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    oved into my house. Hell of a two weeks of packing and moving. Discovered my son is a master of unpacking things I just packed.

    No internets at the home ...yet.

    Back at work and ready for a rest.

      Lets just hope yours isn't down as long as mine was :P

        Thats what she said!!! :P

          Actually what she really said was:

          Lets just hope yours isn’t long and down as mine was

    Sooo.. 1000 Heroz... Anyone already started a custom league yet? I've been using the tag KOTAKU_AU but if you guys already have a league going I wouldn't mind gettIng in on it ;)

      Does anyone else use KOTAKU_AU?
      I've been using Kotaku AU (with a space instead of an underscore)
      I think I actually beat Batguy's time yesterday. That is, unless he played some more last night after 8:30.

      I replied on the other thread. Sorry but I jumped ship and am now competing in a Redlynx forum league. I will try and pop back in every now and again, or you can jump onto this one.

      It sucks that there is only one slot for leagues...

      Their league is simply 'TRIALS'.

      If you want to join, just jump on here and say hi! Many of the dev team and artists are actually competing so from time to time they jump in and let us know stuff.

      Just let them know you're with me! LOL

      I'm running under Kotaku AU now, though I haven't played the tracks daily like I intended to.

      Also, are you guys finding that the gold times seem to be far too easy?

        Not todays one... I struggled with todays track. Yeah the golds could be harder but to me a gold medal is the minimum requirement for the day. Competing with others will have you many seconds under the gold times by 4am (competition close time)...

          I actually just came back to say that I may have jumped the gun, today's track is HARD!

          And I can see that the appeal is in beating other people's times, that's what sucked up half my work day on day 1.

        Batguys score on today's track was giving me the shits until I got a lucky run haha

          Ditto. I'm probably safe now...

            Well done man, I saw the time as I was getting into bed and thought "well played sir" *shakes fist*

              Ended up #2 in the world for the day! I was #1 when I went to bed 2.5 hours before the end, and I knew I probably didn't have enough of a time buffer, but I needed to sleep :(


                I managed to get #2 on the first day, but that was only against 350 people. You got #2 over seven and a half THOUSAND!

                I haven't had the opportunity to compete over the last few days due to lack of Internet, but when I am able I'm posting my scores to the Kotaku AU group. Having a lot of fun with it!

    I recently purged my Xbox Live friends list and there is a surge of new people here.

    Seems like a good excuse for another posting of XBL, PSN and Steam IDs for people to add:

    XBL: TrjnRabbit
    PSN: Trjn
    Steam: TrjnRabbit

    Now it's your turn.

      XBL: Cakesmith
      PSN: Cakesmith
      Steam: Cakesmith

      What can I say? I like diversity!

        XBL: Palstran

        I have no friends... I need Friends.....

        Please be my friends....

        Just noticed a mistake!

        Steam: asharples (Cakesmith is my Steam Community name)

      XBL: chul00p4
      Steam: chuloopa
      PSn: chu-loopa or chu-l00pa - it's one of those.. stupid PSN...

        it's chu-loopa

        Yea thats right i checked/ added as soon as i got home

      XBL: Rafor al Carr
      Don't ask about the name, please.
      I was thinking of changing it, but it costs 800 points.
      Gor Blimey Jumped Up Jiminy Cricket!
      800 points just to change your name.
      That is on top of the annual price for gold membership.

        So, what's with the name?

        It had to be done.

          I told you not to ask about my name!
          *runs off sobbing hysterically*

            Just get everyone to chuck in a complaint about your GamerTag being offensive, if enough people do it the XBL Admins will reset your name and force you to change it for FREE.

            And what's with the name? :)

      XBL: Luke 029 - yeah my real name as my XBL tag is lame. Give me a break though it was 6 years ago when I made it and I'm too lazy/cheap to fork out the ms points for a name change.

