LIVE BLOG Sony’s E3 Conference

LIVE BLOG Sony’s E3 Conference

I’ve had roughly one hour of sleep, but I have three cans of Pepsi Max sitting in front of me. So I’m totally good to go! The Sony Conference kicks of at 10 AET – who’s with me! Let’s watch this thing!

I’ll be kicking this off just before 10am. Hope to see all you guys here!

12.02am Alright – that’s that. I’ll leave it there. Thanks for sticking around with me folks!

12.00am [Jack Tretton moonwalks off stage.]

Is that it? Where the hell is The Last Guardian. Aggressive PSVita pricing, but nothing new. Nothing mindblowing. No new God of War. No surprises. Bleh.

11.58am Hahah! Tretton busts out the Ridge Racer line. BURN KAZ! SICK BURN!

11.57am And $299.99 for 3G. That is ridiculously cheap. 3DS price drop incoming!

11.56am Ooh! Holiday season release – but where? Everywhere? Wow $249.99 for Wifi? WOW.

11.53am Can’t help but feel like the PSVita is a giant frankenstein’s monster of a gadget though – what doesn’t it have? It’s like Batman riding a T-Rex on rollerskate with laser beams for eyes. How will they sell the device?

11.52am The NGP has a great line-up so far. Seems like keeping the hardware simple to develop for has really paid off. Straight ports seem easy… almost a little too… easy!

11.51am Touch screen controls for Street Fighter X Tekken as well.

11.50am What? Cole is in Street Fighter X Tekken! Stuff that doesn’t make any sense is so amazing!

11.49 Oh this guy! I LOVE THIS GUY! That shirt is off the chain.

11.48am Sweet jesus I hate games journalists sometimes – a whoopin’ and a hollerin’ at events! Bloody hell.

11.47am Yep – the PSVita LBP looks great. Playable at E3. Hopefully that means we’ll be seeing it at launch.

11.45 Oooh! LittleBigPlanet on the PSVita. Sony could be onto a winner with this. GIVE IT TO ME!


11.43am Please be something rubbish next. My bladder is set to explode…

11.43am I’m really looking forward to checking out the PSVita in person. That OLED screen better make my eyeballs melt [shakes fist]

11.42am Modnation Racers really should be a stronger franchise than it actually is. Shame.

11.41am Why the hell does everyone sound so puffed out? Is backstage just an endless series of stairs?

11.40am [Modnation guys moonwalk onto the stage] This guy looks like a really small version of The Big Show. The Slightly Smaller Show.

11.38am Cool – Sony now demonstrating how the save from the cloud work. Incredibly seamless movement between the PSVita and the PS3 version of Ruin. Nicely done.

11.35am Hmm – Ruin seems like a step back after Uncharted. Hard to tell from the stream to be honest. Might be a game well suited to handheld gaming though… the ability to be online constantly seems to be a major part of the mechanics. Still – mechanics look a little dull.

11.32am But enough whinging – the game looks incredible. Hope it’s a launch title for the PSVita.

11.31am Actually a lot of these controls look a little gimmicky – don’t like the idea of using motion in a game like Uncharted – particularly on a handheld. Touch is one thing – it might be nice for some navigation, but motion is a bit firnickity. Too imprecise.

11.29am Production values of this game look… off the charts? Dynamic lighting, fancy visual spendour. The game uses the touch screen for combat – clever.

11.28am Ooh! More Uncharted with Golden Abyss. “Excited by the possibilities”.

10.27am PS Vita looking to be a connected experience with Near and Online functionality.

11.26am People are laughing about the AT & T exclusive deal for the PSVita? Not sure why…

11.25am Kaz running through the specs – but we’re aware of this already. OLED screen is what’s got me most excited by far.

11.23am Not forgetting about the PSP apparently. Hmm. Heard it.

Now talking about the new experiences the NGP will bring. Hasn’t officially named it yet…

Oh, here we go! Come on Kaz, spill!

PlayStation VITA! The rumours were right!

11.21am Kaz is waffling. But we’re leading to the NGP/PSVita…

But first! PlayStation Suite and phone stuff! Groan.


That’s the real elephant in the room!

11.19am Hmm. More EA announcements – Battlefield 3 will be best on the PS3. Hmm.

11.17am Observation: this presser has been very light on NGP/PSVita talk.

11.16am Wow – Move controller in the shape of Star Trek Phaser. I could care less, but Seamus will shave his luscious locks for that. Believe.

11.15am Hmmm alright. I trust you Ken. You have integrity. And you look like Ben Stiller.

Oh! Irrational are working on the NGP! Great news.

11.14am I don’t like where this is going… Move for Bioshock Infinite.

11.12am Ken Levine is Ben Stiller is Ken Levine in ‘Ben Stiller: The Levinining’

11.11am Incredible art direction by Irrational. The vistas look incredible.

Ken Levine – as played by Ben Stiller.

11.10am Now we’re cooking with gas! Bioshock Infinite! Wow. The environments look amazing. The rail mechanic is a genuine game changer by the looks.

