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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    What'd you think of LA Noire's ending?

      Just to clarify, I'm asking more about the story than the gameplay... although I'm interested in what you thought of the whole (SPOILERS) character change and having a gun fight as a final level rather than a mystery.

        I thought the game really picked up over the last few missions. (SPOILER) The change of characters really opened up the story of Phelps, plus the last level was fun and more climactic than it would have been if it was an interrogation.

        It was one of those endings that made you thing more highly of the game than you did at the 3/4 mark, which is a good thing.

      I think L.A. Noire had some good writing, and a good story.

      I thought the events leading up to the ending were cool - but was underwhelmed with the ending itself.

      Hard to say more without spoilers!

    What's your opinion on the D3 real money AH?
    How are they going to integrate it, it also seems very mmo, and are they classing it as such?

      Yeah, my first instinct is that it's a risky move.

      I guess it's a little like legalising prostitution. People are going to do this stuff, so why not protect the community while they do it by keeping an eye on it like this.

    What's your go-to iOS game? Is it one that has you completely hooked for long periods of time or is it more something that you play a lot of in small chunks?

      It used to be Doodle Jump, then it was Tiny Wings, now it's collision effect!

      Short bursts for me - mostly on my commute.

    With your job having you around games and then gaming in your spare time, how often do you feel burnt out on games in general? If so, what do you find is the best remedy for getting over this phenomenon? This also goes out to other folks in the community.

      I'm the type that I will saturate myself in all things and then get sick of it for a little while and find something else (for example, I'm all about Star Wars - books, Clone Wars TV Show etc and soon enough I'll get sick of it for a little while).

      And essentially that is my answer, find something else to do. Sports, Movies, Books, TV, friends, go out, etc etc.
      Give gaming a rest for a few days, a week (however long it takes) and you'll be back on it.
      It's not like you will miss out on anything and you'll always have time to game so a week is not going to hurt.

      I often get burnt out from games - but rarely from the business of writing about games.

      I just try and vary my hobbies - I'm mad into rock climbing at the moment.

    Sucker Punch Productions now wholly owned by Sony.

    Good move or not?

      Considering they've spent the past 8+ years working with only Sony on Sly and inFamous, I don't think it'll make terribly much of a difference.

        Yeah, I actually thought they were already owned by Sony.

        But I guess it's a good move from Sony's point of view - heading off any potential Insomniac-style shift to multiplatform development. And further strengthens Sony's portfolio of firstparty studios which was already the best in the business.

          I think it's good for Sucker Punch - if they were only gonna develop for Sony consoles anyway then it's better they're in the tent than outside it.

            Great move for sony. As much as I love my 360, Im glad I will never hear 'INFAMOUS 3: NOW MULTIPLATFORM!'

            Multiplatform weakens a game, it means it won't play to a consoles strengths and has to compromise. Im glad inFamous 3 (you know its gonna happen) will be exclusive :)

              Infamous would never have been multi-plat anyway. Sony owns the IPs for their games (eg LBP, Ratchet and Clank, God of War, Resistence etc) which I believe is part of the reason Insomniac are doing the multi-plat game.

      I say good move for both.

      Sony treats their first party developers quite well from what I've heard. It seems like an awesome network to belong to.

    Im thinking about getting this:
    Has anyone tried it? Will i get banned? Is it worth it, or a scam?

      Don't ever pay for something like that. There are millions of free resources that cover the exact same thing.

      Get Carbonite (

      Then get some of the following from

      - Addon Manager (Easier enable/disable for addons in game)
      - TourGuide (A free and good leveling guide that works with Carbonite)
      - Omen (For checking your threat in instances)
      - Recount (DPS/Heals check in instances)
      - Xperl (A clean User Interface. Other people might suggest others, I found this to be the simplest and easiest)
      - Deadly Boss Mods (Boss encounters helper)
      - Deadly Boss Mods - WotLK, BC, etc (Old raids Boss Encounter Helper)
      - Atlasloot Enhanced (Loot list)
      - Atlasloot Reverse (When looking at other peoples items, you can find where they drop)
      - Archy (Archology helper)

      For extra help, consult
      For DPS/Heals gear help check
      For professions help go to

      I know it's a lot to go over, and a lot you can cut out till level 80-85.

      The main ones I'd get if this is your first toon is:

      - Carbonite
      - Addon Manager
      - TourGuide
      And use often.

