Crowd Jeers Over AT&T 3G Exclusive For New PlayStation

Crowd Jeers Over AT&T 3G Exclusive For New PlayStation

The announcement last week that AT&T will be the exclusive 3G provider for the hot new PlayStation Vita did not go down well.

The scene is Sony’s big PlayStation showcase in Los Angeles last week, an event that helped kick off the annual E3 promotional circus of upcoming video games. We’ve got several thousand video game industry professionals and reporters mostly cheering or politely clapping for each piece of PlayStation news. And then they say this thing gets to have the lightning-fast AT&T mobile broadband network as its exclusive 3G provider?

Yeah, I’m sure iPhone customers still fondly reminisce about the days when AT&T was their exclusive option.

(Note: The first take in the video here is from Sony’s official feed of the event; the second was pulled from YouTube.)


      • I don’t think so. The US arrangement with AT&T seems pretty much like third line forcing which is illegal here. Even if its not that, I would still expect the same options with the Vita as with any other device in Aus which is that its only locked to a carrier if you get it on a plan with that carrier.

        And why the Telstra hate? Having just moved from Telstra to Vodafone because of price I can definitely say Telstra sh*ts all over Vodafone in every way other than price.

        • They could be a lot faster and cheaper but they’re the only option for the entire nation so they can coast along and charge what they like and all you gotta hope is that they use lube.

    • Sony chose AT&T over Verizon because AT&T is a GSM band network (popular all over the world) while Verizon is CDMA. Choosing Verizon would have alienated their non-US territories.

      As to why it’s an exclusive deal, as opposed to partnering with T-mobile etc?… AT&T was probably the one who offered the most for the exclusivity (what they did with Apple for the iPhone).

      Poor Kaz Hirai was probably contractually obligated to call AT&T the “fastest 3G network” with a straight face.

  • would rather have telstra then be stuck with zero connection on 3/vodafone. i hate them can never make calls

    • Except with 3 that just means you end up roaming on the telstra network with the only real problem being data exchange, however you still get the same prices for calling/sms so it isn’t that bad.

    • That’s because Kaz Hirai’s mic is connected to the lapel and drowns out anything in the audience.

      According to the people who were in the audience, it was immediate boos followed by laughter then ironic clapping.

  • People like to blame the networks, but people have to realise its the hardware most people have issues with. Ask any technical person in the Telco industry and they’ll tell you if you buy a shit phone you get shit reception/service.
    iPhones are about the bottom of the list when it comes to connection reliability, yet people blame the carriers.
    The AT&T iPhone customers had issues because they bought iPhones, not because of the carrier.

    • If only you knew how wrong you are. Telstra has double the towers compared to anybody else and much more back haul.

      Source: I am a technical person in the industry.

      p.s. A great example = Part of the reason Vodafone is so fail is due to them sending there contractors out to new sites / current sites with half the equipment they require to maintain and build new things.

      • Happy for you to disagree, although not sure where you think i’m wrong. So being a technical person in the industry you would agree the iPhone is one of the worst phones available for connection reliabilty.
        People with iPhones will experience issues where other people with different phones do not have any in the exact same area. This has been proven.
        I agree Telsta has a great network, that is actually my point. I’ll bet the iPhone is the top phone with of issues reported to Tesltra

        • While there is a lot to put in carries, I have to say that in my (only semi-professional, being an ex Cisco based networking engineer) opinion, hardware makes a huge difference, and modern smartphones are all about apps and flashy things and whatnot, and uterly not about call quality.

          I moved recently from a Nokia e71 to an iPhone on 3, and the quality difference is shocking. Enough so that I am seriously considering going back to the Nokia for calls and using the iPhone as an iPod touch. The Nokia could turn the barest trace of signal into a perfectly fine connection, the iPhone at full connectivity sounds like an old broadcast TV on a non-broadcasting station, near pure static and dropped calls.

        • This would be reasonable if not for the fact that 1) Non-Apple devices are also slow as shit and disconnect on AT&T
          2) iPhones not on AT&T (basically everywhere in the word) also have signal issues.

          It’s a combination of both, but there is definitely blame to be laid at AT&T’s door who have incredibly poor infrastructure for the number of users on their network.

    • Incorrect. The AT&T network is bad not because of the iPhone, but because the network is congested. Any 3G phone on AT&T has a tendency to drop. The fact that the iPhone 4 had the deathgrip issue just magnified it.

  • Didn’t being forced to use ONLY AT&T create a huge jailbreak movement on the iPhone, then also make provisions for the first exemption in the DMCA.

    May just be me, but this seems like its going to cause havoc with the PSN – as these devices are jailbroken to get around carrier restrictions and then modified further and further to make them work with the PSN still.

    All this at a time when Sony is STILL being hacked….

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