Everyone Can Hear You Scream At The Aliens: Colonial Marines Debut Trailer

When a handful of Colonial marines face-off against a never-ending swarm of acid-blooded xenomoprhs, the ending is never pretty, and rarely happy. Here's the debut trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

The terror of the original films comes flooding right back as this trailer unfolds, lending creedence to Luke Plunkett's observations from Gamescom last week. This is the original films recreated in video game form, and the sense of terror and panic those movies gave us is present and accounted for. I'm a bit scared.

Thanks to NeoGaf for digging this up!


    Holy cow, looks like fun...sounds awesome!

    Looks, feels and tastes like the original movie!

    Can't wait!

    You had me at Pulse Rifles.

    I remember I used to play the Aliens mod for Doom 2 back in the day... scared the crap out of me playing in the dark. This totally bought all those sense memories hurtling back.

    Typo. Second screen of text. Should be 'complement'.

    Damn you, Gearbox.

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