      Steam: Direwolf029

      I can't remember my PSN name. I know it's got Dire Wolf in it but I can't remember if it's got spaces in it or any numbers.

      psn: defkon02

      My xbox is deceased atm

      Well, this is easy
      XBL: Qumulys
      PSN: Qumulys
      Steam: Qumulys

      keep it simple folks!

      PSN/XBL/Steam: StrangeAndAlone
      I don't really play multiplayer though except occasionally a guitar game. Mostly I just like to spy on people. :P

      • Whats that person playing at the moment?
        How many acheivements have they got? OMG THEY PLAY WAY TOO MANY GAMES/ OMG THESE GUYS SUCK!
        What, you haven't been online in like 3 hours. And you call yourself a gamer. HA!
        Oh, your playing Game A, thats so last week.
        How have you got Game B already? Its not even out yetihateyousomuchrightnow!

        Um, not that I'd think any of these. At all. Ever. What? What?

          Strange is the kind of person to add you on Facebook solely for the purpose of stalking you.

          So weird.


            For some reason I always forget it also allows the other person to stalk you reciprocally....

      XBL: AshuraMGS3Sub
      Steam: ashuramgs2sub

      360 tends to be where the majority of my gaming gets done. I've only got Terraria in the way of multiplayer on Steam unfortunately, as I am a bit short on funds at the moment and my PC is pretty average.

      Steam, PSN, XBL: Blaghman

      One name to rule them all...

      XBL: lambomanjohn177 (don't ask, please)
      Steam: lamboman007
      NFS:HP: 007lamboman

      XBL Banderdash

      I've got to be getting close to my friends limit though. I'd axe some people, but I don't know who half of them are and I don't want to axe KotakAUites.

      Aha, social life here I come ;)

      PSN: L9783
      Steam: ^ link in handle ^

      Can't wait to play with you guys...

      (jeeze that sounded dirty)

      XBL: ShaneWSmith (though I don't go online, as I have no wireless modem for my 360)

      PSN: ShaneWSmith (newbie here, you have more trophies than me!)

      I am going to add the bejesus out of these gamertags and look forward to shooting your faces/shooting faces with you.

      XBL: Raygun Brown
      PSN: RaygunBrown
      Steam: RaygunBrown

      wimple.. welbot for all three ;)

        wimple...? try simple :0

        welbot for everything!

          cept twitter.. on there it's theREALwelbot

    Hey TadMod, I happen to have two copies of Zoombinis Logical Journey. So if you want one of them, just email your address to lamboman007 (a)t live (d)o(t) com (d)o(t) au and I'll send it to you :D

      Man I remember that game. I always gave my Zoombinis roller skates and sunglasses.

      OMG, YES!

      I LOVE YOU MAN!!

      Could you send it over to the Allure Offices under my name?

      You sir, are a legend.

        Look at you go! Raking in the free games haha.

          Love it :P

            Lemmings was such a awesome game. I never got through with all of mine they usually always died.

              i was pretty alright at it until i got bored and directed them straight into blenders just to see their little pixel-gibblets splode all over the place

              soooooo purdy!

              Sorry I always get lemmings and zoombinis confused. Both good games though. Lol


    Did anyone here play Close Combat A Bridge Too Far back in the day? Man that game was fun.

      Oh! I remember that game! I played the heck out of the demo version when I was a kid.

    So as the people on teamspeak know I have recently been playing vvvvvv and I finished it. I died 1800 times i'n 6 hours of play. That's Like 300 times a hour. How the he'll did I do that. Anyway now I'm confident I can play and beat super meat boy. Gosh I'm gonna die so many times

      That's only one death every 12 seconds.


    RDR - 360


      It's sold now.. did one of you get it?

    So I was playing NBA JAM on the megadrive on the weekend and the damn AI kept scoring buzzer-beaters from the other end of the court to win the game. I was frantically running to power off the console.

    Quite a workout :P

      This is why the console should be in close proximity to your big toe. Makes for a very easy hit of the restart button.

      Mega drive?
      Pfft n00b

      you would have been 1337 if you were playing Snes, yo!

