Community Review: Your Weekend

Alright - so we normally drop community reviews of new releases on a Monday morning - it's a great way to discuss what we've been playing over the weekend, what we thought, etc. The fact that no new games have been releases in making that kind of difficult right now, so I thought - why not just review our weekends in general?

I had a good one. My brother is over from Scotland, so it mostly involved doing some touristy things. Saturday was a beautiful day in Sydney, so we did the Coogee to Bondi walk thing. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk, despite the fact that I generally hate walking.

Then we went to the cinema and watched the new Captain America movie. Big mistake.

I pretty much hated Captain America, to the point that I actually fell asleep during the movie. Yes - I fell asleep in a super loud, packed cinema. I can't help but feel as though that may have hampered my enjoyment of the flick, given that I think I missed some crucial plot points during my snooze. Anyway - the movie was a bit rubbish.

Game-wise? Well, I busted out a bit of Dance Central with my friends, showed my brother UFC Trainer and laughed at his pitiful attempt to partake in 'exercise', then I gave him my 3DS to check out Ocarina of Time - which he hasn't put down since.

I give my weekend a solid 8/10.

How did you guys go? What did you get up to? Did anyone go and see Rise of the Planet of the Apes? I have serious regrets about choosing Captain America over that movie!


    On Saturday I finished Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

    On Sunday I went fishing with my Dad. We didn't catch anything.

    My weekend: 8/10

      Funny, I finished Ass Creed Bro as well. Looking forward to Ass Rev :)

      Seriously though the Ass Creed games have become commercial piles of suckage... Update the god damn engine, don't just keep releasing game after game year after year.

    My weekend was pretty uneventful, aside from feeling diseased on Sunday (woke up feeling fine, a few hours later fell asleep again and woke up feeling lousy). Felt better by the evening and had some fun playing LoL.

    Also beat VVVVVV, which has some very clever level design although there are some sections that weren't so great. A good two hours worth of fun in there though, which is nice, seeing as that's about how long it took for me to beat it.

    Oh and had some giant slabs of meat for dinner on Sunday. Most of us couldn't actually finish our plates. The local Woolworths is starting to be rather Sughly like in it's ability to deliver.

      I also made a mega BBQ on Sunday.

      Was good.

        My sister and her boyfriend came over for dinner, so we had a veritable feast. When the steak is divided into about six portions and each of those is roughly double the normal portion size, you know that a meat coma is going to ensue shortly afterwards.

      Is Sughly the international standard for delivery consistency now? ;)

    My weekend was a bit of a failure. During the night on Friday I developed an earache, which basically put me out for all of Saturday. Saturday night it was still hurting so I decided to drink to ease the pain, this didn't help. Sunday morning, I woke up with the earache, as well as a migraine. Sunday was also the day I had to go out to lunch with my girlfriend's family, entertain them at home for several hours after and then travel across Perth to pick up a new couch. I wake up this morning and both ailments are still present. So, looks like a day off work for me.

      You're a bit of a failure.

    Went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes, It was an enjoyable film but I could shake the feeling this movie was really unnecessary and ultimately felt more of a sign that Hollywood either a) really hates original ideas or b) Hollywood has completely ran out of the aforementioned original ideas. Also should note this is the first time I’ve went to see a movie in the cinema for like . . . 5 years.
    Game wise I gave my neglected 3DS a little love, played some Zelda, not Ocarina of Time mind you despite the fact I do own it and have only played about an hour of it. I’ve been playing Link’s Awakening, pretty much only to annoy my friend who’s been badgering me to play Zelda on my 3DS.
    Other than that I spent most of my Weekend playing Trackmania United, I have about 20 or so unplayed video games, DNF, TF2, God of War 1-3, InFamous, LBP2, SMG2, etc, etc, and I spent most of my weekend playing this stupid addictive car racing game, damn you. . .


    Sold some video games.....


    Went to accompany my sister to the Monash Open Day at Caulfield and Clayton. Can anyone explain why was there a protest outside the Clayton campus about Monash being a bully or something?

    Also Serrels, how can you hate Captain America!? It was campy but fun. A substantial improvement to the Green Lantern movie which I watched when I went to America a few weeks ago.

      Don't take it personally. At least once a week at uni there's some kind of rally for something or another. I should care, but when they start yelling at me and try to drag me into their group, it just makes me completely and entirely apathetic to their cause.

