Why Nintendo Went Back To White For The Wii U

Launching in a white case five years ago, the Wii has seen a special edition release in red, and currently is available in black. Its successor, Wii U, goes back to white. Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto says the design choice is so people won't think the console is kid's stuff.

Miyamoto, speaking to Game Informer said as a designer, his choice would be "to make greater use of colour in our hardware", citing the looks of the Famicom and the original Super Nintendo.

"What we found over the years when we included a lot of different colours in our hardware is people would kind of point to that and use it to paint us as more kid-oriented," Miyamoto said.

If so, why not go to all-black, given the style it connotes, and the fact it's in use by all four consoles currently in production? "We found that rather than going all black - all white seems to have a broader appeal to people," he said.

Miyamoto: Wii & Wii U Are White To Appeal To All Ages [Game Informer]


    i thought once you go black...?

    I like the white one but it gets kinda dirty. I like the look of the black Wii and red Wii so to get those colours would be good!

    I love the black one and I bought my Nintendo Wii a year ago. The reason I bought black because I don't want it to get dirty. White is also nice.

    There's more to design than colour, and as for my perspective, the consoles design just screams "fisher-price"

    Then again I suppose you could say the same thing about the Dreamcast and I consider that to be the most perfected designed console ever...

    How about the option to choose? No?

      yes, Nintendo -abort this console!
      In 10 months there's no going back.

    But Nintendo IS more kid-oriented...?

      I think Nintendo are trying to shake that stereotype about their console and it's games so they appeal to the core gamers alot more.

    Because everyone who wants a black one will have to purchase another one when they release it 5 years down the track.

    Maybe it's the Wii's fault, but I always get the kid friendly vibe from Nintendo with white - doesn't make sense to me.

    I've always hated the cold sterile look of all-white. Stupid Nintendo.

    @jimu I agree - why not just release it in different coloured versions. let the users decide if it fits in with the current tv or entertainment unit.

    Too bad their arguably best console was a purple cube with a handle on the back.

      I got a black one (shortly after launch) still don't get the handle though!

    This choice will make it hard for non games to distinguish it from the wii! Just like trying to sell a 3ds to parents who bought there kids a DS already! I would have liked a totally new design, not just curves.

    Maybe Nintendo's likes the Apple look. Don't they have the whole white/smooth look about the ipods? At least initially... And i agree with the post above, nintendo love to spike sales with new colours.

    Looks like something you would buy from fridge & washer city.
    Black would have made it look like it belongs in a modern (mostly black) entertainment setup.

    That's funny, cause to me the all-white-plastic thing reminds me of Apple... which reminds me of Fisher-Price... and makes me think 'Cheaply made and over-priced'

    How utterly pretentious.

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