What's Team Fortress 2 Teasing Now? "Meet The Medic"?

There's some shit going down at the official Team Fortress 2 web site right now. Bird shit, more specifically, is all over the game's blog, as are a few defecating doves. Team Fortress 2 players are also reporting the appearance of doves in-game. What does it all mean?

Well, it may mean the impending arrival of "Meet the Medic," the long-awaited next entry in Valve's increasingly impressive videos that focus on one of the game's nine classes. How did we get from dove excrement to Medic? Well, the three birds perched above the blog's banner lead to pictures of a hospital, waiting room and doctor's office, so "Meet the Medic" is as good a guess as any, especially since the video was said to have been "about 80-90%~ done" by a fan who visited Valve HQ in March.

Going by Valve's previous efforts in keeping Team Fortress 2 fresh, I'd expect at least one of the following to be released soon, if "Meet the Medic" is imminent: new hats, new maps, new hats, new multiplayer modes and/or new hats.

Official blog [Team Fortress - thanks, Spookygunslinger!]


    I'd just be happy with the a "Meet the Medic" video. Been missing those.

    Finally, only took them 4 years...

    There is definitely going to be new hats.

    Bird crap as a hat?

    I hope there are some hats.

    I have nothing but pity for anyone who still plays that game after the mann co update.

      Don't pity us -- we're still having a great time.

      A COMPLETELY OPTIONAL way of letting Valve continue with free updates? HURR DERP IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD

      You're not going to get much for that, mate. Grab some earbuds, or a Max Head, and then you'll have some buying power.

      Weapons are all balanced, hats add no advantage of any kind, buying the stuff is optional and there are no disadvantages for not purchasing anything.

      So why the pity?

    Apart from the Ghastly Gibus - I'm yet to get one damn hat!

      You realise that if you hadn't cheated by idling, you'd have 2?

    Bird! Bird! Kill it! It's evil.

    It walked on my pillow!

      I see what you did there.

      By the way I hope they include some hats in this update!

    Oh did he mention HATS?

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