AU Diary: See You All In A Month!

Hey everyone, just a quick note to say goodbye to everyone. I'm going on holiday, and today is my last day! I'll leave you all in the very capable hands of Tracey Lien.

My first day back is Wednesday September 28 - so I'll catch up with you guys then. In the meantime, I'll make sure to send you all a postcard.


Stay tuned!

Comments don't even have my address..

    Have fun Mark! You'll be missed!

    If you find a chainsword on your journey, you know where to send it

    i'm gunna miss you, man :(

    HAVE FUN! :D

    *wipes away a tear*
    I'll be lost without you!

    I can still hear his voice on the wind

    Have a great time Mark! We promise to be good....

    *we actually promise nothing!!!

    But what are we going to do with all this diet pepsi laying around? The country will be overstocked with the crap by the time you get back! D:

      Dude, it's Pepsi Max, Diet Coke!
      The deliberately cheesy version seems more appropriate.

    Have a great trip. You know we'll want pictures when you return,right?

    I believe this calls for a sad violin.

    Enjoy mate!

    Bye. Have fun!

    You should bring back a souvenir then hold a contest with said souvenir as the prize.

    I read that as Stay stunned! We are Mark, we are *salutes*

    "I’ll leave you all in the very capable hands of Tracey Lien"

    If only........

      Insulting remarks asides, at least Mark isn't leaving us with Brian Ashcroft and Luke Plunkett!

        Definatley not meant to be insulting ;)

    Mark who?

    Have a great holiday and don't miss us too much. Try not to spy on TAY, you'll just go mad.

    You'll be back. They always come back.

    (That, and it's only a holiday).

    Enjoy the holiday Mark :)

    Have fun in the motherland.

    Have fun.

    U reminded me, I'm for a holiday as well.
    Have fun. :)

    Let's see how long it takes to make Tracey crack (as in a ratty kids/babysitter relationship) :P (just kidding)
    Oh, and enjoy your holiday Mark! :D

    4 things can happen:

    1 - Mark returns only to find the site has become a place where males are no longer welcome

    2 - The site has been taken over by the color pink thanks to our new female overlord

    3 -

    4 - All is fine

      Oh that is a wonderful idea. I'll have a chat to the designers about a new colour scheme. ;)

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