Killer Freaks From Outer Space Isn't Your Average Shooter

Firstly, because it controls a little differently. But, more importantly, because of the player's character, and the game's setting.

You're not a space marine. Or a US Marine. Or a cyborg, bounty hunter or cowboy. You're... a balding old British geezer, a crackpot alien invasion nut who has the last laugh when aliens invade and start eating everybody's face off.

Note also the alien's resemblance to a certain other Ubisoft franchise, one synonymous with Nintendo consoles...


    Dear Kotaku,

    Every now and then, you have a banner or side bar ad that makes your site run like arse. This is one of those times.



    This looks refreshing from all the "hardened US soldier" crap that's coming out lately.

    That looks like it'll be hilarious, violent and fun!

    awesome much?

    The film boys who put that together should be proud of themselves. Dunno If the game is any good but I'd watch the movie

    Looks pretty good for rabbid rabbits

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