Gearbox Pulls An Oprah, Gives Away Borderlands 2 To Everyone In Raucous Crowd

Gearbox Pulls An Oprah, Gives Away Borderlands 2 To Everyone In Raucous Crowd
You get a Borderlands 2! You get a Borderlands 2! This is Randy Pitchford and other top people from Gearbox Software giving away a copy of Borderlands 2 to every one of the 900 people who showed up at their community panel at PAX. Everyone got a card that includes a redemption code for the game (redeemable when the game launches.)

Randy then made everyone take an oath, which you need to see and hear to believe. It was a madhouse. (Good thing I had my camera!)

Technically, they said that Borderlands 2 publisher 2K Games was giving the games away, but it was clear that this was a gift inspired by Gearbox, one that went over pretty well. The codes are valid in the U.S. only, though Pitchford said he hopes to be able to accomodate non-U.S. attendees as well.


  • What I’ve learned from Mortal Kombat is that anything limited to America doesn’t make any difference besides a new account.

  • For the record, the code gets shown on camera Stephen Totilo’s and it’s already been taken. Still no confirmation on whether it was SUPPOSED to be a giveaway, lol.

  • Not only a brilliant publicity idea, but very well executed.

    Make the audience embrace a company, repeating praise they mightn’t say otherwise, and make them enjoy it? Genius!

  • Yeah, good move. All these lose is some server bandwidth while generating a lot of goodwill. It costs them a fraction of Oprah physical gift shows.

    That said. I have the feeling if Oprah announced that everyone in the room was getting a downloable ANYTHING, her audience of menopausal women would go ballistic.


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