Elements Of Truth In This PS Vita Smackdown

Heavy Iron Studios knows a thing or two about throwing pretend punches in the air. The studio is behind exercise game UFC Personal Trainer (as well as a buncha games based on Pixar flicks). Heavy Iron boss Lyle Hal has heavy words for the upcoming PS Vita, Sony's new portable.

"People don't want to carry more than one thing in their pocket, that's why Android and iPhone have done so well, they are the devices of choice, they offer multiple functions outside of gaming," Hall told GamesIndustry. "People don't want it."

Hall wondered why people would be willing to pay US$299 for the PS Vita when they weren't willing to pay $US249 for the Nintendo 3DS. That willingness will depend on Sony's ability to deliver a selection of compelling titles.

While Hall did concede that the Vita's technology is "sweet", he stated that the portable's launch will be "a car wreck". At least he didn't say it's going to be a train wreck. Phew!

"I'm a huge fan of mobile technology," added Hall. "But I just don't know there's a market out there any more for the hardware. I can't see why you would want to put a device out that only does games."

Both the 3DS and the Vita do other things besides play video games, but gaming is their main draw — unlike smartphones that features games as an extra. Hall said that the "consumer has spoken", and he doesn't think the trend is going to swing back towards gaming portables.

Though love aside, Hall does have a point — it's getting harder and harder to justifying paying $US40 for a portable game, when you could buy a ton of fun mobile games. And the games are updated with new levels and stuff!

Sony and Nintendo have their work cut out for them; They must make better portable games than ever if they hope to lure players from their smartphones and back to portables.

PlayStation Vita launch will be "a car wreck" | News [GamesIndustry via Eurogamer]

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    Although the vita looks very cool I would only really consider buying it if I was travelling by plane or train a lot. I find I cant really concentrate on anything much when i'm on the bus and it's the only thing I catch really so no vita for me.

    Just repeating what everyone else says about mobile games and portables, except I heard that the PSV runs Android games so you can get those 1$ games you're talking about aswell as PSN games.

    I'll be importing anyway, so it's the same price as 3DS.

    Why not something like the Xperia which has the buttons for gaming but the functionality of a phone - although its a side project for SONY it is in many ways more interesting than the Vita.

    Was never really interested in this. Games look boring or not as good as their ps3 counterparts. What would be incredibly sweet would be a well supported PS or ninty smartphone. And no, the xperia play isn't well supported

    It seems to me that everyone who says 'my phone plays all the games I need' never really played portable games *before* they had a smartphone loaded with minigames based on janky projectile motion simulations...

    If I'm going on a trip or going someplace overnight for the weekend I'd much rather have Monster Hunter in my pocket than Angry Birds. :-P

      Yeah. I'm happy enough with my phone for the half hour bus ride to/from work, but for longer trips the DS always gets taken along.

        Exactly. That's a good way to put it.

        It's kinda like magazines and books.
        Lots of people read magazines and are satisfied with that. Not as many people read books, but the ones that do will not be satisfied with magazines. For 20 minutes on the bus or in a waiting room magazines are the best, but for people who also read books they're not gonna scratch every itch.

          Awesome analogy!

          Why would I spend $40 on Bryce Courtenay when I can buy 50 copies of the newspaper and get more articles to read :)

          To make a short point long the only people I've heard tell me the handheld market is dead, are executives in high places that don't play video games any more. Time will tell, but if you don't think the platform will sell why is your company making a game for it?

    but i dont want to play angry birds or fruit ninja, i wanna play uncharted and wipeout!!!!

    and anyway, i don't really care about taking with me on the bus, thats when i'd play IOS and Android games, i play my PSP and DS mostly when i'm at home, whether it's when i'm going to bed, the tv's taken, or (i'm sorry if you don't wanna picture this but) when i'm on the toilet!

    Quote: “People don’t want to carry more than one thing in their pocket"

    Sorry but that is totally void, in the western world men carry more than one thing in there pockets a wallet and a phone, women mostly have bags to carry more that one thing. Sorry that comment is void.

    Also justify the people willingness to carry a dam ipad or android tablets around?

    Also the PSV is Dam cheap, like very cheap. A mobile phone like the iphone and latest samsung or htc phone will set you back 500+ dollars unless you sign up for a long haul contact that will end up costing you near 1000 dollars+. PSV at 250 will sell lots because tho Apple been posting huge numbers, they aren't that extreme numbers that everyone has one. There are billions of people on only 10s of millions of people own ios devices. And we are only in the 100 millions when it comes to smart phones.

    Tho i will tell you one thing that i agree is that why would people want to pay 40 dollars when they can get a phone and play free games or dollar games. SONY has to have games priced between Free-5 dollars that are simular to that offered on smart phones, then offer psn/xbla titles from 5-15 dollars, then mid tear games from 15-30 dollars then full fledged Uncharted titles for 35-40 dollars. IF they can have the whole range and alot of devs making mobile games be able to access the PSV and sell to a good DD platform at free to cheap prices then the PSV will push more units.