    I watched Captain America too, I thought it was all right, but I wouldn't buy it on home video. Also watched Raiders of the Lost Ark on DVD (first time viewing)...Harrison Ford is one handsome mofo (just saying!). So both movies I watched over the weekend involved taking down the Nazis...USA! USA!

    Beat the Shadowseer in FFXII last night. I'm glad that I'll never have to go back to Subterra again! What a horrible place. Omega and Yiazmat are all that remains, don't know if I can be bothered though.

      I'll buy Cap to round out the Marvel collection leading up to THE AVENGERS. I didn't think it was the best one out of them, I think that's Iron Man 2 personally, although THOR was damn close. Cap was still fun but felt like a real 'lead in' movie for The Avengers.

      Was it just me or did he really seem bland as far as superheroes go?

    Replayed a bit of Mass Effect 2, creating a main playthrough with all the DLCs and decisions the way I want for import into ME3.

    It's a ridiculously long game in any case, but all the DLCs add many more hours on. Taking ages.

    Also had nommy chicken yesterday at a gathering.

    Oh, also possible confirmation of going to Shanghai in January for a month. Exciting tiems. 8/10.

    Played a lot of BC2 on Saturday, but at the same time was quite miserable. Sunday to mid-afternoon was more of the same - cleaning/packing the last of our crap from our old apartment.

    Saw the Mars Volta last night though at the Palace, and by golly they made up for the rest of the weekend. Such joy.

    I'd rate it a 7/10, but I hope the life drama bugs get polished up in time for the sequel.

    Finished Lair of the Shadow Broker. That was a great piece of DLC. It ties together some loose threads from the first(?) and second game, has actual character development as well as ramifications for the story, yet can be fairly quickly explained if you haven't played it. Nice.

    I also tried to play Oblivion, as I finally got around to buying it. It went like this:
    Buy game. Install game. Launch game. Crashes. Swear for about a half hour until I can launch it. Launch to main screen. Start new game. Crash. Gorram it! Spend about 10 minutes googling it and fixing it. Start new game. Enjoy nice music and opening scene. get to the character creation screen. All I can see is this greenish/blue screen, instead of the character. FFFFFFFF. Try to ignore it and just make a character anyway, but again, all I see is the bluegreen screen:

    So after an hour since I first booted up the game, I've accomplished nothing. Ragequit.

    Finished Red Faction: Armageddon and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. Saturday night at home with missus and the following day on the couch with a nasty case of food poisoning. Still, couldn't ask for better company.

    Rating: 8.5/10.

    Played 2 and a half games of soccer. A 2-1 loss and a 1-1 draw was not a great return, but I scored the 1 in the draw, so that's pretty good (let's not mention the 3 chances that I squandered...). The weather was TERRBILE yesterday and the game was almost called off on account of lightning. I ended up coated in mud from head-to-toe.

    Games-wise, I re-finished Portal 2 and started Dragon Age, exactly as planned. So that was a success. Shillelagh the forest elf has just set out to build an army and it's looking like the beginning of a grand adventure.

    - lots of sport
    - scoring a goal
    - rugby league team I support won convincingly
    - plenty of gaming
    - got to eat most of a cake made for my son's half-birthday

    - not winning soccer
    - lightning
    - mud
    - my hamstrings are killing me today

    Probably a solid 7/10 in summary

    Weekends, man. They just ain't what they used to be. Ain't what they used to be. Ain't what they.. you get the idea.

    Friddly-didz, I decided that saving $8 on pizza was enough to justify me driving 30mins across town. Guess what? It wasn't. The pizza I got was cold by the time we got home, and it was so late that it was that time when you stop being hungry and start being tired. But, dammit, I drove a round trip of an hour for this damn pie, Ima enjoy it! I didn't. 3/10

    The poor judgement continued when I let my GF choose the movie to watch. She chose Hall Pass. Eff. Me. Sideways. That movie sucked balls. To the point where I had to keep leaving the room because I was embarrassed for the actors. Not the characters, the actors. Oh god, thinking about it makes me want to ralph (vomit) Minus a bilion/10

    Silly Saturday was off to a bad start when we had no coffee in the house. I had to wait until 1pm for some coffee and while collecting it, the 'deaf' girl saw me and I swear she spat in mine. Tasted better than usual, but. 7/10