        Mega Drive is da coolest.

        But yeah, next ebay purchase will be a SNES. Guy at work is already planning on giving me a zapper gun and some controllers :)

        Also need more Mega Drive games, 10 is nowhere near enough!

        hey Mega Drive was boss! Sonic 1, 2 and Dr Robotnik's mean bean machine I had on ONE cartridge when I had my Sega :D, so good times

        dusted off my old modded xbox during the course of the long weekend and re-found the snes emulator and rom collection. Definitely not the same without the original controllers but I still lost a good 20 hours+ reliving the past with good ol' Chrono Trigger (even found an old save from my last playthrough - why I continually name Ayla "Boobs" I will never know :P)


    Finally got around to playing Terraria and, after reading the guide, it finally clicked for me what the game was all about.

    Now I'm having fun and I want to play online.

    I know a few of you are playing, is there a Kotaku AU server?

      We have been talking on the Kotaku steam page about a community play date (if our overlords will post something about it).

      I'm happy to host, maybe instead of my Minecraft server (which is currently down as Java started stuffing up for me with the last update), I should run a Terraria server?

        Who exactly are the admins for the Kotaku AU page? I've never seen their names here.

          Not sure, I was going to start up a page when we ran the Chime competition, but had found that one had already been created with about 3 members. We've since started flooding it.

          Might be a good idea to get them to elevate a few others to admin privileges.

          We should start our own Steam group.

          With blackjack and hookers!

          Actually, forget the blackjack.

          And the hookers.

          Ahh...screw the whole thing.

          I probably should join the actual Steam group though. Keep forgetting to do that.

      I occasionally just host games on one of my worlds, but the lag is pretty bad, but I'd love for someone else to try, I love doing social things! (I am a terrible introvert)

    I'm back, and caught up on this week's TAY.

    I apologise for my absence last week, but when I broke the wall outside Galaxy World, I inhaled some insidious virus to protect Harli and Bish, and it left me nauseous and dizzy for a week.

    You've all heard about the Mini Meat and have now moved on and don't care anymore, but it was awesome. Don't tell my family but it was the high point of the trip. Well that and the jaffa cake my Mum baked. WITH REAL ORANGES.

    Welcome newbies! Good to see some fresh blood. I mean fresh meat. I mean friends!

    Harli: Were the goods delivered? Also, I do plan on trying HoN soon, I swear! It's just World of Tanks is so awesome!

    One more thing – did I miss a Kotaku Chronicles last week? If so, what page was it on?

      I thank you for inhaling all that asbestos on my behalf!
      I promise you I will make full use of the amazing breath capacity I already have.
      *sits on computer and plays video games*

      Hey man welcome back, still needing to d/l Monday Night Combat but gonna tuck right into it the night that it gets finished.

      They were indeed delivered!

      (Sorry if this is a double post - the first one just disappeared completely after I submitted it??)

        Thanks Batguy (and Loops, below).

        Unfortunately my boredom must continue as I did read that last week and then forgot about doing so apparently.

        Back to writing this damn tv commercial then. I don't care that Americans don't like it! They won't see it!

      Endu!!! I was wondering why we had not heard from you in a while.

      The goods were delivered and acknowledged in a Community Kudos post! Good work!!

      A mighty excellent time was had by all.

      Speaking of HoN, I am guilty for being yet to finish my video tutorial. With WCG (oh, and that darned thing called work) coming up I don't think I'll be able to finish it anytime soon.

        Grats Cap'n! o7
        (that's a salute)

      Yep - part 2 is here mate :)

      it's more of a build up for the next instalment which is going to be action packed hack-o-rama.

      I haven't started par 3 yet (sorry guys).

      I'm actually having a bit of writers block. One thing you're never meant to do when writing is introduce too many characters.. and i am introducing heaps over the next few stories, so it's hard to writer and maintain personality so that you guys feel something when i kill you off.. er... i mean make you heroes...