    I do say that SONY should go to Google and get them to make a android just for the PSV to be later patched in with a firmware for apps.

    i have to agree in a way with this article but to say that "people dont want it" kinda assumes pretty quickly there are still gamers who would rather have play experiences more rich compared to what the iPhones, Androids are offering,

    imho games like what those devices are offering are usually cheap and quick and pretty shallow, dont get me wrong there are good games but i dont think they would offer such an experience like what Mario, Zelda, Drake, Master Chief are giving..and plus not to mention the touchplay this FOR ME has been the crux of current mobile gaming, i would prefer the instantanious feedback of buttons any day

    but this article like what i am trying to say does have points, maybe if the Vita is somehow made to be kinda like a tablet of sorts then maybe it would have more chance rather than a seperate portable gaming machine..maybe Sony should continue producing something like the Playstation phone and somehow incorporate Vita's power in it that would be great imo

    but nonetheless i am still getting Vita no matter what

    Do we care what the developer of some pissant casual licenced cash-in games, that dont even use the full ability of the current platforms they are on - who probably hasnt been given a PSV dev kit anyway- has to say about hardware?

    He's trying to talk himself into an iOS/Droid deal.

    And then he can live the dream selling finish-in-30minutes games for 99c.

    I like my deep portable gaming experiences, they're a great way to pass the time on the train.

    Uncharted PSV will be certainly be tempting but I might wait this one out until it's a little more established, maybe even wait for the inevitible slimline model.

    The "consumer has spoken"?
    What, because the DS sold sooo poorly (and the PSP in Japan)?

    Perhaps the 3DS hasn't done so well at launch, but that's hardly a sign of the end of portable gaming.

    I'm sure Sony dont do millions of dollars worth of market research, and more millions in RnD, to make something that the research said would never sell because the four year old iPhone platform exists.

    I think the guy in the article may need to realise that iphone is to PSV as wii is to PS3, in the minds of hardcore gamers. So many people like this said that hardcore gaming was dead when Oprah told them to play the Wii, without realising that people who like their games deep and controllable will generally gravitate towards a real console.

    I own an iphone... and still drag my psp everywhere. I will never find a game on iphone to compare to Resistance Retribution or LBP or Crisis Core, partly due to controls, partly to memory requirements. Like it or not, 16Gb would only store 5 - 10 PSP games! And my library is LITTLE larger than that.

    I would also suggest seeing the impact of the 3ds price drop before writing dedicated portables off.

    I'm bothered that Sony didn't really get behind the Xperia Play. The market is expanding with "casual" rather than "dedicated" gaming, games and gamers. When it was announced, my first thought was "this should be the next PSP". The Play combines all the advantages of modern touch-screen smartphones with all the advantages of a dedicated games machine. Unlike PSV and 3DS it's a handheld console that actually *benefits* from the casual smartphone-gaming boom, but what has Sony / Sony Ericsson done with it? SFA. They released it and then promptly failed to capitalise on some of the most forward thinking I've seen in some time.

    FFS why is it that only Apple actually knows how to exploit a good idea??

    “People don’t want to carry more than one thing in their pocket, that’s why Android and iPhone have done so well, they are the devices of choice,"

    People also said in the late 90's that they didn' want to carry any phone bigger than a credit card, but yet here we are with everyone holding a 4.5" screened brick.

    People don't know what they want, so companies do that for them.

    I'd rather pay $30-70 to play LittleBigPlanet or Unchartered than their equivalent worth in shitty glorified flash games on the iPhone. Honestly, the appeal of those games is beyond me.

    I understand the premise of games which allow you to jump in and play for 2 mins at a time, but they're the most neglected among my DS collection. I just find them so shallow and boring, I'd rather just stand on the train looking out the window than play Angry Birds.

    Wow... I never though gamers would be thinking like this. Do you really want to shoot yourself in the foot? The quality of iOS and Android games is nothing compared to the quality of portable games in the past. I'd like someone to name a single game designed for a mobile that could step to OOT... There isn't one. I have a 3DS and I love it. I hate iOS/Android gaming and the devastating impact it's had on the quality of portable gaming. You may all be after quantity but I'm going to stick with quality. I'll be buying a vita without a doubt.

    Where is the evidence that smartphone gaming is taking over the market? The 3DS is doing badly due to a lack of games, not smartphone competition. Smartphone games are played by non-gamers who need to kill 5 minutes with the device they already bought to use as a phone. They may be played by dedicated gamers as well, but I just don't see any more than a minority of the people who buy handheld consoles actually giving them up for iOS or Android titles, no matter how cheap they are. I have a Galaxy S, I haven't bought a 3DS due to the lack of decent games and eye-tracking, and I'll be buying a Vita at launch.

    Sony are'nt interested In the PSVITA taking on the smart phone companies thats why the launched the XPERIA phone with the PSOne controls.
    The PSVITA Is about community and unlike any other console In history all games that are released on this console will include live area as standard we are going to be connected and included In all aspects of play no matter which title we are playing start getting excited people the 3DS Is dead In the water.I want my PSVITA God damn IT.

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