Eyes-On With Sony's New PlayStation 3D Display

Sony is trying to make 3D gaming on its PlayStation 3 more affordable with its very own PlayStation branded, stereoscopic 3D monitor - comparatively cheap at just $US500 for 24 inches of 3D gaming. Better still is the monitor's ability to deliver full-screen gaming to two players at once.

Sony's "official 3D Display", due this spring, can output two screen displays to two viewers, if they're wearing active shutter lens 3D glasses, effectively eliminating the need for a bisected screen. One pair of glasses is included in the bundle shipping later this year, along with an HDMI cable and a copy of Resistance 3.

The company's E3 2011 booth had the 3D Display on hand, running a looped video of games like Wipeout HD and Motorstorm Apocalypse running in dual-display mode. Kotaku intern Drew Cohen and I strapped on the 3D glasses and watched the tech prove itself. It worked, delivering two distinct images separated visually by the lenses we were wearing. We could switch between the two images on the fly - and while I won't speak for Drew - making for an impressive, immersive display.

There was some hint of ghosting, meaning I could see light traces of the secondary image displayed in tandem with the one I was watching. That said, it was a feasible solution, as the ghosting was not distracting, especially in a high-speed racing game. I'm not fan of splitscreen, so its something I'd prefer.

Sony says that games will require software updates to work with the new official 3D Display's dual-screen output, which given the publisher's push for 3D support, I'd expect to see plenty of (at least on the first part side).


    So when in dual screen mode both participants are still getting a 3D image?

    Also, what's the contrast ratio? HD Tuner built in? Speakers? Refresh rate? Energy usage? What ports does it have?

    Saying that it's 'comparatively cheap at just $US500' is a bit misleading without the specs being listed. If it's a standard 60Hz 3D-Ready TV then it's about double the price for it's size and the dual display 3D stuff isn't worth that much since it's actually an overly complicated way of achieving the result at the expense of the consumer.

      Hmm, the specs are apparently out but so far nothing worthwhile (it's all very standard, 4ms GTG, 16.7mill colour, 2x 3w speakers and 5w subwoofer etc) but no mention of the refresh rate which when promoting 3D tech is a key factor.

      No, they don't both get a 3D image. 3D usually displays 2 separate 2D images to get the 3D effect for the viewer. This is bascially showing 1 of those 2 images to each viewer. So they each get their own picture, at the expense of losing the 3D effect.

        Figured that was the case but thought I'd ask anyway...trying to find something about this that is actually a good deal :S

    No, I don't believe each player would be getting a 3D image, it would be one fulscreen 2D image for each.
    Any 3D TV should be able to do this, it just requires the glasses to flicker both eyes at the same time (like blinking) rather than one eye at a time (like winking).

    I want to know what connections this supports. More specifically, if it also has D-Sub or DVI ports. Sounds like a good replacement for my current monitor, but not having extra ports will be a pain.

      The specs listed here are the same as what I've found on a few other sites, could be the real deal but I'm not sure;


        Now I'm wondering what's the deal with the two HDMI inputs. If you can switch between them with a button press I guess it'll be just as good.

    It seems ludicrous that they're promoting this "2-player fullscreen" function but only giving one set of glasses with the screen.

    Ok, kept looking around and so far still nothing on the refresh rate and it seems to just be a 'display', no built-in HD tuner.

    So for $500USD you get;
    24" Full HD 'display' with rather basic features
    $6 HDMI cable
    $60-70 game
    $70 (approx) 3D glasses, just one pair
    And you can only use the dual screen with certain Playstation titles.

    For $500USD you could get a better quality monitor (80,000:1 contrast and 2ms response time at the least and guaranteed 120Hz) the cable and the game and using the cinema 3D glasses get the same result that isn't restricted to just certain Playstation titles.

    ...it's not April 1st is it?

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