11.09am Blah blah blah… on the battlefield… blah blah blah… shoot guys and stuff.

11.08am What the world needs now… is another first person shooter. And a guy with a gravelly voice. Honestly, my ears hurt.

11.06am Ooh – Dust is taking a console shooter and connecting directly to a PC MMO. Interesting. [The Eve online guys are on stage] .

11.05am Sly Cooper? Hmm. It’s a start, but no idea where they’re taking the series from that trailer.

11.02am In fact – very few games balanced weapons and vehicles like that game. Starhawk looks great. Hope people support it.

11.01am Starhawk is about to be shown. This has gone under the radar – but I thought the original was one of the best initial titles for the PS3.

11.00am PlayStation Move controls coming soon for LittleBigPlanet. See – that’s interesting integration.

10.59am InFamous 2 looks great – but honestly? Why are we watching this right now?

10.58am Come on man – you’re showing a video game that comes out tomorrow? This makes the bloody Microsoft conference look like the greatest conference ever conceived.

10.56am Thanks for the bathroom break guys. Time for that second pepsi max.

10.56am “Blah blah blah blah, I’m the most boring man in the world, blah blah blah…”

10.55am You know what – Nintendo has a lot to answer for. This game can’t possibly be any fun.

[Grumpy because it isn’t The Last Guardian]

10.53am This fantasy game has too convoluted a name to be any good. You heard it here first. It sounds like a list of online tags randomly thrown together!

10.52am Kobe seems like a decent chap. Stopped me from falling asleep there for a bit…


10.50am Damn – Kobe talking smack right now.

10.49am NBA Move controls isn’t exciting anyone. Unless YOU BRING OUT KOBE BRYANT!

10.47am Sony conference has been very, very underwhelming so far…

10.46am 3D3D3D3D3D [head explodes]

10.45am You will take our 3D. Take it! TAKE IT OR DIE! – Sony

10.43am More talk about 3D and 3DS adoption. Sony are going to “break the mold on 3D pricing”. Wow. 3D PlayStation branded display. Great idea.

10.42am “Commitment to 3D is unwavering”. SHUDDER. [Jack Tretton has somehow glided back on to the stage.]

10.40am Interesting weapons, as always. Insomniac is imaginative. But they just never got the feel of ‘shooting’ right in that series IMO. Nice sense of scale in this trailer, however.

10.38am Never been a fan of Resistance. But I’ll feign interest for the sake of this Live Blog.

10.37am In other news – is Nathan Drake Chris Sharma in disguise? Where does his grip strength come from!

10.35am Also – Uncharted is the only game I can think of that has genuinely sharp writing. Not good for a videogame. Just good – in general.

10.34am Please just shut up and take my money. And my wife. My family is yours. My kingdom for Uncharted 3!

10.33 Uncharted 3 is looking a lot like the greatest roller coaster ever built. These guys just know pacing. They know it so well.

10.31am Oh no! The water is coming into the ship. The beautiful, sweet water.

Wow. This looks incredible.

10.30am Nice to see that Nathan Drake is still a cold blooded killer with absolutely no conscience.

10.29am Uncharted 3 looking every bit as good as you’d expect. Kill em Drake! Kill them alllll!

Also – the boat effect, swaying of the environment, looks amazing.

10.26am Whoo! Uncharted 3. [Evan Wells moonwalks on to the stage]

Okay Naughty Dog. Do something amazing.

10.25am It’s going to take more than Pepsi Max for me to get through this yawnfest. Tretton currently talking about how the PS3 ONLY DOES EVERYTHING… Last Guardian plz.

10.22am Enough apologising Jack! I want to see you bow LIKE A BOSS.

10.22am Jack – don’t apologise for the PSN outage. Apologise for that tie. Pronto.

10.21am Jack Tretton is motherflippin’ moonwalkin’ fool! He’s on stage.

10.19am What this is just a montage? Someone better moonwalk on stage now or I’m going start headbutting stuff.

10.17am These… beats… are… frrrrrrreeeeesh. Random trailer stuff for NGP at the moment. Now PS3 and 3D stuff! GLASSES EVERYWHERE!

10.16am Wow this trance beat is banging! Reach for the lasers!

10.15am Aw yeah, it’s kicking off by the looks of things…

10.13am Hackerz! Those pesky hackers – are they delaying this conference!

10.10am Alright. Let’s speculate – The Last Guardian? Will people bow? What’s going to happen? WILL SOMEONE FINALLY MOONWALK ONTO THE STAGE?

10.09am Crowd control? CROWD CONTROL? What wizardry is this.

Time for a quick toilet break?! Oh gawd…

10.07am Alright – looks like this thing is about to kick off!

10.06am Come on! What’s taking so long! I don’t have all day…

[Disclaimer: I have all day.]

10.02am [Serrels moonwalks onto stage] What’s up folks – this thing is about to kick off. Our very own Brian Crecente is on GameTrailers right now. I’m sinking my first can of Pepsi Max. I’m like Popeye with Spinach.

My body is at least 70% ready!


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