Saints Row The Third Keeps E3 Classy With A Bikini Car Wash

Remember a couple of years ago, when they tried to make E3 a more sedate affair, without the flashy lights, scantily clad women, and overall spectacle of past shows? THQ says screw that noise.

THQ's Saints Row the Third team pulled out the bikini-wearing manual labour and the " I Heart Rim Jobs" t-shirts this week, setting loose their photographer to take shots of various female body parts. This will make you want to purchase and play Saints Row the Third.

As far as marketing stunts go, it's at least more appropriate than the Erin Brockovich bikini car wash of 2000, though not nearly as hot.


    Best. Post. Ever.

    Also can't wait for the game ;)




    rim jobs

    i love high brow humor!

    Best. Post. Ever.

    THQ definitely didn't hold back. I would say that their women were some of the most scantily clad within the exhibition hall too. Well... I guess they were fairly well covered, but it was so very tight, and not much was left to the imagination. And twitter ads were printed across all their curves.

    I think thats the most *shots* of any of the E3 stories I've seen to date!!

    DAT ASS! :O

    see, as much as i love looking at beautiful women, i couldnt get my car washed, i would feel too much like a dirty old perve, and im not old...

    Sex Sells!

    Those bitches can wash my car any day of the week.

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