healed, but I tried to go rock climbing and there were certain moves that hurt like hell.

      Thanks for asking!

      Also - I miss my family and friends the most. Definitely.

    Just curious, what is your prefered computer Operating System (Windows, Linux or OS X) and what OS do they make you use in the office?

      I have a Macbook Pro, but a regular PC desktop.

      I prefer OSX, mainly because I spent years and years using macs in magazine production.

      I don't really have a preference though. Multi-touch track pad rules though.

    Does this shirt make me look fat?


    Hey Mark,

    Any chance you can try to get more information on 'Wrecked: Revenge Revisited'?

    It's coming out on XBL and PSN sometime and is the sequal to Mashed on the original Xbox and PS2.

    It's getting no coverage at all and I want more information! Not sure if you played it but Mashed is one of the best games to drink a million beers with mates and play ever.

    Their blog is here if anyone else wants to harass the crap out of them to release it faster:

      Wow - never heard of this. Will look into it.

    What current trend of gaming would you change? Doesn't have to be the biggest/smallest/best/worse one, but any in particular?

      Making online multiplayer the only option. Thats a trend thats gotta stop.

      I was a bit miffed when I heard that BF3 probably wont support LAN games or bots.

      I want to be able to play with / against my mates without having to be forced to go up against random strangers who far exceed my skill level.


      also, putting multiplayer modes in games that really dont need it. eg the rumor that Mass Effect 3 is gonna have a 4-player mode. I eman seriously, focus on finishing the story, and then do a dedicated multi game...

      /rant. for real.

        I second this one! Forza 3 did that, and it meant no multiplayer for me or my friends, internet out here isn't up to it.
        After the PSN outage, I'm hoping people will put pressure on game devs to include LAN play for all games that have multiplayer support.

      Bring back splitscreen. Seriously, where did it go?

        I'm probably being a bit too cynical, by if you take away split-screen, you double your sales...

        but damn it, split screen rocks! one of the few things abot CoD Black Ops I really liked was the hybrid of split-screen & online. I wish more games would do that...

          There are lots of good reasons to not implement splitscreen multiplayer these days. It's expensive and time consuming to build. You have to make the gorgeous game you and your team spent 3 years optimising run twice at once. Or four times.

          So I understand why; but that doesn't make me like it :P

        I love that Portal 2 has split screen cuz I can play it with my kids, I have other split screen games (Splinter Cell Conviction, Halo 3 etc) but my wife aint a gamer so its of little practical use - but IMO every game that can or will be played by kids should have split screen included in its multiplayer options.

      Man, I had an awesome answer to this earlier - but I forgot!

    I've done it again, had a question since Monday that I had been saving and COMPLETLEY FORGOT WHAT IT WAS!

    I am reserving this space for when I remember, nobody comment on my comment, unless you are Mark and then go right ahead...

    Hey Mark,

    I just started up a small game review/news site (mostly inspired by Kotaku), and I was wondering if you had any tips for someone starting out?

    At the moment I'm just looking for contributers/boosting my user base but yeah anything you know which could help would be awesome.

      give us a link to the site...?

      can I write for you?

      send me an email:

      mij 69 _ 96 jim (at) yahoo (dot) com

      remove the spaces etc...

        You can find my site and email address by clicking on my name, I didn't want to spam up kotaku by posting links.
        Anyone who wants to write is most welcome <3

          I really like your layout

            Thanks a lot, currently working on a new logo and the top tabs will probably be changed over the next couple days.

      My advice would be to pick a specific niche and hit it hard. Like, a couple of years ago being an App specific review site would have been interesting.

      No idea what that niche could be though.

      There are so many sites out there you can't compete with. You need to find an easily defined point of difference.

        Thanks a lot. It's a great idea but you are right, it's also a difficult thing to find.

        I guess I'll start looking :P

    Do you think Arkham City will surpass Arkham Asylum?

    I for one have high hopes for that game.

      I think it looks incredible.

      Almost too ambitious if anything. It won't have the shock factor of the original, but it will almost certainly be a better game.

    Any news on Carrier Command, was it at all playable at E3?

      I know RockPaperShotgun said a bunch about it the other day; go check them out!

      Wasn't at E3 this year! Sorry - maybe check out RPS?

    do you know when Star-Wars: Old Republic comes out, and if its worth the $20 on steam to have a run with galaxies as a warm up?

      Zavvi seems to think it's coming out on the 7th of October 2011 (I'd post a link, but the spam filter will eat this message if I do)
      I think it's just an educated guess on their part though

      There's no release date yet. I heard a strange rumour about it being delayed in certain territories, but that hasn't been confirmed.

    I kind of put this in TAY, but here it is anyway: Instead of the generic Talk amongst yourselves text (This is where Kotaku readers go to talk about the stuff we’re not already posting about. Think of it as the official unofficial Kotaku community forum),

    Can you, each morning, when reposting TAY up, change the text to be a summary of the previous TAY events? Silly tags that drive Elly mad are optional :)

    Do you get a weekly update from publishers about their release dates for your 'This week in games' post... or does KotakAU have a big list of release dates?

      Hey mate - should have answered this on twitter! Sorry, just got a bit lost!

      I usually double check stuff like release schedules sent out by publishers. Sometimes I get lazy and just check retail sites!


        I was hoping there was a frequently updated list somewhere out there in the ether... so I could get big with the pre-orders.

    Any word from EA regarding this old comp?

      Hey mate - I've been back and forth on this for ages. It may be that I'll just send out some replacement prizes. Sorry.

    Is anywhere taking pre-orders for the Mass Effect 3 Collecters's Edition yet?

      Aside from
      $100ish including post.

      I would imagine most specialist retailers are?

        I think it's like last time.
        If you preorder before a certain date, it's automatically a collectors edition... but afterwards it's only standard.

    What are your thoughts on John Romero? Failure or simply misunderstood?

    IMHO, I think his talents have been wasted over the last 10 years or so. Do you know what this guy is up to these days? I know he consulted on some cutesie Facebook game for a company called FailApps or something. It'd be good to see this guy working on a decent AAA title again.

      Awesome hair.

    Hey Mark,

    What's your favourite Game Install presentation ?
    Personally I loved the installation of Crusader: No Regret for PC back in the day.
    Perhaps a more modern example would be MGS 4's on PS3. Watching Snake drag them cigarettes...and looking at the graphics !!....they still look better thank most new releases.

    Happy to open this up and hear what the other guys also think !

      Cool question! I'm gonna have to go with MGS4 as well though. Love it when it gives you the tobacco health warning.

        ahahahah YEAH !
        The way he just neatly dispenses them in that tin dispenser...and grabs another. Love it.

      "Kept you waiting huh..."

      Love MGS4 with every fibre of my being. Haters, indeed, are going to hate.

      I like the Spectrum loading screen, complete with the weird noises it used to make while loading.

      The way workers used to build the game logo in Age of Empires.
      And the Splash.wav music form Mechwarrior 2 Mercs.

      My favourite were the C&C and C&C Red Alert installations back in the day.

    after some time in the market place, is the PS Move worth buying? or is it a glorified Wii copycat?

      It's still early days, but Kinect's prospects are looking much better than Move's. I wouldn't buy it, personally. Even Sorcery won't be enough to make me buy it...

      I have never used it since the day it was released. I'm not a fan. Just my personal opinion.


    When's The Last Guardian coming out? :P

      I heard the release date got pushed back because they didn't want to share the date with the Mechwarrior Reboot.

      Man. I wish I knew.

      Not this year I don't think.

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