    I walked my dawg, much to the enjoyment of every damn person on the planet. I get it, he's cute. Please don't yell "OH MY GAWDDDD SAUSAGE DAWG!!!!" from across the street and then watch as I try to reign in my weiner... dog. 4/10

    Band practice followed that. That helped brighten my mood. Broke some drum heads and hit our bassist with a broken drum stick. 8/10

    Sunday was a day out on the town. First up, I had to endure Tattoo Parlour attendants while my GF booked her tattoo. As the dude was taking her booking, she very subtly said "So, you're not going to be my artist are you?". Nice one, SOS. 8/10

    The Harvey Norman 'sale' at the convention centre was next. I say 'sale' because everything there was priced at about JB Hi-Fi prices, so it wasn't that cheap. Also people were yelling and brushing past me. 4/10

    I rounded out Sunday with Gremlins (8/10) and getting my ass kicked in SFIV by my GF. (6/10 for enjoyment, 10/10 for spamming)

    All in all, an average weekend. 7/10, I'd say.

      I was certain that said you saw Hell Pass. That would be an adequate description.

    Lebanese banquet Friday night for fiancees B'day.
    Smashed in footy on Saturday but still had a blast.
    Italian feast Saturday night to continue B'day celebrations.
    Sunday finished Clash of Kings over 400 pages read.

    I woke up late on saturday morning, around 9:45am. By normal Saturday standards this is actually pretty early, but this Saturday I had a sense of purpose. I rolled out of bed and alerted my wife to this alarming fact (the time, not my sense of purpose).

    We had a guest coming at 11, a friend we'd not seen for some time, and I still had to lug my dead PC to the nearest repair place 6 stations away by train (I don't drive) - not a huge ordeal but I was an hour behind schedule and that annoyed me.

    I thrust bed-warm legs into cold jeans, put on the only shoes I could find with their laces already undone, and dashed for the station, grabbing the tiny Acer Aspire X1700 tower in the Woolworths reusable shopping bag by the front door.

    With 30 seconds to spare I took a moment to realise I wasn't wearing a belt and took comfort in the fact that I wasn't going to spend a lot of time walking. I made my journey, left my computer in the store, paid the quoted price and swore I would return to reclaim my treasure in "two to three hours". Destiny awaits!

    I returned home to find our lunch guest was running late and predicted that unless she was on the same train I had just been on, I had at least 15 minutes but more likely 25 minutes before she'd arrive. Four minutes later, with soap in my hair, the intercom buzzer went off. My wife invited our guest in

    Then I realised I was without towel.

    Peeking out of the bathroom door I could see the arm on our guest and confirmed her position in the lounge area. I had two options - try to sneak to the bedroom and run against the odds of being spotted, or call for assistance.

    Well I guess there was a third option: attempt to live in the bathroom for the rest of my life, securing the door with a crude adhesive paste made from wet kitty litter, and spend the last agonising days of my life eating toothpaste and shaving cream, but the risk factor was high and I eliminated it from consideration early on.

    I called for help and my wife delivered a towel, clucking at me as if I were a poorly behaved child embarassing her in public. A few minutes later, showered, dressed and ready to shine, I entered the loungeroom and engaged in a lively discussion, sharing interesting anecdotes and work stories. I then cooked butter chicken, and was complimented on my skills despite 70% of the work being done for me by the good people at Patak's.

    I hated to abandon our guest but felt it provided a good opportunity for 'girl talk', which I am biological not equipped for, and departed to pick up my repaired computer - I was concerned it might not work after all this time and in consideration of the way the power supply had blown up from a power surge, but my fears were unwarranted. It worked flawlessly, possibly better than new.

    I carted the box home, the thing roughly four times the size of the small tower the computer had originally been housed in, but I certainly was not unhappy about that - I think small footprint PCs are a huge pain, and having all this extra expansion room for a change felt good. What will I do with it? The possibilities are virtually endless!

    I got home, our guest was still present but assured me she was happy for me to set up the computer while she and my wife chatted, and she was going to be leaving shortly anyway. I reassembled it, refitted the cast off pieces it had left behind, freshly cleaned of dust and coackroach faeces. A real keyboard instead of a laptop keyboard. A 21 or 23 inch monitor. I can't remember the inches exactly, but DAMN, monitor be HUEG. A processor capable of running software, and not the crude simulacra I had been subsisting on.

