Gearbox Pulls An Oprah, Gives Away Borderlands 2 To Everyone In Raucous Crowd

You get a Borderlands 2! You get a Borderlands 2! This is Randy Pitchford and other top people from Gearbox Software giving away a copy of Borderlands 2 to every one of the 900 people who showed up at their community panel at PAX. Everyone got a card that includes a redemption code for the game (redeemable when the game launches.)

Randy then made everyone take an oath, which you need to see and hear to believe. It was a madhouse. (Good thing I had my camera!)

Technically, they said that Borderlands 2 publisher 2K Games was giving the games away, but it was clear that this was a gift inspired by Gearbox, one that went over pretty well. The codes are valid in the U.S. only, though Pitchford said he hopes to be able to accomodate non-U.S. attendees as well.


    What I've learned from Mortal Kombat is that anything limited to America doesn't make any difference besides a new account.

    Yep... and how many of these are going to end up on Ebay?

    So they're doing a region locking thing for the PC version or is it strictly just for these codes?

    This is fantastic publicity for 2K Games....great idea!

    For the record, the code gets shown on camera Stephen Totilo's and it's already been taken. Still no confirmation on whether it was SUPPOSED to be a giveaway, lol.

    Not only a brilliant publicity idea, but very well executed.

    Make the audience embrace a company, repeating praise they mightn't say otherwise, and make them enjoy it? Genius!

    Yeah, good move. All these lose is some server bandwidth while generating a lot of goodwill. It costs them a fraction of Oprah physical gift shows.

    That said. I have the feeling if Oprah announced that everyone in the room was getting a downloable ANYTHING, her audience of menopausal women would go ballistic.


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