      Hope all this helps

        Wow(swear thats not a pun ^_^), thanks heaps.
        There is a bit to go over, but i'll check it out when i get home from work, guess you just saved me $50 =D

      Notice how they say '4 days played'? That means 96 hours of total playtime. Not sure how that stacks up to other 'fast' leveling times, but the deceptive language seems suss.

      Yeah, don't ever pay for this stuff. You can get the same information for free if you look for it.

      Anyway, enjoy the journey! Not everything is a race to max level.


    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    Please give an exact number and please show your work with references

      As far as I'm aware the value is variable, since in theory...
      A woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

      I have asked Mark that before, but I cannot find his answer on Google :(

    Are you free?

      I heard he's trapped in the cage that is 'THE AIDS'!!!

        Which is nothing if you consider AIDS 2!

          Oh noes! I posted my pic before I saw this! Has a whole new context now :(

      Help free Mark. Donate here.

        Seamus is leaving the company tomorrow :(

          Wait, what?

          Really?! Awww... this pic is dedicated to Seamus then! To look back on good ol' times.

            Does Tadmod get the keys and whip before he leaves?

            Oh yeah! There is NO KEYS!

              That's why there's no lock on the cage anywhere.

                Of course there's no lock. If there was a lock, Mark could entertain the idea of escaping or being released :p

          :O !!

          Where is Seamus going?! this news has made me sad...

    I'll just repost this here from TAY just incase someone here has a good suggestion

    First of all I wanted to say a big thankyou to Mark for chasing this up – my prize of Crysis 2 finally arrived in the mail today.

    But here’s the thing – they sent the PC version – my PC would choke on its own vomit if it was forced to play this – not to mention I asked for the Xbox version – so my question is – what do I do now?

      it took 5 weeks to get my winning prize from Namco, and in the end, I had to ring namco myself, and after they denied it was their job for a while, they finally admitted they'd misplaced the winners emails and sent me the game....and a copy of dirt3 to make up for it. :)

      Man, sorry about that. Wasn't the comp for PC copies though? I honestly don't know because it wasn't my comp!

        No they never specified - otherwise I wouldn't have bothered!

        Oh well - I must seriously NOT be meant to play that game!

    Any chance there will be an online pass thingmajig for Rocksteady to get all the sweet Batman skins?

      I don't know.

      But yeah, these pre-order bonuses shit me when they're retailer specific.

    What's with these conflicting articles

    -Why Would Anyone Watch Videos Of Leaked Gears 3 Footage?

    About spoiling games by viewing game play on youtube

    -Rage Is The id Software Comeback I’ve Been Waiting For

    An in depth preview of the first three hours of Rage

    I know they're two different people, but they are polar opposite opinions.

      I don't really see the connection. One is showing you exactly what you would normally see while playing the game, while the other is telling you one opinion of what an (unfinished) title plays like. Sure in the 3 hours of playtime covered in the RAGE article we learned about a couple characters and quests, but we didn't see actual footage nor did we get the exact dialogue.

      TLDR: One is spoilers, one is an opinion on gameplay.

    With the Nintendo 3Ds price drop happening so quickly is this a good or bad sign for the 3Ds? Is it at all possible it ending up like Nintendo's other 3D handheld the virtual boy.

      Should be fine once the next pokeemans hits!

    Hey why on Earth do games in Australia cost almost double than that of America!!! Are retailers ever going to relise that people are basically only going to download games from now on as they are actually half the price??? Especially with our 'new' broadband government thingo (that is already way out of date) giving us faster speeds (so less time to download games off steam etc).

    P.S. I know if some countries in Europe they are double our price!!!, and may help to alleviate your pain. I'm all for supporting local business, but we need to show publishers that we're not happy with the current pricing in Australia by voting with our wallets.

      Please see some of my many articles about this!

      I know that feel bro. I know that feel.

    Do you know if sony has any plans on expanding the playstation pocket range of games for the xperia play any time soon? or do you think it won't be till the Vita ships? I have plenty of other android games but wondering if their will ever add more than the 10 or so games there now. I was thinking of getting syphon filter 1 and 3 i don't know why 2 isn't there.

      I think the whole thing has been a bit of a disaster - I remember hearing that the PS1 games were selling terribly...