    I applied some updates. I bought the Humble Indie Bundle. I bought some games off Steam. I bought Minecraft... and then it was Sunday night.

    Overall, decent weekend, sloppily executed. Nothing really new here but old ground retreaded with a fresh outlook. 8/10.

      You bought Minecraft eh? There goes next weekend :)

    My weekend was pretty lazy.
    Cooked a nice homely dinner with bawble on Saturday : ), then we got Castle Crashers on XBLA and forgot how the rest of the weekend was like.

    well, my saturday was going to my friends house for the entire day, much gaming commenced. then i had to work on sunday, and was sick, so after that, nothing... i'd give my weekend a 5/10

    Played Halo with friends. Went to the AC/DC exhibit at the museum. Watched Australia lose to New Zealand in the Bledisloe Cup (damn it!). Re-watched some Game of Thrones with my Dad. Read some more Clash of Kings.

    Was good.

    Awesome weekend. Breakfast date Saturday morning, Roller Derby Saturday night & 70% of sunday eating pizza & exploring the Humble Indie Bundle #3. the remaining 30% was spent cleaning my flat for an upcoming inspection...

    This is the most awesome Monday topic I can think of. Reading about everyones weekend transports me back where I want to be. Great idea!

    Friday - My mate just got his Alienware m17x, I have an m14x, so we wen't over to his and played TF2 and L4D2 until 3am

    Saturday - Saturday had a few beers on the back deck, watched the rugby and then the Broncos game. Sad, happy in that order.

    Sunday - Washing and cleaning up my room (cause it smells), played some Company of Heroes, Zero Hour and Max Payne 2.

    Climbed Mount Warning the previous 2 weekends so was good to chill out and game.

    Saturday was fairly lazy. Went and saw a WKA Fight Night that one of my mates was in. Never been one for boxing/MMA but it was a really good night. Except for the wooden grandstand seating. Next time I'm taking a cushion.

    Sunday involved cleaning in the morning, followed by a surprisingly awesome afternoon of lawn bowls and beer with friends, followed by an awesome evening of pizza and beer with friends.

    I would've liked a bit more time gaming, but the good times certainly made up for it. 8.5/10

    Spent Friday night with my girlfriend researching used cars for potential purchase. She was looking at the Subaru Outback, I was looking at Batmobiles. Half a million for the '89 Tim Burton model, 200 grand for the Batman Forever model, which sucks anyway, and 160 grand for the Adam West model, which seems like the pick of the bunch. I think we'll probably go with the Subaru.

    Saturday I went out the country for my aunty's birthday, which was nice.

    Went to Car City on Sunday, which wasn't as big or impressive as the ads make it seem. I even ate in the stupid cafe that they 'had to build cause it's so big'.

    Scored some decent goals at indoor soccer but we lost to a team we should have beaten so overall it was a little disappointing.

    A serious lack of gaming this weekend, coupled with the shocking realization that I can't afford a Batmobile, resulted in a sadly mediocre weekend: 6 out of 10

      The subaru seems like the best choice for city driving, but on the other hand, I'm pretty sure the Batman Forever batmobile breaks apart into a motorcycle. I'm just saying. I knew of a guy who bought a yacht, and it wasn't until about a month after he bought it he pushed a random button on the console to see what it did and a hatch opened up to reveal a runabout speedboat.

      Bonus vehicles are best vehicles. Just saying.

        Hmmm, good point, I hadn't even thought of bonus vehicles. I don't think the Subaru has one but I will ask at the dealership. Also, would I have to insure both vehicles separately, because that could be annoying?

          I'm pretty sure if your car breaks apart into a motorcycle, the insurance transfer to the motorcycle. however, I've checked and there's no coverage for the cost of reassmbling yourt Batmobile. Apparently firing the explosive bolts is excluded endorsement 3: You are not actually the goddamn Batman.

            God damnit! Always read the fine print when you are buying a vehicle within another vehicle.

      Holy shit, I can't stop laughing.



    D&D session Friday night where I almost died and almost assassinated the party's arch-nemesis while the rest of the party was at a banquet. Then they almost died on the way home while I was hiding in the forest.

    Saturday was Macca's breakfast, games games games and then DINNER WITH WELBOT. So there's the win right there.

    Sunday was more games. And bacon.

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