Is This The World's Oldest Battlefield Player?

Jaap is 66 years old. He's retired. He likes gardening. Oh, and Battlefield.

Apparently, he's looking for friends.

The video was uploaded by a 30-year-old TV editor and director - which is why the clip looks so slick. But is it viral?


    I'd like to hope this is genuine.
    Even if it is used virally, this guy makes me smile.

    I don't think so. I used to have a guy who was 72 in my battlefield 2 clan.

    It is a good video though :)

    Got the guy that I play battlefield with beat by 10 years.

    I have two people on my xbox live friends list that are older than this guy... and probably another five that are over fifty... I am 28. 'Virtual' Racers for the most part.

    I guess I have an aversion to squeaky pre-pubescant voices or something.

    Not as uncommon as it sounds. My dad is 67 and regularly plays call of duty on the 360 and battlefield on the PC. Prior to retirement, the last game he played was Pacman, which he taught me how to play when I was a kid... and so the circle of life continues.

    I love his evil laughs hahahahaaa hahaha,
    cmoncmoncmon yeahhhhh ahhhh Sh*t! lol
    Sniper cr*p.

    I think this might have been for a Dutch games-show on tv. I don't think this is too strange though, my dad is in his 50ties, and he still likes to play Wolfenstein.

    My Grandpa saw me playing Medal of Honor Underground. when it came out on PSX and demanded I show where to buy it. So I set him up with a psx, a small tv and MoHU. He's French and doesn't speak much English, so anybody visiting who asks where he is gets a friendly "Killing Germans".

      Geez... some people can really hold a grudge, can't they? :P Tell him it's time to let it go and move on!

    i got a friend on my xbox live who is mid 60s.
    plays bad company 2 ALL the time, his a level 50 too lol

    Battlefield: COD for pensioners
    Sorry I couldn't help it.... but its good to see people of all ages enjoying the latest games.

    I tell my son "When the time comes, if the retirement/nursing home doesnt have a good Lan/internet setup, I am living in a bungalo out back of his place."

    LOL - Aim Assist...Consoles are for Nubs

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