Bow Wow Wow Yippee Yo Yippee Yay! Where My Nintendogs At?

If you go down to Circular Quay today, you're in for a big surprise. Nintendo has set up a big stall promoting Nintendogs and the 3DS - and it's full of the most awesome real life dogs ever!

Myself and Elly went down for a quick stroll, and I'm pretty sure Elly underwent some strange kind of cute aneurysm, causing her to float rapidly between every dog at once, making an noise that sounded a little bit like 'SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'!

Me? I went straight for the big dawg. Me and this guy are homies for life, yo.

It's a pretty smart idea by Nintendo - well timed with the 3DS price drop.

Also - I couldn't get a picture, but apparently there is a dog that can ride a skateboard down there!


    Homies for life?

    He looks so damn depressed and you also have a really crazy look in your eyes...

    Coincidence? You be the judge.


    Mark I demand you get back down there and film that skateboarding dog. For the good of Kotaku.

      Hey if you can post a linky to my pic that would be good.. see what I do for you!

    oooo I know what i'm doing on my lunch break


    There is even a DOG that can ride skateboards Serrels....

    If it hits a pole i'll let you know.

    Sorry Mark, but I couldn't resist

    Oh god i wasn't ready for the picture with you - when i got to it i did one of those laughs that come out of your nose because you were too surprised to open your mouth in time!

    thats so awesome.. i want a dog so so much :(

    That's the most nervous smile I've ever seen on you, Mark. Of course, with a dog that size I'd be afraid of getting eaten, too.

      Funny thing is, i was just down there and its a regular sized dog.. Mark is just small!

    It's the return of the shirt!!!!!

      And as no one else seems to have noticed... Look at the expression on that dogs face!
      Where exactly is your hand Mark???!!!

      ahhahahahah i too noticed the shirt!

      I'm more worried about the shoes. They look a bit like plastic socks.

    That spray tan wore off real quick...

    The Samoyed's were awesome definitely the most popular, though I guess the big dogs had left by the time I got there

    I would have brought a cat down there tore it up.

    Best article title in a long time.

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