      The next one will be pretty massive though.. but not as massive as my future planned planetfall ones... oops have i said too much??
      *zips lips*

        This ^ is exactly the kind of thing that has drawn me to this community! Hilarious stuff chuloopa!

        I like the bits with me...

          I don't like the bits with me, I feel that my character is far too accurate (although a normal weight, presumably).

            The bits with me are good though, even if sometimes you're there. Still good.

    Ok guys...

    I'm about to post what is probably the funniest YouTube video I have seen in the last 6 months....

    I am also warning ALL of you it is probably one of the most disgusting videos too..

    8 mins of non-stop laughter for me, though. Lemme know what you think!!

    FYI it's a parody of Bear Grylls and REALLY well done, despite the 'toilet humour' *snigger*

    You have been warned.. enjoy!!! (NSFW, quite obviously :)

    90 odd pages and I have finaly caught up on my Kotaku...

    Some notes:

    Mark, what's with the NSFW content not being labelled as such? I know it's the American stuff but surely your job as editor is to "fix" these things?

    Mario Kart by Retro Studios? YES PLEASE!
    Also whoever said Retro = New Rare was dead on. Also MK3DS = Diddy kong Racing...dead on!

    I've gotta read all these Wii U articles.

    WOOP! Did I pick a bad time to lose intarwebz?!!!

      The prodigal son returns!

      With the NSFW articles, did they happen to be mainly by Brian Ashcroft? Because I normally assume that if he's written the article, it will be NSFW, only loosely related to gaming and more than likely focusing on some wild, wacky Japanese thing.

    On the weekend I finally watched 'The Hangover' which various people have been telling me is the funniest movie ever. I was underwhelmed. Is this because I'm a girl?

    I also went to the movies for the first time in ages and saw 'Super 8'. I was quite charmed. It had kind of a 'Goonies' vibe going for it.

      Whoever told you that was 'lucinatin'.

      Hangover was funny, but not so great.
      Hot Shots Part Duex, now thats a funny movie!

      But.. but.. it is the funniest movie ever!


      Bridesmaids is being touted as "The Hangover, but for women".
      So I guess there is some sort of weird gender humour barrier?

        That bridemaids thing must be for women, because i can't find a single thing in ANY of the previews or ads that would suggest it's even slightly funny or mildly entertaining....

        Then again, even Bee thinks it looks like a pile of BS.. and she loves girly romps...

        then again, again, "she's the man" is one of her favorite movies...

          But She's The Man!
          How can you not like Amanda Bynes movies!?
          There was the bit where they found of her cross dressing schtick but by then her brother had already come back so then they were accusing her brother of being a chick and he was mad confused but some of the people were demanding to see his man bits or what they thought would be a lack of except he was all MAN BITS BECAUSE I AM A MAN and then there were awkward times since he was totally a dude and maybe that counts as sexual harassment somewhere?
          My point is that She's The Man is a rad movie.

            I think I might consider watching this movie now.
            Although I think you're synopsis might be better than the film itself...

          I don't think it's only for women... I think it's pretty funny that people are more than happy to jump at an all male cast comedy and take it as it is, but as soon as it's an all female one it's automatically assumed it's a chick's film >_<.

          I might bring peoples attention to the fact that it's directed by Paul Fieg, who pretty much created Freaks and Geeks. He also worked on Knocked Up, Arrested Development, Weeds... so yeah, I think the film has good potential myself. Just saying.

      No its not caus youre a girl, its just caus you evidently have good taste in films.

        After your comment I probably shouldn't say I enjoyed Harold and Kumar go to White Castle then. Hmmm, actually if I liked that movie then I guess the reason for disliking The Hangover had nothing to do with gender.

          I watched ten minutes of H&K, guessed the ending and turned it off.

          Harold and Kumar is a good "dumb" comedy. The sort of movie where you don't think about it and just go with it.

          Considering that the entire movie is just two stoners trying to get some munchies, you get a pretty good indication of the target audience and the preferred state of mind you should be in when watching.

