After A Year Of Natural Disasters, A Game That Lets Us Fight Back

After A Year Of Natural Disasters, A Game That Lets Us Fight Back

From Dust is a very good video game that starts badly. It’s dull, at first. Pick up dirt. Drop dirt. Pick up water. Spill water. Your’e a god! Re-shaping the land. And you’ll be forgiven for feeling drowsy.

From Dust creeps up on you. Mounds of dirt become mountains. Volcanoes crack the surface. A tsunami roars in. The people who follow you build villages, grant you powers and suddenly need saving from doom.

From Dust crept up on me. A week ago, when I first played it, I did feel sleepy. Last Sunday, as I wrapped up its campaign, I was in love with it. I’ve captured footage from one of my favourite levels in the game to give you the effect.

So settle in and watch the video above to see nine minutes of From Dust. I hope it gives you the full effect. This game, from Ubisoft and game creator Eric Chahi is new on Xbox Live Arcade today. It’ll be coming to PC in August.

Enjoy the clip.


  • I still want to know why Ubisoft pulled that total dick move to the PC crowd.

    Though I’m probably not going to like the answer.

    • as i said in another post on here… its simply due to the summer/winter of arcade… MS would be wanting it to be a timed exclusive

      • Which is hilarious, because it’s not like the PC market isn’t built on Windows which is another fucking Microsoft product.

  • I will be getting this on Steam when it is “Unlocked”.
    I noticed that the tsunami seemed to form out of nowhere, Guessing it may be due to map constraints, I hope they are a little larger on PC but I still love the look of this game.

    • LOL; I love this! I don’t know if you did it on purpose; but you’ve encapsulated the change in the industry from, “How long is this game?” to “How short is it?”

      • Nah, serious question. I heard from a few people they pretty much finished it on release day. I’m all for cool concepts, just wondering if it’s, like, a 6 hour game or not before purchase.

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