Latest Aliens: Colonial Maines Trailer Features Good-Looking Aliens, Cringeworthy Dialogue

With a month and a half left until release — barring another delay — it's hard to say how the game is going to be received critically or commercially. What I do know is if Sega and Gearbox put out another trailer like this one, I'm not going to let through my front door (or down my tubes).

The trailer tries to frame the game as a movie — not unusual considering the IP — but I don't think it works. For one, the voice actors are weak and ineffectual, starting with "Captain Cruise" and his "crew", which sounds like the title for a Sunday morning cartoon rather than a band of hard-as-nails marines.

The dialogue in general is uninspiring and the vision is not compelling. And can someone tell me what a "liquid" situation is? Does it mean it's raining at the drop zone, or is it describing the contents of your pants shortly after arrival?

The aliens, however, look great.

Really not sure how this one is going to turn out, given the conflicting opinions of Mark and that of our US counterparts, but this video makes me think Mark got it right.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Story Trailer [YouTube, via Blue's News]


    Agreed, after hearing the voice acting I seriously started to consider canceling my pre order. There's been other ques that this may not be the game I want it to be, there's also something about the animation that seems out dated.

    The graphics seriously look circa 2007 or so. Very unimpressed. The alien textures look nice but the motion is terrible. The humans look shockingly bad. This is whats been hyped for years now? Seriously? This is shaping up to be a *major* disappointment. The animation is janky and dodgy, the humans look terrible, the aliens look all floaty in a bad way... at least the scenery is somewhat nice. However, I get the feeling it's going to be a majorly repetitive game. Predicting a 5 or 6 out of 10 from most sources in lieu of its release. Not something I usually do, but nothing I've seen so far has been inspiring. A game should be made from the alien extended universe, with different animals getting into the aliens etc, making for some badass enemies. See the original Aliens vs Predator comics for that scenario :D Shark aliens, gorilla aliens etc.

      I will make no attempt to myself as an ardent fanboy of the Alien series. I agree with you on the point that the graphics are not stellar or impressive. Given the high profile of such a series like Aliens I'd expected they do better, but I'm sadly with you on this point. While conceived in 2002 as a PS2 game by some obscure company owned by EA, the game never came through and the rights to the Aliens IP was purchased by SEGA and they later announced titles from the franchise in 2006 (AVP2010, Aliens colonial marines), however the tech for ACM began late 08 until done in 2010. They developed the "Red Ring engine" which is based on the UE3 tech albeit modified for a dynamic rendering system. You also make another valid point in regards to the animations, they're quite clunky atm and I worry since it's so close to feb. But this is a game that all fans of the Alien franchise have been waiting for, it's the game that will finally "scratch that itch" we've had as stated by pitchford. Previous titles had not focused on Aliens (2nd movie) or were made decades ago so ACM has been heralded as the canonical sequel to come. Thus I sincerely hope that Gearbox do not fuck this up. The graphics may not be handsome but that doesn't mean the rest of the game will suck. This is a series that have inspired the likes of Halo and Dead Space (and even COD to a small extent), a fact that is not well known among this current generation of gamers who will see ACM as some ripoff. I believe ACM will have much more to offer than just bad graphics, however since nothing is set in stone you will just have to wait and see. They have introduced other species of xenomorph derived from the original due to mutation which should shake things up. Frankly speaking though, while expanding further into the Aliens universe is an attractive venture, introducing shark, gorilla, fish...banana alien cross species may seem abominable to fans since many have not taken kindly to the predator cross over. I may have coughed up a glorified speech to justify ACM, but what fan doesn't glorify what they believe? All I ask is that others give further consideration in ACM before totally dissing it.

    Looks about on par with Prometheus ... whats the problem here?

      I am not sure whether using Prometheus will exact the same interest from everyone, especially since it had mixed reactions. But it seems the cover of the book isn't pretty enough.

    Looked pretty bad.

    Captain Cruz has a crew. Who the heck greenlighted that?

    I 2nd the graphics and animation. Not impressive at all in this day and age.

    Yeah the textures on most things look rubbish. Captain Cruise is such a stereotypical character too it seems. "Who cares about your perfectly logical question female!"

    i keep saying it and i know people didnt like it, but gearbox really should taken the graphics engine used in AvP2010 because its a hell of lot better than the one they are using for this game.

    Couldn't they have used Michael Biehn's likeness? I mean, Hicks here looks like a 14 yr old boy.

    As for the rest of it, I don't think it looks that bad. It looks on par with the new Tomb Raider. Animations from Gearbox have always had that 'animated' feel.

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      Considering he asked more for his likeness to appear in Alien 3 than he'd been paid for the entirety of his role in Aliens, I'm going to say no...

        I read somewhere that Biehn was miffed that the studio/director/muppet making Alien 3 decided to kill off Hicks , when he had publicly stated he wanted to be in the movie. So when they contacted him to use his likeness for the movie, he asked for as much money as he could get. Good for him, I say. Imagine having on your résumé "only Biehn (lol) in good Terminator and Alien movies"

    Well maybe i'm in the minority here but I think it looked pretty good. Dialogue certainly wasnt cringe-worthy. Maybe not A-grade, but not RE1 cringe-worthy.

    The graphics look alright. Nothing spectacular, but not last-gen or anything... considering the age of this game I kind of expected it would have a somewhat "dated" feel. The aliens look awesome though.

    That all said, still on the fence about this one. Gonna do the review rounds when it comes out.

    So this is a game about the state Maine, in the north eastern USA?

    All you people talking trash about the graphics clearly didn't get hands on at Expo in October. The game looks freaking amazing. The lighting is the icing on the cake

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