          I liked The Hangover. Not the greatest movie ever but it was entertaining enough. Not Life of Brian funny, not Norbit terrible.

            NOTHING is norbit terrible. Well... except maybe Fast & Furious. And Transformers.

              Whoa. Comparing Norbit to Transformers is just harsh...

                Yeah true. Norbit wasnt as bad as Transformers I suppose.

      I thought it was entertaining, if a bit too crass in some parts. My wife was underwhelmed as well and she is a girl so perhaps you are onto something.

      I will not however be sucked in to seeing number 2 as it has shameless cash in written all over it.

      I was thoroughly unimpressed with The Hangover, but I think expectation may have played a part there. To be fair, the same people also told me Pineapple Express was hilarious and I really didn't enjoy that either, so perhaps it's just a particular audience that enjoys these movies.

        I actually didn't mind Pineapple Express. It's a leave-your-brain-at-the-door type flick, but I found it quite funny, though the entire last half-hour annoyed me profoundly.

        I mention this because I HATED The Hangover.

          That said though, I actually enjoy the Harold and Kumar movies. Though I did expect that to be the kind of thing where you just let go and watch, where I was led to believe that Pineapple Express was the greatest film ever.

      I went to see it with my wife, my bro and his gf. Wife and I LOATHED the movie, the others LOVED it.

      I think it's more a question of having discerning taste, though I guess it's possible it's more of a 'guy' movie...

    Saw X-Men: First Class last night.
    I enjoyed it, although it's not without it's flaws.

    Read House of M over the weekend.
    Good read. I'm sure some of it would have greater impact if I was more knowledgeable.

      What do you want to know?

      (please note: Jimu is gouing home now, can answer after 9am tomoz)

        Nothing in particular was over my head, but I think if I had been more involved in some of the characters, through reading earlier work, then I would have felt a more profound response to their reactions to the events and the events themselves.

          That scene near the end where Spidey asks Dr.Strange to make him forget was amazing for me. I really understood. Actually had an emotional impact and that happens so rarely to me with any media(other than happiness).

            I know what you mean. I 'got' it. I understood it. But I didn't react how I felt I should, to the point that I was thinking about how little impact it had on me while I read it, which was frustrating.

              I get that with a lot of DC. Not all, but it happens more often.

    Just watched the first Mortal Kombat movie, got it in a double pack with the 2nd for $9 at Kmart. I managed to convince my girlfriend to watch it with me but she fell asleep. It's kind of lame, but it's that awesome sort of lame. All I did was smile the whole time and I felt like I was an 8 year old watching it again. I haven't seen the 2nd one but I've heard...things. Watch it guys and gals?

      Loved the first MK hated the second, saw them both at the cinema as a teen.

      That MK theme song still makes me excited for all the wrong reasons.

      Watch the second, just be prepared for too many characters not enough time.
      Theres a short but sweet fight between Scorpion and Sub-Zero that is prolly dissapointing now.

      They should just make a Scorpion movie.

        Mortal Kombat is so bad it's good. Mortal Kombat 2 is just bad.

          They should just make a Scorpion movie.

            If they just made a shot for shot movie of the story mode from this year's MK, I buy that shit straight cash.

              If they put the story mode clips all together and sold it for a few bucks on a DVD I'd be all over that.

        I'm pretty sure the first MK film is top of the pile (in that genre).

        And I agree on the theme song. Gets me G'd up.

          duh nuh duh nuh duh ne neh nuh
          MORTAL KOMBAT!!!

            that made me think of batman..

            na na na na na na na na na

    You should hear the glee in Trjn's voice as he lightnings and grenades people in the face in inFamous.
    I feel like this should be concerning.


      Now that is something I should do live Let's Play commentary for.

        If we have pessimist with us I wonder how many electricity puns we can fit in each vid :P

          I'd be shocked if we could put up much resistance to the battery of electric based puns. We really wouldn't know watt to say after the conversation arcs in that direction and we definitely wouldn't be able to make any comments that are currently relevant.

