Now This Is The Female Shepard We Should Be Voting For

Now This Is The Female Shepard We Should Be Voting For

I don’t like the new female Commander Shepard. Mostly because it’s stupid they’re changing her in the first place, but also because in all options looks like a 19 year-old who’s angry the Ford Fiesta her parents bought her just got a parking ticket.

But these pieces of fan art from Brazilian Rafael Grassetti, I like. OK, so there’s a gaping hole in her body armour, but aside from that nod to sauciness the rest of her looks lean, mean and ready to kick some alien arse. Just like Commander Shepard should.

Not that this is an attempt at a female Shepard. It’s just fan art, “inspired” by the Mass Effect universe. But that won’t stop me dreaming!

Oh, and Grasetti should be a name you’re familiar with: he’s the guy who made that unbelievable Thane sculpture we showed you a few months back. Talented bloke!

Hoshi [The Art of Rafael Grasetti]

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  • She doesn’t look like she could kick anyone or anything’s arse.

    Skinny as a twig and the always crappily-designed cleavage-over-practicality armour.

    Give me the actual FemShep any day.

    • I concur.

      She looks like a damsel in distress who just happened across her manly rescuer’s gun.

  • Outfits like that make me embarrassed to be someone that is enthusiastic about playing games. You can talk up the ‘deep storyline of mass effect’ to someone as much as you like but show them that picture and see if they believe you.

  • Still find it funny thats its that big of a deal considering you can make your own version of Sheppard, male or female, so the whole default look debate is kind of a moot point in my opinion

  • Well I’m inherently against any Sheperd that doesn’t rock a John Waters moustachelike mine but I’m especially against this harlot slutting her way through the Terminus
    systems. Is her first line going to be ‘Yeah daddy I got what you need?’ Poor old Captain Anderson wouldn’t know where to look.

  • that doesn’t look right for a proper shepard that has been through the events of ME1+2 – a battle hardened leader of humanity.

    but i do agree that the new official femshep looks to be early twenties.

    as a character the artwork seems more similar to kasumi but more badass – kinda like a ME version of GI Joe’s Baroness.

  • Definitely better than the stuff Bioawre put out. But there’s the glaring problem of the BREAST-plate armour and a super model physique. Not saying she has to be ugly, but she needs to look like she could throw a Krogan out of a window.

  • I like it, if anything because I find her look Asiatic, which matches with my femshep.

    But my femshep wouldn’t be caught wearing armour like that.

  • That armour is ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with the original N7 Armour. This is just pandering.

  • -facepalm-
    Let me guess, luke – You like it because it has tits?

    While the head looks cool, the rest is a resounding ‘meh’ from me… i’m really over “armor here, tits there” designs.

    Why take something respectable and make it trashy and impracticle? I just don’t get it.

    Part of what makes mass effect so immersive is making Ashley look like freakin’ tank on missions

  • I like cleavage as much as the next person… But in space and with the pew pew pew, I would hardly call that functional.

  • Reminds me of Flemeths “redesign” in Dragon Age 2. You know, how they gave a 500 year old woman a skin tight outfit with cleavage.

  • No no no, she looks like a slightly more badass Olivia Williams!

    Anyway, besides the “armour”, this is a pretty nice design.

  • yeah the massive fringe looks like a failed attempt at looking edgy. plus that armor does not look like its doing a good job of protecting vital organs

  • Agreed. Given the “story” of Shep, none of the voting pictures really fitted the bill for me. FemShep can look good, but considering what she’s gone through she oughta look a damn lot tougher and less barbie in space.

  • It’s an ugly Miranda.

    I’d pick any of the 6 Bioware alternatives over this.

    And look, I did. I voted 3.

  • Of course a man would pick the costume with cleavage involved, and then try to put a ‘legitimate’ reason as to why this customer he likes better.

  • People, this is FAN ART. It wont be in the game, and it’s not a redesign, so just settle down and appreciate it for what it is, an awesome piece of art work…

  • Oh, I know this guy. Yeah, this isn’t official or anything, just a portfolio piece. Character artists usually go for stylistic designs, rather than plain and boring.

  • Why oh why are ZERO of these frakking designs NON-CAUCASIAN?!?!

    (I play as a redheaded African-American woman. Something you never see in movies and rarely in gaming.)

  • Arrrg after reading Dr. Nerdlove’s “Male privilege” article this really irks me. I definitely wouldnt vote for that. Get some proper armor for frack’s sake. Even Miranda is more covered up than that.

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