EA Confirms Launch Copies Of Star Wars: The Old Republic Will Be Limited

EA Confirms Launch Copies Of Star Wars: The Old Republic Will Be Limited

In an effort to manage capacity on the day the MMO launches, Electronic Arts has capped the number of physical and digital copies of Star Wars: The Old Republic. The actual figure is unknown, but once it’s reached, no more will be sold until EA can add server capacity to accommodate more players.

Gamasutra yesterday got the publisher to confirm and clarify an earlier report of limited availability. “We are limiting launch quantities of Star Wars: The Old Republic to ensure players have a smooth and high quality game experience and service at launch,” an EA spokesperson told Gamasutra. “All versions of the game — physical and digital — are available for pre-order on a limited basis only. Once they are gone, they are gone.”

What this will mean, effectively, is that digital downloads over EA’s Origin service will be shut off. Physical copies, if you can get your hands on one, are still good after the digital shutoff.

Last month we heard rumors that pre-orders of the MMO would be capped at 500,000, with only the first 50,000 of them guaranteed, the rest queued in a prioritized waiting list.

MMOs can be victims of their own success, as past experiences have shown. In 2009, a “head start” program promising early access to Aion was overwhelmed by more than 400,000 preorders, leading to queue times stretching past seven hours. In February, Rift saw a similar situation, scrambling to add capacity after early-access users battled wait times of three hours before launch.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is due for a holiday 2011 launch.

EA Confirms Limited Number Of Old Republic Digital, Retail Launch Copies [Gamasutra]


  • More I hear about the game, the more I want to play it, but the more I hear about it’s publishing, the more I want it to burn so other devs realise how poorly ea has handled it.

    I understand the limiting server side, but surely it’d make more sense to have unlimited pre-order, and make the enough servers to cover that, before opening it again than to make tiny servers and limit sub income. Seems worth the money to me.

    Oh wait, it’s ea, deleter of keys. Nevermind.

  • BS I WANT MY DAMN GAME. im in Australia So im already Skrewed for getting it Day one, but now i might not even be able to shanghi it from overseas.

    Ive been Waiting for this game for almost 5 years now Since it got its First Every Word and the Website went up, Star Wars knights of the Old Republic is my Top game ive ever played and the Grand-daddy to this game yet i still have to be put out in cold by EA and there lack to just Buy more Servers.

    One Server Farm in Australia Hosted by a Local ISP and Your Done whole of australia, New Zealand and some parts of Asia Sorted.


  • Lol be perfect justice if someone sets up Private Servers for it Day 1 and destroys their market here.

    I certainly wont be playing this – they have no clue on balance for PVP and the Sith will be evil that the Balance will be more Jedi then Sith by a huge margine.
    Then they will keep screwing up balance updates breaking their PVE content to balance PVP and vice versa.

  • @xXNapsterManXx
    Shanghai is not the right verb you are looking for.

    This is actually a good thing, making sure your servers are not going to be crushed for the first month is a smart move.

  • Well im tempting fate with an order form overseas since they did say they will not block any australia IP address, guess its only a matter of timet o see if i get one or not …. if not ill just cancel the order and wait for the australia release …. maybe

  • I am so looking forward to this game I can not wait, Yet I am happy that it is going to take a bit to be released here in Aus, it will give me time to get my new rig up and running and to finish my house Woooooo!

    Think I will bide my time by playing KOTOR One and Two.

  • Meh, I think they are just saying that in hopes people will rush out to get a copy. There have been endless copies of the apparently limited collectors edition on Amazon since it was announced

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