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Wow. It's been quite the week for me, personally. On Monday I went down a big hill on my longboard and straight into a pole - which almost broke my arm. I've spent the week recovering, and mostly laughing at the solid jokes at my expense!

The best one came from Andrew Burdusel with the whole, "Mark walks into a bar... end of joke" gag. Yeah, I laughed at that for a second, then I shook my fist furiously.

The week after the long weekend tends to be a slow one for our community, and TAY specifically. That was the case this week, to begin with, until you guys came roaring into the finish line, particularly today, where I quite literally haven't been able to keep up!

For that reason I'm finding it a bit difficult to choose a winner for this week...

So I asked TadMod, who typically said, "oh, there's this really cool new guy in the community called 'TadMod', who's been making loads of cool posts and stuff."

I flat out ignored him, I didn't even pretend to smirk at his rubbish joke.

Then he piped up with, "oh! Lamboman! He's sending me a copy of Zoombinis!"

So there you have it. This week's winner of Community Kudos is brought to you by TadMod, and it's Lamboman! For being nice to TadMod, but also for your continuing work on CheapSkate Gamer.

And yes, Lamboman! I know you're still waiting on your last prize - so I'll send them all together!


Alright, I'm going home to nurse my wounds.

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Congrats Lamboman!!
    Hope everyone has a good weekend.

    Hope your arm recovers soon, Mark!
    Congrats Lamboman : )

    You didn't tag me becoming red???
    All my awesome... for nothing?!?!



    You know, i still remember the first time i saw lamboman on here.. it wasn't that long ago and i just thought he was some tool trying to get us to pay $1 for a comic so we could buy him his Ipad...

    Now i just think he's a tool...


    JK Lambo - You're a community treasue!! And now i'm the tool pimping shirts! :D


      Also, your arm look gnarly!

      ...that's what all the cool sk8 dudes are saying, isn't it? Gnarly?

        Cowabunga. All the cool skate dudes are saying Cowabunga.

    Also, your arm looks like a junkie who's been on a drug binge. But, I digress. Congrats lambo!

    Also, what games are those in the background?

    Round the Twist was one of the BEST. SHOWS. EVAR.


    Congrats lamboman! I really appreciate CheapSkateGamer!

    Super congrats Lambo!!! And Mark, that arm is freaky, like as in it looks like a junkies. (actually in all seriousness, maybe hit the pools for some relaxation therapy for it)

    Nice work Lambo! Now stop beating me in 1000 Heroz

    yay Lambo! Such a generous ol chap that fellow! well played indeed sire! well played indeed!

    Gratz lambo.

    I love the tags Mark, that last one may be my favourite obligatory strange tag in existence. I also hope your arm is okay, and that you recover soon.

    Huzzah for Lamboman. I can feel honoured he used my 'comic' last week.

    Congrats Lambo!

    Your arm looks colourful Mark, like a work of art. You should frame it somewhere.

    Well done Lambomann...

    As a reward... Mark is going to send you an iPad, which he stole from Nigh Broughill.

    Theres two things that get me excited each week, TAY and Kudos. Both make me
    happy. Congrats Lamboman! Shows what a great community this is.

    That's not a real bruise, that's just a sweet hipster sleeve.

    -sigh- *flicks fringe* So jealous.

    Grats, Lamboooooooooooooo

    Speaking of jokes...

    Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Serrels going into two poles

    Yay lambo! Yay for getting home to the net at... 10.30. When... evryone else is.... long gone... :'(

    As long as your board is ok, its all good.

    Have you ever... ever felt like this?

    Congrats to Lambomon (Jamaican Lamboman) on this fine evening.

    Have some protein shakes and your arm will be good in no time ( then you show the pole who gonna run into who) lol

    One person pain is anothers pleasure
    Man I didn't see the image coming
    could of have a warning graphic content

    That pic reminds me of something you see on jackass anyway put some ice on that then your good to go.

    Lamborman your da man got to make a rhyme have a good weekend everyone

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