Guy Tries To Hit On Girl Over Xbox LIVE, Fails Miserably

If you can manage to sit through this cringe-fest, you're a much stronger human being than me. This guy, who randomly scrolled through his buddy's Xbox LIVE list found a girl, and then randomly joins her party to ask her out on a date. It does not end well.

Part of me wonders if the whole thing is an elaborate prank, and I can't work out who the hell I should be rooting for? The strange guy who randomly finds girls on LIVE and tries to ask them out, or the cruel harlot who recorded the whole conversation and uploaded it onto YouTube.

Either way, this is the epitome of car crash entertainment.

Thanks Michelle!


    Holy cow, this is amazing. This is the first thing that's made me cry since I skinned my knee in the 3rd grade. But it was because I'm laughing. Wonderful.



    I listened to the whole thing because I'm a gamer chick myself and get plenty of trolls but at the same time I have met some really awesome people that I game with IRL. This guy really thought he could get the last laugh here but jokes on him. This was a great upload. Kudos to the chick for being so nice when he so obviously didn't deserve it. I'm more shocked by guys who think women don't play the game I do than being hit on actually. Some men are just so creepy but then again so are some of the women I come across too so it goes both ways. That idiot messed with the wrong woman and now he'll live in public disgrace for the rest of his life and beyond. It's so bad an article was even written. Now can you guys see why some women come across with bad attitudes? Some people couldn't even stand to hear it all. Try listening to that stuff all day and still be in a good mood. Gaming is supposed to be an escape into something fun. That is not anyone's idea of fun except for idiots like him.

    This is straight addin this fool

    Maybe he's drunk or something. That would make this way less sad.

    Why is she a harlot? FUCK OFF AUTHOR. She was far fucking nicer than she had to be. What a creepy fucking American douchebag that GroovyLake is.

    I laughed so much at the 7:30 mark when she just SIGHED really loudly.

    Did you guys see his response at GameVain? It's on Youtube as well its hilarious!

      Ahahahahaha that's better than the original!!!

    I sat through the whole thing... was sad that this guy could do that without laughing

    Wow..I am also a gamerchick and I cannot believe that she sat through that. The fact that she let him ramble on for over 8 minutes is ridiculous. You cannot blame her for recording this. I have to leave it on team and party or I tend to get harassed. It's really ridiculous how there are some men out there who cannot handle it when a girl is on XBL. We're out there...half of us hide because of guys like this. YIKES.

    I bet this dude was in a party with friends talking shit about how he could find some girl on xbl to date him, and he was trying to prove he could, and failed cause he's socially awkward.

    as sad and pathetic as this sounds people have actually hooked up even over cruder technologies, like mirc (rember that?) and chat rooms (and that?) I actually heard of a girl who met a guy from half a world away in the chat room and they ended up getting married. It has to do with the moves (or is it the level of desperation ???) ;)

    Either the guy is trolling or he's trying real hard, which I can't blame him for. People hook up over more random situations than that one. What I don't understand is why she was stringing it along for so long? If she's not interested (and she clearly knew she wasn't) she should have ended the whole thing right from the beginning. Why did she have to break into elaborate explanations of why it was a bad idea and try to embaress him by going on about her profile and how unprepared he was when she could have given a firm and conclusive no, then moved on. It's not like we see him stalking her or constantly contacting her with unwanted attention, it's one big awkward conversation which she seems entertained with as opposed to genuinely trying to end it without making a fuss or awkward mess.

    I don't know about you, but when I'm online and I have unwanted attention, I don't record a 9 minute conversation with them, I ignore them or give them a firm sign I'm not interested and I continue to go about what I want to do. You see at the end she had no intention of having anything to do with him and even laughs at him while doing what she should have done all along - block him. There is deffinitely at least one troll in that scenario.

    guys obviously trolling, no one is this dumb

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