          It might be a bit of a buzzkill as well, too many puns at once can leave you a little drained.

    SO TRUE:

      I wish I could afford a smart phone...*SOB*


        *buries head in phone*


      That had to hurt... :P what's wrong?

        I am le tired. I need to be a robot like you Tech Knight.

          well take a nap...


            omg! i didn't think anybody would pick up that reference but you're on the ball Chuloopa, you're on the ball on ridin' it.

          Even us robots need to recharge, but it is great being a machine regardless.


      ...covered by one of my delightful shirts


      In other newz, why the head desk?

        haha yes yes, I am sorry for the delay! I was gonna do it last night but then I got stuck into a game of HoN....

        tonight's the night, i promise!!

          haha that's ok.. i'm just keen to see what one of my shirts actually look like... everyone that has bought one hasn't shown me yet!!! :P

          *serrels stares at serrels*

            Maybe I'll make a video of my hulk tearing one, to reveal that I have another one underneath!

    I just want to say, I really hate your website's [email protected]#$ing "share" button. It's always popping up when I try to click next and its getting damn annoying.

      Share buttons are universally retarded.

      On some sites, it's there because someone who doesn't really understand the interwebs thinks that it is a good idea. On others, it is just there because it's a part of so many other websites.

      I can't imagine that there are very many deliberate uses of the thing, especially when most people who view Allure sites probably know how to copy and paste a URL.

        I use em alla tha time, they da lazy, lazy man's cut and paste!

      We're definitely trying to fix it in our upcoming site redesign, so hold out for a little longer!

    Today we cannot get any of the ABC channels to work on any TV in the house. All the other ones work fine just not ABCs.
    This is going to be bad at Play School time. You'll probably hear my son's tantrum even if you're on the other side of the world.

      Just stick Passions of the Christ in the DVD player, he'll be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

        Or just youtube a Mel Gibson rant, pretty much the same thing.

        I'd be more inclined to say "a clockwork orange"

        I mean he may as well watch something a bit more tasteful

      Maybe you should take advantage of the ABC Website to make sure that there aren't any spectacular tantrums in the next few hours. I think you should be able to get a Play School episode or two off of iView.

      • You could even use the iview on the ps3. Even with my net shaped I still get a smoother flow than watching it on the tv. I have a backup plan if many many DVDs though. My girls don't throw tantrums. Just get very cold. They've spent too much time with their mother I think.

          We actually have a TiVo and have some recorded Play School on there. I was planning on using the main TV myself this morning but gave in and let him watch it. He proceeded to ignore it. Grr.

    Looking at the Herald Sun this morning on the gaming page that shows up on Wednesdays, I couldn't help but laugh my head off that MW3 made number 1 on the 2011 list, and no BF3 anywhere, more like Herald Derp!

      If Space Marine isn't on there, i will stab someone! :D

        Then I have some bad news... :P

          Or good news, depending on your desired outcome :P

            A human getting stabbed, if his IQ is under 80...


      I love print newspapers 'gaming' sections. More often than not, their information is laughably inaccurate/out of date.

      Either that, or they completely ignore big new releases and review weird free-to-play flash games instead.

    Oh wow.

    ALL VIP tickets to the EB games expo in Queensland are now sold-out! I'm SOOOO glad I bought mine (and forced my mates to buy theirs) a week ago!

    Will anyone else be around Broadbeach/the convention October 15-16?

      I'm interested, but I want to see more before dedicating a whole weekend trip to the Gold Coast. I don't even like travelling across town for an afternoon.

      Man, I've got to get my tickets soon. I wasn't going to go VIP cause it'd be me, my dad and my younger brother going. But yeah, I'll be there on Sunday :D

      I was planning on flying up for it. I certainly didn't think all the VIP tickets would sell out so soon.

      Got a VIP ticket to the Saturday night session :D
      Flying up from Melbourne on the Friday.

      Kotaku meetup?

      Trying, will let you know once I know.

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