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Walking back from brunch on the weekend, I was talking to a friend who'd seen the Sonic movie recently. They were disappointed: not because the Sonic movie was bad, but because it wasn't bad enough.

I get where they're coming from. They're the type of person who enjoyed seeing the pre-patched version of Cats, and was actively excited for the original, horrifying teeth of Sonic before the re-design. There's plenty of people who enjoy movies like that, but Sonic didn't fall into that category. As Heather found, the movie was ... really just fine.

Also, Jim Carrey is kind of hot now, so we all have to deal with that.

The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Is A Little Weird, But Mostly Fine

When I left the theatre after a private screening of Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the organisers walked up to me with a question. Would the movie please hardcore fans? I took a moment to think. It didn’t matter, I said, shrugging. It wasn’t a movie for them; it was a movie made for kids. A movie with a sappy friendship plot, a silly cartoon animal, and Jim Carrey. Will hardcore fans love Sonic the Hedgehog? I don’t care. Kids will, and that’s the point.

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I'm looking forward to seeing it this week or next, ideally with a good drink and some cheese (Palace Cinemas's cheeseboard is way better for splitting between two than most movie food). I enjoy a movie every now and again that's just a visual feast. Not everything needs to be high concept, although I do like the idea of Sonic exploring his loneliness.

For those who saw it over the weekend, how'd you find the film? And what would you want to see from a sequel, which Paramount has very obviously got designs on?


    How ironic that of all game series to finally have a successful movie, it’s the one that has been at best languishing in mediocrity since the 90s.

    I would like to see the film, I’ve heard it’s better than Detective Pikachu, which I would also like to see.

      That's interesting, I've heard the opposite. The Detective Pikachu is a better movie and a much more coherent meshing of CG creatures and humans.

      It's also on Netflix if you have a subscription. (And time)

        I found the first half of Pikachu great but it really fell apart at the end. Keen for sonic.

    It was better than it had any right to be. It was totally, exactly what I expected, but more entertaining than anticipated. I don't know of it was an all time great, but my son and I love us some Sonic - Sonic was in it lots, and he was very much Sonic, so that probably had a lot to do with my enjoyment of it.

    I'd heard decent things, I went to see. It was great. Now I'm not someone super invested in the sonic franchise. it has never been a staple game for me. I still really enjoyed the movie. It's a solid film backed by really good performances.

    I don't really have any ctitiques of it. I suppose it's a little to blunt with it's message but, it IS a family film so they obviously want to get their point across to the little ones, so that's not really a negative. just an aside on movie that no one expected to be this good.

    It's not film of the year or anything, but isn't anything like some of the other hot messes in the last year or so.

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