The PlayStation TV: A 3DTV That Shows Different Images To Two Players

Whoa! A PlayStation TV. It's a $US500 24-inch 3D TV that Sony's promising delivers "best in class" entertainment for way more people than are able to currently afford 3D. It looks like a giant PSP, sorta.

It's, well, nice. Set up in the fake, entirely-too-clean dorm room Sony had on hand, the chair practically smashed against the set - which is exactly how I played videogames in my dorm, the screen foggy from my breath - the 24-inch set didn't seem too small. So it's perfect for exactly the scenarios Sony's talking about, not so much a living room deal.

It's hard to gauge how amazing (or not) the picture really is in this environment, but when you cram a 1080p display into 24 inches, the pixel density definitely works for the screen. The PlayStation display's signature trick - re-appropriating the inherent powers of 3DTVs to show each player an entirely different 1080p image - works exactly as advertised, as you can see in the video. You switch between first and second player by pressing a button on top of the glasses, and the switch happens instantly. (Unfortunately, this means screen-watching isn't quite dead, since you can just flip over to your friend's video feed to see what they're up to, and quickly switch back.)

It's a pretty set, but in a very Sony way. Like if I had to guess what a 24-inch PlayStation TV would look like, this is exactly what I'd mock up. Not that it's a bad thing, it just is what it is. The real question is whether it's gonna convince people who'd have passed over 3DTVs to take a look at this more affordable, but definitely smaller set for $US500.

It uses the 3D in a pretty interesting way for multiplayer - it kills split-screen play by beaming entirely different images to two sets of glasses, so you and a friend can murder each other with no screen-watching. You both get the full 24-inch picture. Awesome.

The $US500 bundle includes an HDMI cable, a pair of 3D glasses and Resistance 3, which isn't bad, though Sony's "affordable" PlayStation 3D glasses are still $US70.

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    I love it, they include a copy of the game, but not a console to play it on (At first I thought this was a TV with a PS3 console built into it).

    I'm sure many people who have multiple TV's in their house, which would be larger than 24", would be better off spending their money on a second PS3 and playing that way.

      Are you serious? This isn't for people who have $1,000.00 3D Bravia Wifi TVs... this is for people like me who want a PS3 but have nothing but a worthless CRT to play it on, don't want to have to ruin their eyes on reading tiny pixelated text, and don't have the money to BUY your $1,000 3D Bravia Wifi TV.

      Bottom line, this is SPECIFICALLY for the PS3 (and people who OWN ONE) and intended to be an affordable alternative to playing on a 14" CRT from the '90s.

        well said mate

    "I’m sure many people who have multiple TV’s in their house, which would be larger than 24″, would be better off spending their money on a second PS3 and playing that way."

    I think you may have missed the point of this product - it's aimed at the super space conscious PS3 gamer. Think of people living in Hong Kong sized apartments who don't have separate dining, family, entertainment rooms, numerous bedrooms, patios, front or back yards.

      Sounds like Japan. :P

      Sounds like College. ... also sounds like post-college scraping-by-as-you-desperately-seek-employment... :-P

    Be great if it works with Play TV in that 2 different tv stations could be viewed by two separate people at the same time.
    Headphones obviously...

    This is a great invention, especially for people who have multiple family members who like either fps or racing games. well worth the price especially considering that you have 3d.

    @glen, you idea forgets about the cost of additional copies of each game that you want to play multiplayer, not to mention the cost of 3d.

    Did anyone ask Sony if other 3DTV's can do this split screen trick?
    Because if it is a feature only a few sets have - I can't see devs putting any time into supporting this.

    Even better of you'd be able to play a game while your non-gaming partner watches reality tv. Getting them to put the glasses on for 2d viewing may be the cause of some arguments!

    Where in the article does it say that you can play 2 entirely different games or play a game and watch tv at the same time? Why are people jumping to this conclusion? so confused.

    can you watch regular cable on it?

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