    How do you see the relationship between stoner culture and video game culture? Most people I play online always have their bong breaks and though I personally enjoy games either way, some people I know say they only enjoy games while stoned.

      Wow - big question.


      I don't think their is a connection beyond the fact that people typically smoke weed at home, and video games consoles are at home.

    Can you offer a more specific release date for the Ico/SotC collection than just "September", which is what EB are saying?

    Also, please tell me this won't be the actual cover art... that big silver banner thing in the middle of it looks horrible.

      Fret not!

      (Attempted post #2... apologies if it ends up being a double)

        Key points being:

        - "We will be releasing these on a single Blu-ray disc across PAL on 28th September 2011" (and the post is tagged "AU")

        - "We’ve placed the original PS2 artwork from both titles on the reverse of the paper inlay, so you can swap them around and have the classic look for your collection"

          Sweet. Was hoping they'd do the reversible cover thing. I often wonder why more games don't do that in situations where there are different boxarts in different regions.

          That's what I love about the Studio Ghibli DVDs... they have the Japanese covers on the reverse side.

    2 Qs

    Am I dreaming or was 'Abe's Odyssey' really called 'Abe A Go Go' in Japan?

    What did you think of Cap Am?

    QB part 2
    And does Sughly always deliver when it comes to Film Crtisicm? (Shhh, he's my brudda).

      Caus I watch all films and judge them like a boss.

        Oh I thought you said 'why does Sughly always deliver...'. Awkward.

      Cap Am - haven't seen yet!

      Other one - eh, I was not aware of this!


        Yes! I win! All shall bow down to my opinions on film, for they are the only opinions that matter!

    What do you think of Valve/Dota 2's
    1 MILLION!!!! Dollar event?
    Personally I think there isn't room for 3 "Dota" style games.
    Hon, LoL and Dota 2 , one is going to go I think.

      Both HoN and LoL are doing incredibly well, financially, so I wouldn't worry about it.

      I think it's awesome. Valve are smart. They understand their audience.

    Anyone gone to the Independent Games Festival at the Opera House?

    I was thinking of going but I can't find anymore info on it anywhere, and there seems to be no coverage on it either.

      I'll have a look for sure - it's just round the corner!

    What's the progress on the updated comments sections and/or site redesign?

      We'll be (hopefully) putting user-approved comments through sometime in the next week, which should lower Mark's work-load significantly and allow discussion to flow pretty quickly. we're discussing ideas at the moment. Accounts and redesign will follow it closely behind!

    Seeing as my Phat DS refuses to recharge its battery most of the time, I'm in the market for a new DS Lite, I see the ones on ebay from Hong Kong seem to be the cheapest. Are these legitimate handhelds? Last thing i need is to get a knock-off that won't last 6 months.

      Does it have to be brand new?
      EB have pre-owned ones for $68, and whilst I'm sure there are some completely mangled ones that have been able to slip on through, at least you get 1 year warranty, and can just hand it back if something does go bust.

        Well, I got my current DS preowned from EB and it was in bad shape. The first one i had to return completely because it was broken, the second one hardly charges.

        The guy at the store told me that these consoles were on their last legs, but for $35 i didn't complain.

        I don't know how second hand Lites hold up, the phats certainly haven't been treated well.

        I've heard Big W still sells new DS Lites for about $130, it might be worth it just to have one that wasn;t owned by a 7 year old before.

          I still think the Lite is the best model.

          Eh, ebay is usually quite safe with this stuff. I think I imported my DS Lite from there IIRC...

            I guess I'll just have to scope out the prices. If I only have to pay about $10 extra, i'd rather go for a Australian retail boxed copy.

    Anyone bought a gaming PC from Deus Ex Technologies in NSW before? Good / Bad? Recommended?

    From Perth and just wanting to know what the company's like.

      I went to school with these guys!
      Ali definitely knows his computers, and Aman is a pretty smart guy.
      I've never actually bought from them (jesus holy poo expensive computers are expensive), but I can speak for their character.

    Mark, you were in the Journey beta, weren't you? Any impressions you can offer? Or is there some kind of NDA preventing you from blabbing? If so, can you give a general thumbs up/down of the beta experience?

      In a completely unprofessional move I didn't use my journey code because I wanted to wait for the finished product. It's my most anticipated game of the year and I didn't want to spoil it.

      I know. I'm crazy.

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