Community Review: Sonic The Hedgehog

Walking back from brunch on the weekend, I was talking to a friend who’d seen the Sonic movie recently. They were disappointed: not because the Sonic movie was bad, but because it wasn’t bad enough.

I get where they’re coming from. They’re the type of person who enjoyed seeing the pre-patched version of Cats, and was actively excited for the original, horrifying teeth of Sonic before the re-design. There’s plenty of people who enjoy movies like that, but Sonic didn’t fall into that category. As Heather found, the movie was … really just fine.

Also, Jim Carrey is kind of hot now, so we all have to deal with that.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_1600/kujkktbdgcqsgaplj0cs.png” title=”The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Is A Little Weird, But Mostly Fine” excerpt=”When I left the theatre after a private screening of Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the organisers walked up to me with a question. Would the movie please hardcore fans? I took a moment to think. It didn’t matter, I said, shrugging. It wasn’t a movie for them; it was a movie made for kids. A movie with a sappy friendship plot, a silly cartoon animal, and Jim Carrey. Will hardcore fans love Sonic the Hedgehog? I don’t care. Kids will, and that’s the point.”]

I’m looking forward to seeing it this week or next, ideally with a good drink and some cheese (Palace Cinemas’s cheeseboard is way better for splitting between two than most movie food). I enjoy a movie every now and again that’s just a visual feast. Not everything needs to be high concept, although I do like the idea of Sonic exploring his loneliness.

For those who saw it over the weekend, how’d you find the film? And what would you want to see from a sequel, which Paramount has very obviously got designs on?

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